Endorsements Maryland 2022 – July 19 Primary – State Delegate 37B

Radio Free Oxford has decided endorsements for the 2022 Republican Primaries: Early Voting Starts July 7.

Our endorsements are based on the following criteria:

  1. Stated Conservative values of the Candidate. We endorse candidates who believe in and support the Constitution of the United States and pledge to follow it. This also applies to the Maryland Constitution. Support of all the freedoms guaranteed under both. (This includes the 1st and 2nd amendments)
  2. Strong platform supporting parental rights over the education, health and general well-being of their children. Promotion of strong academics in school and no indoctrination of our children.
  3. Support of police and other first responders as well as our military and veterans.
  4. Platform of responsible government spending which emphasizes lower taxes on all Americans.
  5. Love of our country and understanding that the government serves under the will of the people.

We also look for candidates who are not on the “take,” do not pander to political action groups or corporations, are honest, are strong and courageous in representing their constituents, and who truly want to represent their districts. Dirty politics will not get an endorsement.

It’s not always cut and dried, but it is a decision we try to make logically and with reason. Agree or disagree, we hope these endorsements will spark discussion.

These are Republican candidates for the primaries.

Today’s Race: Delegate, District 37 B (Caroline, Dorchester, Talbot and Wicomico Counties) This office opened up when Johnny Mautz decided to run for State Senate.


Nicole Acle

Christopher Adams

Tom Hutchinson

Ron James

Starting off, we have met and spoken with all the candidates with the exception of Chris Adams. He has been busy during every opportunity for us to speak.


Christopher Adams: (Wicomico County)- Chris has been in the House of Delegates since 2015. He lives in Salisbury, Maryland and has worked at and run several businesses, Carpet One, a family business in residential and commercial real estate ( Lee Smith Jr, Inc.) and Value Enterprises.

He is married and has three children.

Nicole Acle: Nicole has served on the Wicomico County Council since 2019 ( appointed and then elected in 2020). She has a Masters in Clinical Nutrition Science from Penn State and a Bachelors in Dietetic Sciences from Indiana University. She lives in Salisbury and owns two businesses, Medical Nutrition Therapies, LLC, and Graceful Magnolia, a vacation rental management company. She was also co-owner of a medical practice with her husband, Dr. Fernando Acle. She came to the Eastern Shore over 20 years ago and lives in Salisbury with her husband and three children.

Tom Hutchinson: Tom resides in Dorchester County where he has been a part time and full-time resident. He owns Hutchinson Home Services LLC and has been in home improvement for 20 years. He earned an MBA at Loyola University of Maryland, Baltimore, and a Bachelor of Science in computer science at Dickinson College. He is married and has He has never served in a government office.

Ron James: Ron is from Galestown, Md. in Dorchester County. He was born and raised on the Eastern Shore. After graduating from Colonel Richardson High School he went into the Navy for 8 years. He worked for Lockheed Aircraft Corp until he retired in 2005. He is a former councilman ( 4 years) and Mayor ( 18 years). Ron graduated with a B.A. in Social Services, University of Maryland School of Public Policy. He is heavily involved in the VFW and American Legion. He lives with his wife in Galestown.

The weird thing about this election is that we have two candidates from one county ( Wicomico) and two from another county. According to the Maryland State election laws, only one delegate may serve from each county. That means that if candidates from the same county finish 1-2, only the top vote getter can get through. The next candidate, who finished 3rd, would also get through, bumping number 2. This is not noted on the ballot.

Analysis: The analysis of candidates will be based on record in office if it exists and stated platforms. They are in no particular order.

Chris Adams: Analysis: I’ve heard Chris Adams speak ONCE in the eight years he has been in office. But I can evaluate the bills he has proposed during the last year or so. He has some good ideas, including not allowing non-citizens to vote in municipal elections, restrictions on ballots to identify party of voter, civics education in public schools, and retiree tax exemptions. He also has received endorsements from the NRA.

But, in his case, unfortunately, the bad outweighs the good. The biggest drawback to his re-election is that he is virtually a “lame duck” in Annapolis after a poor decision to attempt a coup over the minority leadership in the House of Delegates. He lost, and he also lost his committee assignments and any ability to bring up bills. In a House where Democrats outnumber Republicans by a wide margin, having a neutered Delegate on the floor is a monumental waste.

Leadership Fight: Delegate Chris Adams Loses (delmarvatimes.com)

Delegate Adams does get a rating of 85% over his lifetime from the American Conservative Union. That’s a decent rating. However, recent developments including an endorsement from the Maryland State Education Association shows that he is not a Conservative in any way. The Teacher’s unions NEVER endorse Republicans unless they are shameless RINOS, or even worse, liberals.

Sometimes you can learn a lot from the endorsements candidates give. In this case, Adams has jumped on the Kelly Schulz bandwagon. Perhaps it is because he is a big Larry Hogan fan, likes tyrannical mandates, or just wants a sweet deal to install more flooring in the state schools. Who knows?

In some decisions, it seems Chris believes that the rules only apply to some, like in this environmental exemption he gave a local restaurant so they could pour septic waste into the Bay. As someone who lives on a tributary of the Bay, I find this troubling:

Bull Lips Dock Bar and The Clean Water Act – Wicomico Environmental Trust

Nicole Acle: Analysis: Nicole Acle has served as a Wicomico County elected official since 2020 as a member of the County Commissioners. According to her stated positions, she is pro 2nd Amendment, pro parents’ rights, and transparency in government. She supports police and other first responders. She is against mask and vaccine mandates and believes in Constitutional Rights.

As a member of the county commissioners, she proposed to the legislative delegation of the Eastern Shore that they create and support a bill called the “Educational Transparency and Accountability Act” to require the local Board of Education to provide a detailed budget to the county commissioners of all the system’s expenses. They do not currently have to do this. Imagine the financial shenanigans that can occur because of that! This legislation was not moved forward due to the actions of Delegate Adams and Senator Eckardt. In fact, Delegate Adams tore the bill in two. I guess he wanted that Teachers’ Union endorsement.

She also revived the Women’s Commission in Wicomico County, proposed and passed a property tax exemption for law enforcement officers permanently disabled in the line of duty, supported a legislative bond bill for the Salisbury Christian School, reduced property taxes in Wicomico County, and approved the Wicomico County Comprehensive Water and Sewer Plan and funding.

Acle does not take Political Action Committee funds and has turned down offers of donation from developers on the Eastern Shore, which is unusual for candidates. She is also the only candidate who has served at the local government level which gives her a unique understanding of how to work with the local officials.

Full disclosure, I have known Nicole for about six months after she started attending our local Parent Group meetings (Family Advocacy Alliance). She is a member of the Delmarva Parent Teacher Coalition. Since that first meeting with our group, she has made a point of attending meetings and offering solid advice to parents. She is a strong Conservative.

Tom Hutchinson: Analysis. It’s difficult to analyze a person’s potential as a legislator when they have not been in office. So, examination and opinion are based on the perceived character of the candidate and his actions.

My first conversation with Tom Hutchinson was after I wrote a blog entry about his interview with a local leftist paper. In the interview, Tom spent a great amount of time talking about compromise with Democrats. I called him out on it.

Here is that post:

You Can’t Compromise with Marxists – Radio Free Oxford

Yes, it is about Mr. Hutchinson.

To his credit, Tom called me. We spent an hour on the phone talking about his candidacy. He told me he “isn’t a politician and this is all new to me.” So, I chalked the interview up to a nervous newbie who was led down the garden path by a deceptive interviewer.

But, as politicians do, Tom immediately showed me that he IS a politician by teaming up with the aforementioned Chris Adams in what he and Chris called, “Team 37B.” This was in an attempt to knock out the other 37 B candidates. He even told a friend of mine in a text that he did that because “there are a lot of people who wanted Chris re-elected.” So, basically, he teamed up with Adams to ride his assumed “coat tails.”

If he had said he really believed in Chris, agreed with his beliefs and actions, it might have been better, but this guy who is “not a politician” is playing a political game. Mistake number one.

He later offered to meet with me and discuss “both sides” of the issue with him and Mr. Adams. He told me, “The ethics board cleared Chris of any wrongdoing.” Mistake number two. I wasn’t against his clearly political move because Adams might be ethically challenged, I was against it because I thought it was done for all the wrong reasons. And I felt he had lied to me during that long phone call.

I can’t say what Hutchinson might be as a legislator. I know his company installs pretty floors and that he thinks we should vote for him for that reason.

While I appreciate hard work and its results, I can’t use a floor in a wealthy person’s home as a basis for my vote.

James: Analysis: There’s not much to say about Ron James because quite frankly, I don’t know much of what he has done. I have been told he has done a lot for the youth in his area. I have met him, and he seems like a nice man.

But, based on recent speeches, I’m not sure he gives me any reason to vote for him.

ENDORSEMENT: I will vote for only ONE person in this race (Acle) and I recommend you do the same. But, if YOU feel you have to vote for two, here is my suggestion:

ACLE: (My first and only pick) Here is an interview between Christine Dolan and Nicole:

American Conversations On Maryland Politics – Nicole Acle, Candidate House Of Delegates – CD Media (creativedestructionmedia.com)

HUTCHINSON🙁 If you feel you must vote for two vote for him also and hope he isn’t a RINO) Interview with Mike Bradley: Mike Bradley with GOP Candidate for MD House Of Delegates 37B, Thomas Hutchinson – 07-05-22 – WGMD

The jury is out on him, regardless of what he says.