The Puzzle Pieces – Connect the Dots to the “Gateway” Impeachment

It’s said that nothing occurs in a vaccuum. It’s also said that there is no such thing as a coincidence.

I believe that when it comes to the matters of government and politics, both of those things are true. So, I am going to layout some puzzle pieces and see the picture they seem to present. You can judge for yourself if any of this makes sense.

Piece One: Covid 19 – Something is not right about this “pandemic” and many of us know it. Today, I heard an interview with Pitbull that really drove home what is wrong.

Yes, I said that correctly. Pitbull. I wouldn’t know any of his “music” or what he looks like. And, I don’t usually look to his statements for insights or understanding. But, sometimes the most unlikely of people present the messsage that rings true.

He was talking about the Covid 19 “scandemic” on a panel broadcast on a streaming channel I have never heard of. His comments focused on how much damage was being done by lockdowns and mask mandates. But, the main comment that struck me was that his father had come from Communist Cuba and had seen some of the same actions of Castro being employed here in the U.S. during this time.

This reminded me of another friend whose father came from Cuba. She told me that he was very frightened about the Biden regime and the restrictions and policies they might institute.

And, a third friend’s husband had come here with his family from East Germany shortly after the end of the Berlin Wall. He too was seeing similarities between the actions of the East German government and what our government is doing now.

The messages were clear and are identical to what many of us are saying. Something doesn’t ring right in this situation. We know that they aren’t making sense. Yet, there are many Americans who just take it, do what they say, and never question anything. In fact, they jump right on board with being mask ” Nazi’s.” Those of us who refuse to be bullied into masks and vaccines are vilified.

So, piece one is on the table. Convince Americans that the government has their best interest at heart while they destroy the economy and lives of many. Convince this group that there is another population out there who will argue against these laws because they DON’T care about the best interest of others.

Piece Two: The second piece is really a series of events that add up as one.

As people’s rights to individual decisions regarding their health are challenged, the left works hard to chip away at other Constitutional Rights as well. Here are just a few:

  1. The right to freedom of speech, to assemble for protest, and the right to petition Congress for redress of grievances. All of a sudden, any speech regarding the stolen election, the false Covid numbers and mandates, and questions about the integrity of our courts and legislators is banned on what could be described as huge social media publishing platforms. People are being labled “Domestic Violent Terrorists” and are targeted by law enforcement with no proof of wrong doing. They are also being dismissed from the military, their jobs, and the right to travel even though they have committed no crime. And, while groups like Antifa and BLM actually do commit crimes, they are not prosecuted. And there are people in this country who think that is fine, either due to ignorance or political hatred. Our newly installed regime even wants to create a National “Truth” Ministry to decide what is true and can be said and what is “false” and cannot be said. We all know, if the title of the agency has the word “truth” in it, it has nothing to do with truth. Remember what the Soviet Union did with political dissenters. They were sent to “work camps” in Siberia to be brought into line.
  2. The 2nd Amendment is also under attack as a bill by Sheila Jackson Lee proposes that gun owners not only have to register guns but also have to pay extra insurance AND have to have mental health exams every two years. This bill is particularly heinous, since merely the implication that a person is mentally unstable can have their gun owning rights stripped. How does this connect? Think about it. If you are against masks and vaccines and provide supporting data, you still might be called mentally ill since you refuse to do ” simple” actions that might keep you and others safe. Remember, “follow the science.” Even if it is wrong. Worse, let’s say you tell someone that wearing a mask or getting the vaccine makes you ” anxious.” Well, that right there might be evidence of a mental illness. Huge connection to both Covid and free speech. Your 2nd Amendment Rights will go right out the door. It’s a very simple process.
  3. The right to due process. Every single two bit crook knows this right. A person charged with a crime has to have his/her day in court. But, Senator Marco Rubio, a Republican who should know better since his family is from Cuba, has proposed that anyone “under investigation” for terrorism cannot own or purchase guns for ten years. The person doesn’t have to have been found guilty, just investigated. Even if cleared, the suspension of the rights to buy or own a gun would stand. The person could appeal the decision, but would have to spend enormous amounts of money and time fighting the decision in federal court. No due process before a “sentence.” Another right gone.

These are just a few of the rights under attack specifically right now. Certainly, the right to own property, to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects against unreasonable search and seizures. No warrants can be issued without evidence. Every one of these has been violated by the government in just the last year on various people, even a candidate for President of the United States.

And, while we are talking about the 45 th President, let’s include his situation in this huge puzzle. What has happened to him for more than five years is probably the most important piece of all.

He has had his right to unwarranted search and seizure, due process and his right to freedom of speech,violated often and continuously by the government of the United States. Currently, they are attempting to violate his Fifth and Sixth Amendment rights in what is a travesty of a trial for impeachment in the Senate. Why, since they claim he is no longer President?

I believe that it is in part because he knows something about the secrets of this government, the deep state, and the forces of the ” one world order” that they want to install. I also feel that because he isn’t willing to hide their ugly secrets, they want to destroy him.

But, I also think there is another reason.

This impeachment is a “gateway” prosecution, much like marijuana was once called a “gateway” drug. ( A gateway drug is one, that, if used, leads to the use of other more dangerous drugs.)

The first impeachment was in fact to try to get him out of office while making his job nearly impossible to do. It failed and so they went to plan B which was stealing the election.

This second impeachment, because it is unconstitutional in so many ways, is a gateway to get rid of the constitution completely for all of us, particularly those of us not on their side. And it is a gateway designed by both Democrats AND Republicans.

Remember, it was the Republicans, under the direction of George W. Bush, who created and passed ” The Patriot Act” which violated the Constitution in many ways. It was justified by ” public safety.” Where have we heard that before?d

This second unconstitutional impeachment which doesn’t involve an impartial Chief Justice, is being carried out on a now private citizen, presents no evidence, and is demanding the President to testify or be considered guilty, and is setting a precedent that can be used against all of us. If Congress can violate the rights (without justification) of a man who once held the most powerful office in the land what can they do to the rest of us?

They can do almost anything they want, including violating your rights. It’s just a piece of paper after all.

Remember, the Constitutional “authority” for the left, Lawrence Tribe, considers many things in the Constitution to be ” stupid,” particularly when it doesn’t suit Democrats.

I’m sure he thinks the same of individual rights of those of us who disagree politically with him and his leftist cronies.

I should warn the left though. When our rights are violated, it leaves the rest of you open for the same treatment. See how the Gateway works?

Remember, there are no coincidences. There are just grand plans.

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