I’m a Racist, And So Are You

No matter what you do, what you have done, or how you treat people. It’s all about your skin color.

There’s a famous joke question that people share regarding a lawyer asking a person on trial a question that both incriminates the respondent and may fluster him. The question is, “When did you stopbeating your wife?” This type of fallacious question puts the person who is being questioned in a disadvantageous and defensive position, since the assumption in the question could reflect badly on them or pressure them to answer in a way that they wouldn’t otherwise.

We are currently being subjected to the same kind of tactic from the race baiters such as Black Lives Matter and others. For example, Ibram X. Kendi, is the head of the Boston University Center for Anti-Racist Research. You may have heard of him before in connection with Critical Race Theory and the 1619 project. He has the race business down to an art.

Mr. Kendi wishes to establish a federal “Department of Anti-racism” that would be all powerful and would oversee all federal, state and local agencies, all police departments, judges etc. and would dictate all policies, etc. In other words, a Racial Stasi. If you don’t know what the Stasi was, it was the Ministry for State Security in East Germany before the fall of the Berlin Wall. The Stasi could accuse, arrest, punish anyone they determined to be against the state. Proof or not, it didn’t matter. And it didn’t matter how high up in the government you were. If they said you did it, you did it. Proven Guilty until proven guilty.

Anyway, Mr. Kendi says that if you are asked ” Are you a racist?” and you say you are NOT racist, that proves you ARE racist, no matter what. So, as a white person, you are in the same boat as the man asked about beating his wife. Claim not to be racist, and you condemn yourself. Claim to be racist, and you condemn yourself. The good old catch 22. The no win.

This is just one example of the Marxists creating a world where White people can’t do or say anything without being called racist. Far from the teachings and beliefs of Martin Luther King Jr., these race baiters don’t want a society where White and Black children can play side by side without hatred and be judged by the content of their character. In fact, the race baiters are energized by the hatred, no matter if it is real or made up. It’s how they make their money, how they gain their complete power. It’s how people like Kendi get to present themselves as a superior authority in order to rule the world. It’s why the founder of Black Lives Matter, Patrisse Cullors, made millions so she could buy huge mansions in Beverly Hills.

Their vision of the world is about revenge, turning the tables, and a Reverend Wright example of “America’s chickens coming home to roost.” Remember, he’s the pastor of Barack and Michelle Obama’s church where they heard his hate filled sermons every week for years.

That’s why they strive to tie white people up in white guilt, white privilege, and blanket statements that tell our children in schools via Critical Race Theory that they are inherently racist and evil and can do nothing about it. They paint our country with a broad brush of nothing but systemic racism, even though they seem to be making a fairly good life for themselves. Of course, their followers, the people in the city ghettos, the ones who could really benefit from real and honest help, are left to fend for themselves.

They have plenty of collaborators. Politicians cower. Corporations pay huge ransoms and subject their employees to useless “sensitivity” training that creates more division rather than heal it. As one black employee who was sitting in one of these training sessions said, ” I was shocked. I felt horrible about what was being said about and to my friends and co-workers. I knew it was all lies, but I dared not speak for fear of being called a race traitor or even losing my job.” ( Because, even if you are Black, you can be a part of the systemic racism.)

The other collaborator in this overt racist agenda is the mainstream media who religously pump out stories every day to prove to us that racism is alive and well. They promote stories about White Cops needlessly shooting Blacks, often ignoring the true facts. They ignore the examples of Black on White or Black on Black crime in this country, deciding that these don’t advance the oppressive agenda. They hope this will garner them approval from the race baiters.

And the brainwashed Caucasians throw themselves at the feet of these tyrants and beg for forgiveness for something they have never done. They happily wallow in their white guilt and celebrate their clear superiority over those who don’t accept that they have “White privilege.”

But it doesn’t matter that they themselves are not racist or that they accept their guilt. According to Kendi, these hapless Whites have not been overtly “anti-racist” meaning they needed to go out every day and preach the sins of the system against Black people in public. And, if they should ever claim they are not “racist,” they prove themselves to be racist. Actually, Mr. Kendi says they cannot ever shed their inherent racism until they are killed as martyrs to the myth. However, they continue to strive for appeasement of the race baiters. Maybe they should think about a quote from Winston Churchill regarding the attempt to appease Hitler in the 1930’s.

“An appeaser is one who feeds a crocodile—hoping it will eat him last.”

That says it all in a nutshell. All of these appeasers will one day find themselves in a situation where there is no one between them and the alligator.

However bleak this situation is, I don’t believe that a majority of people, Black, White or otherwise in this country, believe in what the race baiters say. Most of the people I know of any race want to judge people by their actions, not their skin color. They don’t want any group stereotyped or blamed for things they have not done. They want equality, not bogus “equity.” To paraphrase Rodney King, they just want us all to get along.

So, back to my title. I don’t really believe it. While I do think people judge others by past experiences in their own lives, I don’t think everyone is racist. And I know I am not.

But you know who is? Ibram X. Kendi. Patrisse Cullers. Black Lives Matter. They have proven it through their beliefs and actions. There are many others on both sides, but these are the three who come to mind in this context. Remember, these people are not just racists, but they are also Marxists and Communists. Cullers even self proclaims herself as a Marxist. This cultural attack is part of their tactics to destroy this country. In the United States, economic divisions between the “working class” and the elite don’t work, especially since the racists require constant funding from those elite. So, racial division will have to be their “go to.”

How do we fight this?

Get out. Cultivate the good people. Expose your children to a message of love and acceptance, not bitterness or guilt. Don’t give in to the race baiters’ tactics. Speak out against these people.

Go to school board meetings and fight against the teaching of Critical Race Theory and the 1619 Project. Call businesses and the university system out for their hate filled statements and trainings.

Yes, they will call you names. Yes, they will threaten you. You might lose your job. But, unfortunately, in a battle such as this we have to put ourselves in “danger.” Our fathers and grandfathers did against a much more obvious threat. But they loved this country enough to do it.

The question is, do we?

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I am a 67 year old runner and conservative. I taught for 31 years and retired a few years back. In my life, I have coached and judged gymnastics, coached softball, and raised two amazing kids.

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