While They are Policing Your Kid’s Mask Wearing…

Understand one thing about this post. It is not a condemnation of the Principals or teachers in the public schools. However, also understand that I don’t think they are all blameless.

They have been asked to do things they are not able nor trained to do. They have been taken off their mission to teach children how to read, write, do math, and learn science and history. Real science and history, not some made up bullshit that makes activists happy.

What many people don’t understand is the concept of time in a classroom. Time is a valuable commodity to a teacher. There are only so many hours in a day, so many minutes in a class, and so much time that kids actually pay attention to one thing.

When I taught, it seemed that the time in the classroom was always being taken away from my kids by forcing me to do lessons or activities that had nothing to do with my subject matter.

It happens like this. Someone in a state legislature gets an idea that kids smoke too much. They don’t want kids to smoke at all. And, as with all politicians, the legislature makes this issue the most important one ever in the history of man. Children are smoking and dying. We need to do something!!! ( As a side note, I don’t want children to smoke. Heck, I didn’t like that my husband smoked for so long.)

So, they create a “program” to address this issue NOW. They throw a ton of money at it, give the money to the schools, and tell them what they need to do with that money. So, school systems, not wanting to look like they want kids to smoke and die, hire people or a person to handle this problem. This person’s job becomes keeping kids from smoking so they don’t die.

And if you have ever met a person whose job is based on doing one thing, you know how a little bit of power can corrupt a middle manager. Think about the mask monitor in a store.

Nevermind that this could actually be covered in health class or that maybe parents could teach their kids not to smoke, the system needs a full time person to handle this. It’s the only way to spend the money.

So, this person is hired, costing the system the salary and benefits for the position. The newly hired Smoking Czar* takes the job very serious and decides to devote every working hour to stopping kids from smoking and dying. They create a program which includes posters about how bad smoking is, reminders to kids not to smoke, and last, and best of all, lessons to be taught in the classroom about smoking. No, not the health class, the content area class. Like, oh, let’s say English.

It’s only a 20 minute lesson delivered once a week for six weeks with a survey given before and after to assess kids’ attitudes about smoking. So, the English teacher who normally had a 45 minute class, now has one class a week for six weeks that is only 25 minutes. That’s not so bad.

But then, another legislator decides that another issue needs to be addressed in the classroom. It could be anything that is the issue du jour. Take your pick. Another 20 minute interuption of class for six weeks. These time sucks come one after another. Before you know it, a 45 minute class ends up being 10 to 15 minutes. Teachers are expected to do the same amount of instruction in half the time.

So now, here we are in 2021 and the powers that be install useless, ineffective mask mandates. Teachers are instructed to make sure all kids wear their masks properly. They have to monitor how far apart the kids are and whether they make physical contact or not. Administrators have to monitor all of this as well.

Valuable minutes are spent checking the masks, reminding the kids about the masks, threatening the kids about the masks and even throwing in a scare tactic or two : ” You don’t get it. Wear your mask. Will it take a child dying for your to get it?” This is particularly effective with third graders. So what if it causes a nightmare or two? Nasty little kid. His parents probably support Trump or are anti-vaxxers.

Let’s not mention teachers being expected to do medical diagnoses when a kid has the sniffles. A four year teaching degree does not equal med school.

Meanwhile, while teachers and principals are on mask and social distancing duty, the children not learning. They are finding other things to do, things that express their anger and frustration of having to do something they know is stupid.

Some of these are “Tik Tok” challenges. You have probably heard of other social media challenges in the past. The ice bucket challenge, the cinnamon challenge, even the Tide pod challenge. There’s a new one!

In this particular challenge, kids are peeing in soap dispensers, pooping in urinals, and peeing in the heat registers. And of course they are recording it on their phones and sharing on Tik Tok. Now staff has to monitor the bathrooms and other areas for this nonsense. Good thing we have those unisex bathrooms, right?

More time and focus taken away from what should be the central focus of schools, teaching useful content. We probably should have a lesson on how to use a urinal correctly. The particular school of this report has had 20 calls from parents removing their children to homeschool. Add to this the increased violence and destruction of property going on in public schools, and you have a generation of children who are losing significant opportunities to learn. All because we have added masks and medical diagnosis added to the jobs of the educators.

To be sure, we are teaching the children something. A friend of mine relayed a story yesterday about her grandchild. The child is a younger student in elementary school. When the grandmother picked the child up from school, she told him that he could take his mask off. He wouldn’t do it. He was afraid he would infect her. When they got home and got out of the car, he wouldn’t take his mask off. He’s afraid of getting Covid. That’s what he learned at school.

Another child was sent home the other day for having the sniffles. I don’t know about you, but I have allergies and they can come on and different times of day. But, because teachers, administrators and school nurses now consider everything a symptom of Covid, the child had to be sent home. A parent has to take off work to take her child to a doctor. It was allergies but now she needs a note from the doctor stating that this was allergies so he could go back to school. More time lost for the parent and the child.

What did the child learn? Sniffles could be signs of a dangerous virus. Not in the curriculum. And not a healthy way for people to live.

I said at the beginning that I don’t blame the teachers or the administrators in the schools. I don’t. They are being directed from higher up to do this. I also don’t think it excuses them from blindly following rules that are wrong.

The bottom line is now that the Covid vaccine has been shown to be ineffective in keeping people from getting Covid and spreading it, the politicians are getting nervous. The FDA did approve the “booster,” but only for certain populations. The general public isn’t buying into the booster with the same blind obedience as the original vaccine.

But the drug companies, Fauci and Gates have all these shots to give. Biden’s unconstitutional mandates are being met with strong opposition and actual science. How will the money get made?

As usual, the kids become the lynch pin. They can say that the kids are now more susceptible than they were before. They can say the masks aren’t working ( as we told them they wouldn’t) to protect them. They can say that they have to send too many kids home for Covid contact. And, the topper is that they will no longer offer the virtual learning for these children that they did when they were shut down. Wonder why. Did they tear apart the technology for this last year? Of course they didn’t.

They want to bring it back to vaccines for children. That’s the new golden ticket, to freedom, to more class time, to everything. Well, the masks have to stay, because they need that fear factor. Getting the point yet?

Schools, like other public institutions, are off their mission. They are no longer about learning important content, but about housing and controlling your children. They want the power taken from the parents. They are about maintaining the complete obedience of the citizens. Just like hospitals can no longer focus on helping sick people and police can no longer focus on fighting crime.

New World Order? I think you are getting a good idea of what that is.

I think the word for it is “dystopia.”

*If you haven’t seen a “Smoking Czar” in action, just take your worst picture of the store mask monitor and put her on steroids. I have and no one dared defy her. The CCP would be proud.

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I am a 67 year old runner and conservative. I taught for 31 years and retired a few years back. In my life, I have coached and judged gymnastics, coached softball, and raised two amazing kids.

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