Socialism is a Secular Religion

Once you know the beginnings of Socialism, you start to understand that it is a “religion” to it’s followers. Without going into a history in depth, it’s important that we know Socialism/Marxism/Communism all come from the same beginnings. The origins of Socialism were in the Industrial Revolution, but it can be traced back to the time of the Greeks as an idea. There are many different kinds of Socialism, but the basic premise is that there is no private property. Basically, everything exists for the good of society, so no one can own property.

Another premise is that intellectuals and science are the people/discipline that should design the Socialist society. They play on the possible social divisions in a society, turning one against the other. In our country, this is done with economics, race, sex, sexual orientation, you name it. Each division is placed on a “hierarchy of oppression.” If you are a black man, you are at one level. If you are a black woman, you are a step above. If you are a gay black woman, you are even higher on the food chain. People are convinced of their “victimhood” and that they deserve preferential treatment. Others are trained in their “privilege” and that they deserve punishment. So, while preaching an ” all for one” philosophy, socialism divides a population in order to protect the power of the people in charge.

In order for people to buy into this, Socialism becomes a religion, in many ways more powerful than any religion based on a deity. Followers are trained to believe in the blessings of Socialism so much that they will forsake personal or familial goals. Socialism and the promotion of the Socialist society becomes the primary objective and must be achieved above all other goals. It’s why they ignore the Constitution and just “make the rules as they go.”

That’s why you see true Socialists doing things that don’t make sense to the non-believer. We see Biden sign orders that destroy jobs, ruin women’s sports, violate freedom and privacy of the citizens, and give preference to certain “social justice” groups, ignoring their violence while targeting other groups who don’t fit the socialist goals.

It’s why corporations seem to yield to their demands immediately, forsaking their customer base. A Socialist government can swiftly nationalize an industry. Just look at Venezuela.

It’s why Trump is so hated. The plan for a complete Socialist United States was going well until he came along. He disrupted that plan. And, to make things worse, he was a Capitalist. They must utterly destroy him to send a message to all others who may want to follow in his path.

To question Socialism is to commit heresy. And, if you remember history, heretics are punished swiftly and severely.

Even the churches, in an attempt to maintain government approval, will adopt and voice the Socialist mantras.

This is why arguing with Socialists is so difficult. No matter what you say, they will have their mantras imprinted on their brains. Add to that their vast and ingrained memories of Allinsky’s rules, and you have the recipe for a huge nothing burger of a discussion. Like two diametrically opposed religions, you will never agree. And the Socialist will not accept that you can exist and have a non-Socialist view. You are a heretic.

The only hope for conquering this secular religion is the followers finding out first hand that things aren’t what they have been told they are. They need a huge dose of poverty and denial of their freedoms to realize how bad it can be. And it has to affect them personally. Even Russians in the USSR were so immune to the abuses of their government that it took years after it folded for them to actually act as though society was free. And, unfortunately, it affects all citizens, not just the ones we want to feel the sting.

So, what happens now? How do we fight this menace.

We have to start with what we can control. Start with your own family, your own children. Your kids are being taught such BS in school right now that I am fairly sure they will spout Socialist beliefs at you immediately. Introduce them to the concept of ” you don’t own anything” by telling them that a Socialist society could just come in and take all their stuff and give it to someone else. Talk to them about freedom and what it really is. The biggest fight is really to counteract the education system and media. Monitor what they are being taught and what they are watching.

And, of course, educate yourself. You can’t fight something you know nothing about. Prepare yourself to counter the “sermons” of this evil, secular religion.

While you are at it, introduce them to your religion. Get them involved in another theology that will fill the spot Socialism might fill in their lives.

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I am a 67 year old runner and conservative. I taught for 31 years and retired a few years back. In my life, I have coached and judged gymnastics, coached softball, and raised two amazing kids.

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