No, Joe, You Can’t Have Our Children

On Wednesday, Joe Biden came out from his hidey hole vacation and made a statement promoting the mandates to mask our school children. He should have stayed in Delaware.

I don’t consider Joe an expert on raising and keeping children safe. He doesn’t have a very good record on this judging from how his one surviving son Hunter turned out. Nothing says “World’s Greatest Dad” more than a crack smoking son who videos sex with hookers and extorts money from foreign countries. And as for keeping children safe, just look at the countless children this old creeper has sniffed, groped or dragged onto his lap for at least the last 40 years. Do the expressions on the faces of those children say, ” I feel safe with this guy”? Not really.

But, now, the man who bungled something he should be able to handle, our departure from Afghanistan, wants you to hand the health decisions for YOUR children over to him, the government, teachers, and educrats.

In his statement Wednesday, he said this: ( Actual transcript edited for boredom’s sake, my comments are in italics)

PRESIDENT BIDEN: And for those who aren’t eligible for the vaccine yet, children under the age of 12, masks are the best available protection for them and the adults around them . ( Even though research says children don’t spread Covid and are not likely to contract it and masks are not effective) That’s what we need to make sure children are wearing masks in school. Before I talk about the news related to, vaccines let me say a few words about masks and our children.(actually, Joe, they aren’t yours)

Unfortunately, as you’ve seen throughout this pandemic, some politicians ( Democrats?)are trying to turn public safety measures– that is children wearing masks in school– into political disputes for their own political gain. Some are even trying to take power away from local educators by banning masks in school. They’re setting a dangerous tone. ( Yes, they are trying to give the power to the parents. Fancy that!)

For example, last week at a school board meeting in Tennessee, protesters (commonly known as PARENTS )threatened doctors and nurses who were testifying making the case for masking children in schools. Intimidation and the threats we’re seeing across the country are wrong. ( Yes, Joe, intimidation IS wrong. Like intimidating someone to take an experimental vaccine or be cut out of society, lose their job or called “killers” by the President.)They’re unacceptable. As I’ve said before, this isn’t about politics. It’s about keeping our children safe. It’s about taking on the virus together, united.( I just wonder if he felt a little flame starting in his Depends when he said the word ” united.”)

I made it clear that I’ll stand with those who are trying to do the right thing. ( well, except Generals who tell you not to leave a country in one day because it will collapse, we will lose millions in military equipment, and a brutal Islamist gang will take over. )Last week, I called school superintendents in Florida and Arizona to thank them for doing the right thing and requiring masks in their schools.( Funny that he didn’t call anyone with a different viewpoint.) One of them said, we teach science. So we follow the science. The other said, they have guiding principle ( That’s not even correct English)– students first. I couldn’t agree with more than– I just couldn’t agree more with what they both said. ( What did the rest of them say? Or did you only talk to two? Did you offer to pay their salaries plus maybe a nice cushy DOE job?)

And that’s why today I’m directing the Secretary of Education, an educator himself, ( former educator and now paper pusher)to take additional steps to protect our children. This includes using all of his oversight authorities and legal action, if appropriate, against governors who are trying to block and intimidate local school officials and educators. As I’ve said before, if you aren’t going to fight COVID-19, at least get out of the way of everyone else who’s trying.( So, when you read “oversight authorities and legal action” think “purse strings,” because other than that, the Department of Education has no legal authority in the schools. Notice again, not a word about parents. Not one. )

You know, we’re not going to sit by as governors try to block and intimidate educators protecting our children. For example, if a governor wants to cut the pay of a hardworking education leader(who in the actual fnork is that?)who requires masks in a classroom, the money from the American Rescue Plan can be used to pay that person’s salary, 100%. ( Is that legal?)I’m going to say a lot more about children in schools next week. ( Boy can’t wait for that. Will it include anything about actual LEARNING? Or maybe he’ll talk about how they like stroking his leg hair)

But as we head into the school year, remember this, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the CDC, says masks are critical, especially for those who are not yet vaccinated, like our children under the age of 12. ( I seem to remember that they didn’t recommend masks for children, especially very young ones. Hard to remember since they change their minds so much. )So let’s put politics aside. ( Smell the smoke from down below yet?)Let’s follow the educators and the scientists who know a lot more about how to teach our children and keep them safe than any politician. This administration is always going to take the side of our children. ( Again, not ONE SINGLE WORD ABOUT PARENTS.)

I know you can see where we are going here. Joe wants your children to be under the control of government officials for everything. And he wants you to sit down and shut up.

There was another leader who wanted to do this once. His name was Adolph and he had a cute name for those children, “Hitler Youth.” And let’s not forget the Chinese Communist Party and their “Red Guard” children. Those kids got to do all kinds of fun stuff, beat dissenters up, turn in their parents, etc.

We’re certainly not to that point yet, but if you think it can’t happen, you are wrong. Joe’s statements prove that. Not ONCE does he mention the importance of parents in decision making

Many educators value the support and opinions of parents. Many believe they have the best interests of the children at heart. I can assure you that there are just as many teachers, educators, etc. who would like nothing more than to cut you out of the educational process in all ways, including the teaching of beliefs and values. They think that they know what is best because they have a degree in education.

That’s a joke. The teachers coming out of college nowadays are more ill prepared to teach actual reading, writing, math, history, than ever before. They spend many hours in classes about social justice, modifying expectations, and political activism in the classroom. In short, they can’t teach your child basic arithmetic without telling him/her that math is racist.

Whenever I mention homeschooling to parents, they get pale and tell me that they could never do that. Believe me, I understand. It’s not just the teaching part, but the fact that most households rely on two incomes. I was a teacher and I said the same thing!

But, what you have to realize is that we have come to a point in our country where the government is unilaterally taking over how your children are raised. It’s not just educators, it’s medical professionals, social workers, etc. Every year, the concepts that were once considered good parenting are now considered on the edge of child abuse. Refusal to vaccinate your child could be one of those concepts.

For example, this first article from Harvard echoes a sentiment we heard regarding adults who didn’t want the vaccine. As I recall, both Leanna Wen, former head of Planned Parenthood, former Baltimore City Health Commissioner and currently a CNN ” medical expert” and Washington Post columnist made this comment while praising San Francisco’s requirement of vaccination for indoor activities. ” Want to stay unvaccinated? That’s your choice. But if you want to go to restaurants, bars, the gym, etc., you need to be vaccinated.” Apparantly Leana, who was born in China, brings a strong Communist attitude with her. So, look at this title for the Harvard article and then read it.

Why we need to make it harder for parents to refuse vaccines – Harvard Health 

And here is an ever more Draconian statement from the NIH:

If you want to cut right to the chase, read the last section.

While both of these articles initially approach parental beliefs, knowledge and beliefs gently, when you pair their statements with what they advocate, you realize they want to force parents to give the Covid ( and any other vaccine). And, as you get to the end of the articles, the cut to the tyranny.

And, just so you know, CCP member Leana Wen also wrote an Op Ed for the Post where she stated, ” It’s a sad indictment of our society that children are paying the price for irresponsible adults and reckless policymakers.” Yeah, that woud defintely include parents. And Conservatives. A surely Trump.

I guess she forgot about these findings by the CDC.

  1. 400 + children suffered heart inflammation after the Phizer Covid 19 vaccine. Most of them were boys. Of course, the CDC downplays these side effects because the benefits outweigh the risk. Unless you are the kid who gets to have heart problems for the rest of his life or possibly die.
  2. There are NO long term studies of the effects of the vaccines on children. And, the vaccine is not approved by the FDA for use with children ( or anyone for that matter.)

And then there is this:

Title: 93 Israeli Doctors: Do NOT use Covid 19 vaccine on children

Some of you might say, ” Well, that’s Israel. How do we know they are right?” Let’s put it this way, Israel was one of the first countries to use vaccine passports. So they are not exactly vaccine deniers. But, in their country, information is not scrubbed if it disagrees with the drug companies.

But, let’s get back to my point.

Officials like Joe Biden want to take away your parental rights. Just like religion, they don’t want anything standing in the way of what they want for this country. So, they will make sure they either get rid of those things or diminish them so much that they don’t matter any more. And, remember, if you think he and his regime care about you, they just told over 15,000 Americans trapped in Afghanistan that “you are on your own.” All because this regime either willfully or stupidly didn’t plan on how to get them out. They will now become collateral damage. Or Taliban bargaining chips.

So, you need to get out to local meetings, board meetings, etc. and assert your rights as a parent. Find other like minded parents and form groups to protest, run for office, etc. Or, find other like minded parents to help each other homeschool. And don’t give up, even if you don’t win the first battle.

If you think it’s too much, let me share this from a book called “GANG OF ONE: Memoirs of a Red Guard” by Fan Shen. He is currently living in the US after escaping Communist China. ( Funny, the let Leana out wil

“That night, my father did not come home; nor did he in the next three nights…For the first time in my life I felt fear. If my father was anti-revolutionary, the I would be a little anti-revolutionary…I knew too well how anti-revolutionaries were treated. “

“On the fourth day, my father came home, but only briefly. He was brought back by the Red Guards to collect some clothes before he was sent to a labor camp. After my father left, my mother was sent to a different labor camp.”

“Those were the darkest days in my life. In a few days, I had gone from a proud Red Guard to a little anti-revolutionary and a social outcast. My friends no longer dared to come see me, nor did I want to see them. Feeling ashamed and fearful that other Red Guards might attack me, I did not want to go out anymore. “

He was 12. His parents had been members of the Revolutionaries until they harbored an aunt who spoke out against Mao.

As Americans, we think we are protected from this by the Constitution. And maybe for the most part, we are. But now is the time we tell Joe and his bunch of incompetent cohorts, “You can’t have our children.”

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I am a 67 year old runner and conservative. I taught for 31 years and retired a few years back. In my life, I have coached and judged gymnastics, coached softball, and raised two amazing kids.

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