We Can’t Trust the Government; We Never Could

Many of us see our freedoms eroding as Faux Biden and his puppet masters abuse created crises as an excuse to violate the Constitution. I’m reminded of the quote, ” A tyrant will use any pretext to justify his tyranny. ” Even a flu that is no more deadly than any flu, any year. Or an attack by a few planted criminals at the Capitol.

It’s time to face facts. WE CAN’T TRUST THE GOVERNMENT. In fact, we never could and we never should.

Here’s the biggest news. The Founders of this country never trusted the government either. They knew.

They knew that the government was not on our side. They knew that the government would look out for themselves before they looked out for the people. They knew government would strip the people of the rights they had and use any excuse to do it. They had seen it first hand.

That’s why they wrote the Constitution. It was not an easy task. It took 116 days to create a draft as they argued over every single word because they wanted to make sure no one would misunderstand what they wrote. They knew that if the government could find a loophole to oppress the people, the government would use it.

They did a great job with it. Unfortunately, they couldn’t see hundreds of years in the future. They couldn’t possibly anticipate that our country would become a cess pool of dishonest, Godless politicians, stolen elections, hideous divisions of the citizens and distortions of nature. They couldn’t see how leaders would indoctrinate our children into the most vile actions and beliefs. But it has happened. Their work, while amazing, isn’t strong enough to bring us back to our country’s freedom. At least not by itself.

It’s our turn to help.

It’s time. We can’t sit on the sidelines any more. We have to stand up for ourselves and our country. Personally, I’ve had enough and I have come to a point in my life where I will stand up for what I believe, say what I think, and create a plan to obstruct tyranny whenever and wherever I can. I have to channel the spirit of our forefathers and the generations after them and remind our government officials who they work for. Us.

It won’t be easy. Once people get power, they hate giving it back. There will be pain.

So I’ll have to have a plan, and so will you. We can’t just rush in recklessly to the battle. Imagine if Eisenhower had just invaded Normandy on a whim. I don’t think it would have gone well.

So, here are some of my thoughts.

  1. Know what you want and be clear about it. Is your goal to inspire others? Support groups with time or money? Educate people?Get the word out?
  2. What’s your focus? We can’t fight a battle on all fronts and be successful. Leftists attack in so many ways that it is easy to get distracted. Which issue is most important? Election integrity? Freedom of Speech? Second Amendment? Indoctrination in the schools?
  3. What are you willing to risk in your mission? Friends and family that don’t agree? Your job? Your safety or the safety of your family? Financial security? This question is crucial, because while people in this country aren’t used to worrying about harsh consequences for the exercise of their freedoms, times are changing. People are being beaten up by police for not wearing masks. There is talk of requiring vaccines verified on an electronic passport to go shopping, to travel, to live. Look at Mike Flynn and Donald Trump. They have been targeted, threatened and unfairly prosecuted for their political beliefs by the Leftist mob. Some, like Mike Lindel, are losing their businesses for their political beliefs. Honestly, this is a difficult question and I wouldn’t judge anyone harshly if they didn’t feel they could sacrifice anything, especially if one’s children are involved. But, you have to know the answer because when the left starts coming after you, they will come at you fast!
  4. Who will be your support system? Do you have an organization to back you up? Do you have a lawyer? Do you have access to funds? Will your friends and community support you? Are you friends with local law enforcement or government officials? Who will be there for you when they come to take your guns, your money, your home? There may come a time when you need help. Have people you can count on working with you.
  5. What are the skills that you can bring to the cause ? Can you speak? Write? Teach? Preach? Train people in martial arts, weapons, etc.? Do you know the law?
  6. Can you exist without the power grid, the food supply chain? Do you have certain things to help you get through any emergency? Generators, gasoline, clean water, food supply, protection, etc. will all become very important. Just ask the citizens of Texas. They weren’t attacked by government, they were let down by government.

These questions are important if you want to be on the front lines of this fight. And, yes, I use that word. The current regimes will fight to keep power, and if you get in their way, you better be ready to fight back.

One huge thing I left off my questions is the most important question of all. Do you have a strong faith in God? I don’t care what religion you are, without belief in a higher authority, you will falter when things get tough. Prayer will help you stay strong and fight through the struggle.

Our forefathers sacrificed so much for us, for people more than two hundred years in the future, so we would have freedom. They lost fortunes, families, homes, and even lives. And they didn’t even know us.

They knew one thing for sure. We should never trust Government. We should always be wary.

And we should always be prepared to fight the next battle, to sacrifice it all, just to change government and remind them who they work for. US.

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I am a 67 year old runner and conservative. I taught for 31 years and retired a few years back. In my life, I have coached and judged gymnastics, coached softball, and raised two amazing kids.

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