Connecting the Dots

There are some times that I struggle to determine what I will write about. There are other days when one topic is so overwhelming, so compelling that I can write about with no problem. Then, there are days when I have four or five smaller topics that all seem to work together to make a post.

Today is an example of the last one.

I have said in the past that there is an odd feeling nowadays, almost a cloud hanging over many of us that tells us something is not right. Many people have told me the same thing. It seems that every time I hear about what is going on in Washington, the world, etc. another new piece is added to the odd state of what is going on.

So, today I am commenting and connecting some dots.

Why Would They Say That? Have you heard all of the Conservatives lately, rushing to the microphone to promote people getting the vaccines? It’s almost like a group text went out instructing them to do so. First, it was Ron DeSantis. Now, in fairness, when I listened to him, his statement was lukewarm and leaned toward telling those in high risk categories to get it. Still, the very fact that one of the few governors who didn’t give into the Covid frenzy would say this set people into a frenzy. Then, Sean Hannity endorsed the vaccines on his program on FOX. It seemed strange from someone in his position to advocate for something so flawed in its inception and testing, but he did. He lost a ton of viewers. He did backtrack later, but I don’t think it worked. And, of course, Trump keeps bringing it up and endorsing the vaccine as well.

On a personal level, I had a local representative go full panic mode on me at a political event last week. The mere mention of the fact that Democrats may milk Covid as much as possible sent the rep into a full on rant about the rampant illness, devastation, deaths etc. The person presented evidence that doctor friends of theirs were struggling to keep up with all the ill people. I didn’t respond because that is not my experience or the experience of many others I know at all. What bothered me the most was the instant intensity of the person’s response. It was as if I had said I was in favor of killing puppies.

Mind you, I am a constituent of this person, but the person has never met me before. It was the first conversation we had ever had and it went from “Hi, I’m Jan,” to hellfire and rage in under 60 seconds. You would have thought the person might want to know why I said what I did. But, no. And, yes, this person is a Republican. ( By the way, if you see that I am immediately disowned by the GOP, you’ll know why.)

So, why? Why are these Republicans jumping on the vaccine bandwagon so quickly? Some say it’s for the upcoming elections and they don’t want to be blamed if there is an uptick in Covid cases. What I don’t think they understand is that the Democrats, who control the CDC, NIH, WHO, etc. can make that happen whether or not it is true. We have already seen that the CDC fudged data to show that thousands of the people who died from other means died from Covid. Then we find out that the CDC used a faulty testing kit for all of 2020 and they have now banned its use. Apparently it was giving too many false readings. But, never fear, Bill Gates and George Soros bought the company that makes the tests. It will all get better soon. Right.

He who gathers the data controls the message.

Maybe these politicians don’t want to try to explain that to people fearing that they will be called, shudder, “conspiracy theorists.” They would prefer to just get on the bandwagon. But, since these vaccines can have serious, even deadly side effects, would they risk their followers? Sadly, I can’t answer that question. The only thing I can say is that I don’t take medical advice from anyone, politicians, 12 year old pop stars, athletes, etc. Heck, I don’t even trust most doctors.

Another theory is that they have sold out to the pharmaceutical companies who have threatened to stop sending those big donations to campaigns. It is certainly plausible.

Maybe they think if the vaccine rates go up, the 2022 election won’t be as susceptible to fraud as 2020. If they believe that, I have a technique for turning iron to gold to sell them.

With Trump, I think he is in a tough position. He fast tracked these vaccines. Can he now turn around and tell people not to get them? Hardly. But, I also think he didn’t realize that drug companies and the CDC were such snakes. However, he always tells people that he would not mandate them. I think that might be a small clue that he gets what is going on. Unlike Biden and Harris who pledged they would NEVER get the vaccine before they were elected and who now think it is both patriotic and Biblical to get it, I don’t think he’s a hypocrite.

Some have said they are all being influenced by Wall Street where the big corporations are pulling all the strings. Anything is possible and believable.

As for the local politician, I have no idea. But, I have been told that this person just goes with whatever way the wind blows.

Which brings me to my next subject.

Two Faced Politicians: Have you ever voted or worked for the election of a candidate that you believed in only to have them get elected and suddenly show their true selves, and that true self is not someone you would have voted for?

What a silly question. Of course you have. We all have. We have because politicians, by nature, are two faced liars. They are carnival barkers who entice you into their tent promising one of the seven wonders of the world and once you get in there it’s a chicken who pecks at corn on a piano. And the chicken doesn’t even play a recognizable tune.

Right now, I have a list more than a mile long. Bush 41, Bush 43, Hogan, Romney ( yeah, I am embarrassed) and many more. I think of all the candidates I have voted for, only three, Reagan, Schaeffer, and Trump, were exactly who they said they were. Don’t get me wrong, they weren’t perfect. I mean, Don Schaeffer called the Eastern Shore a “shithouse.” But, I think he was, for all his wheeling and dealing, about as true to self as you can get. And he was a Democrat! And he got things done.

On the state and national level it is really hard to gauge what you are getting when you vote for someone. They are so removed from us that all we know is what we see on their commercials and how the press portrays them. I know that is the reason people voted for Biden. The press constantly lied about Trump while Biden was kept hidden away so that no one got to see him unless he was drugged up enough to be semi- lucid. They hid his son’s illegal international dealings and Joe’s problems with consistent sexual harassment. And when he wasn’t lucid, which was most of the time, the press hid it or excused it with the fake ” speech impediment.” ( Which, by the way, just showed up now despite claims he had it his whole life. Watch old video of him, the only speech impediments he had were stupidity and verbal diarrhea. )

And now we see what he is. A dementia patient being controlled.

But there is someone I voted for locally, a person who I talked to all the time, who I had known for years, who I defended to others, who really did a quick change once elected. Honestly, the position he has been elected to me is not that big a deal and he really can’t do anything to hurt me or anyone, but the issue is that since the election, he hasn’t the time of day for me or his other constituents. It’s clear he has chosen the side of the established GOP so that he can move up in stature. He needs to stay away from us Trumpsters.

Why can’t these people just be who they are from the beginning? Is who they are so bad that no one will elect them? Why do they want to hide from who they are? More importantly, why do they feel safe to betray their base once in office? Is moving up the ladder that important?

You know what I respect? I respect the candidate who stands by what they say or have said. Honestly, if you bring something up to me that I have said in the past, and it is true, I’ll own it. I might give context, but if it is what I said, then there it is. But then again, I’m not a politician.

From now on, I’m not endorsing anyone who isn’t who they say they are. And I am going to question candidates more. We need to do our homework and question them all!

Saying the Truth While You are Lying: Something I have noticed about public figures, especially someone like Joe Biden, is that somehow, when they are lying they blurt out the truth inadvertently.

For example, Fauci was being interviewed about working with the Chinese, and he said something along the lines of “We collaborated with the Chinese commun…pause…scientists.” Oops. Was that the word “communist” coming out of his mouth?

Biden does it all the time. For example, in his CNN townhall, he said, “This is not a pandemic.” And, no, there was no context that made that mean something else. He said there is not a pandemic. Can you just hear his handlers in the other room as they scream?

Here’s an experiment I want you to try. I want you to try NOT to think about pink elephants. Do it now. How did that work? You can’t, can you. You can’t consciously NOT think of something.

Now, imagine this. They tell Joe not to mention anything that might indicate this is ” not a pandemic. ” Well, Joe’s brain doesn’t work so well so all he remembers is the phrase ” not a pandemic” and BOOM, it comes out during the lie thus exposing the truth inadvertently. He’s done it so many times. Remember when he said they had an “extensive network for election fraud?”

And Fauci did the same. I’m sure he was thinking “don’t call them Communists, don’t call them Communists…” and boom, out it came. And he isn’t mentally incapacitated like Joe.

Listen for their Freudian slips. They will let you see the truth.

Finally, I finish with a thought on the Olympics. Apparently viewership is way down. I’m not surprised. Why? Because I think with all the protesting, the constant harangue about Covid, the Japaenese keeping fans out of the arena, and all the other crap going on, people just don’t give a crap anymore.

We are tired of it all. I don’t hold individual athletes responsible, ( except the idiots who disrespected us and our country) but I do hold the International and U.S. Olympic Committees culpable for killing their golden goose. Go ahead and change that flag on your logo, USOC. We just don’t care.

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