Political Endorsements: Primaries July 19, 2022: State Senate District 37

During the Mid-term Election, Radio Free Oxford will be making endorsements in the primaries and general elections for State and local races.

Previous Endorsement: Governor: Cox/Schifanelli

Our endorsements are based on the following criteria:

  1. Stated Conservative values of the Candidate. We endorse candidates who believe in and support the Constitution of the United States and pledge to follow it. This also applies to the Maryland Constitution. Support of all the freedoms guaranteed under both. (This includes the 1st and 2nd amendments)
  2. Strong platform supporting parental rights over the education, health and general well-being of their children. Promotion of strong academics in school and no indoctrination of our children.
  3. Support of police and other first responders as well as our military and veterans.
  4. Platform of responsible government spending which emphasizes lower taxes on all Americans.
  5. Love of our country and understanding that the government serves under the will of the people.

We also look for candidates who are not on the “take,” do not pander to political action groups or corporations, are honest, are strong and courageous in representing their constituents, and who truly want to represent their districts. Dirty politics will not get an endorsement.

It’s not always cut and dried, but it is a decision we try to make logically and with reason. Agree or disagree, we hope these endorsements will spark discussion.

These are Republican candidates for the primaries.

State Senator:

Running: Addie Eckardt, Johnny Mautz

Addie Eckardt:

Addie is the current State Delegate from the 37th District. She started out in the House of Delegates in 1994 and was elected to State Delegate in 2014.

She retired as a full time Psychiatric-Mental Health Clinical Nurse Specialist after 30 years. She is a resident of Cambridge, Maryland where she lives with her husband. She has three married sons.

Johnny Mautz:

Earlier this year, Johnny Mautz announced that he would be running to move from the Maryland State House of Delegates to the State Senate. Mautz has served in the House since 2014.

Mautz is a lifetime resident of St. Michaels, Maryland on the Eastern Shore. He has worked as a legislative lawyer for the U.S. House Judiciary Committee and as an advisor to Governor Bob Erlich.

He operates his family’s restaurant in St. Michaels while serving as Delegate. He is married and has two children.

Analysis: Eckardt:

Character: My first encounter with Senator Eckardt was when she screamed at me about Covid during a gathering of Republicans in Talbot County. She didn’t like my opinion about Covid and the vaccine mandates. It was not a good first impression. The second impression was a video that I have cited on this blog several times where Senator Eckardt complained about how many of her constituents were “misinformed and not knowledgeable.” In other words, stupid.

So, we didn’t start off on a very good foot. Here’s a link to that blog entry:

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I’m going to be fair and not judge her only on these two incidents.

So, I went back to look at what Senator Eckhardt at done in her most recent tenure as a State Senator since that is the office she is running for.

One thing I found is that Addie has sponsored quite a few bills, most of which failed. That doesn’t matter as much to me as what the subjects of those bills were. I understand that Republicans face an uphill battle in Maryland Government since they are so badly outnumbered.

Most of her bills were health related (which I guess makes sense since she was in the health industry.) There were also bills on business licensing, taxes, etc. For example, she sponsored a bill to give tax breaks for movie companies filming in certain counties.

I looked over her legislative record and, for the most part, it was okay. Nothing amazing or glaring. But, there were some things missing.

For example, it’s extremely difficult to find Addie talking about parental rights in either the education or medical care of their children. On the unconstitutional mandates, she has been silent. We could find nothing that showed her fighting the statewide closures of businesses deemed “non-essential” by the Governor nor the massive firings of nurses and health workers who refused the Covid vaccines. These were people she called “heroes” during the heart of the Pandemic.

In fact, she pushed for nurses to be allowed to do some of the jobs of doctors after medical staff was released. I suppose this was to assure medical care was still available. She voted to streamline the licensing of out of state nurses to replace resident nurses who were let go. Rather than fight to keep long time employees on the job, she chose the easy (and disloyal) way out.

She also voted for a bill that tied the hands of police in the case of reportable student offenses in school.

But she did vote to support Ukraine against Russia.

There have been some moments of Conservative clarity for Addie, such as when she advocated for retirees’ tax relief and sales tax exemptions on diabetic and medical device products.

But, overall, it seems that Addie would rather get along with Democrats than represent her constituents. A clue about this would be the various liberal Democrat yards in the area with her gaudy pink signs. When big money, big time Dems have your sign on their property, it’s an indicator that you are not the Conservative you claim to be.

The only time she showed up to meet with members of our Family Advocacy Alliance was during our candidate forum. I have sent emails to her regarding vaccine mandates and her responses, while quick, were non-committal word salads. She will argue that she fought mandates for masks and vaccines. If she did, no one ever heard her fighting.

And there are some sneaky tactics in her campaign as well.

She presents herself as endorsed by Congressman Andy Harris on campaign fliers, an endorsement which has been denied by Harris. Is that a memory issue, using her age as an excuse or just outright lying?

You decide.

Let’s face it, Addie represents every establishment RINO that has ever been in office. And she’s been in office too long.

Here is her American Conservative Union Rating:

Sen. Adelaide C. Eckardt | ACU Ratings (conservative.org)

Analysis: Mautz

I have known who Johnny is for a long time, since before he was elected. But this year I actually had opportunities to talk to him at length about various issues, mask and vaccine mandates, the mass firings of medical staff across our state, and CRT/indoctrination in our schools.

I think Johnny is like so many of us, particularly when it comes to education issues. We trusted the people running our schools to do what is best for children. We all found out that wasn’t always the case.

When I talked to him, I found someone who was knowledgeable but also willing to listen and learn, unlike Addie Eckardt who just blew me off because she didn’t like the first sentence out of my mouth.

What I respect about Johnny is that he hasn’t lost touch with the people he represents. He is a small business owner who has had to deal with Draconian Covid measures implemented by government. He’s not arrogant and stand-offish but very genuine and empathetic. And we need genuinely good, sensible people in our Maryland Senate right now!

He could have stayed in the House of Delegates forever, but he chose to make the change to the Maryland Senate. It’s a risky move but I consider it a brave move. He knows we need better representation at that level.

Johnny gets it. In the past year in the House of Delegates he has sponsored bills to remove CRT instruction from classrooms, get rid of mask mandates and Covid vaccine mandates for school children. He also sponsored a Health Care Freedom of Conscience Act whereby health care workers and namely doctors would not have to implement medical procedures that violated their core beliefs. He also sponsored the “No jabs for jobs” Bill. Unfortunately, outnumbered by Democrats, none of these bills passed. But, unlike some other officials, he was willing to go out on a limb and try.

What impressed me even more was his willingness to attend our Family Advocacy Alliance Parent meetings on a regular basis, taking questions, and speaking about educational issues. He didn’t back off of tough questions and always was willing to talk to parents one on one. If he didn’t know something, he would find out.

On law enforcement issues, I know that he stands with our men and women in blue.

I value honesty and authenticity. I value his strength to go against the tide to fight for us.

Johnny Mautz has those qualities. And on top of that, he is a great legislator!

Here is his American Conservative Union rating:Rep. Johnny Mautz | ACU Ratings (conservative.org)

Legislative info here is from : BillTrack50 | Federal & State Legislation Tracker

Radio Free Oxford endorses Johnny Mautz for Maryland State Senator for District 37.