Good for the Goose but Not For the Gander

The plans of the New World Order, World Economic Forum, our Federal Government and Marxist Elite are clear. No one owns anything, no one has to work, no one has more than anyone else, no one eats meat, it goes on and on. Just one BIG Marxist utopia where we are all equal, completely.

Guess what? I’m in.

But, there are some conditions needed for me to fully participate. I need all the Billionaires and Millionaires, Kings and Queens, Presidents and Senators, Hollywood, recording stars, CEO’s and athletes etc. to participate fully as well.

What does that mean? It means that everyone; Gates, Bezos, Zuckerburg, the Windsors, Soros, Biden, Pelosi, Schumer, Lebron, etc. all have to give up everything they own as well. They need to empty their bank accounts, open their mansions to all of us, eat the same food as all of us, subsist on the same monthly stipend as us, do the same jobs as us for the same compensation.

No fancy clothes, no extensive travel, no big state dinners, no first class or private jet travel, big cars and limos, none of that.

No red carpet, no million dollar sports contracts, no endorsement deals, nada.

In short, if they will all live the same mundane life as the rest of us and not have any more or be considered any better than any of us, then I will be on board. We will all be one big equal family!!! I could end up living next door to Lebron James in our government provided apartment complex.

As John Lennon said, ” Imagine.”

Problem is, none of that will happen. None of the people pushing it will want it for themselves. In fact, they will proactively insulate themselves from it. Remember Hunger Games? Yeah. Same thing.

For years we have been subjected to the “holier than thou” arrogance of the the world elites as they support a ” New World Order” and a “Great Reset” for all of us. They make condescending comments and speeches that mention how the world should be, without oppression, without racism, without poverty and blah, blah, blah. They talk about how the “common people” need to eat certain food, observe certain restrictions on our standard of living, and be a part of one big hive of drone workers.

Meanwhile in our own country, we have the members of the Lefty Marxists in the Federal Government ( and some on the right), preaching the horrible inequities between rich and poor right before they get their chauffer to drive them to their gated mansions. ( Yes, Nancy, I’m looking at you). Tell me, ya’ll, how have you improved the life of ONE poor person?

The incongruency in all of this is stunning.

The World Economic Forum states a mission about helping create a beautiful world of equality, fairness, etc. The leaders meet at a conference every year or two and discuss how to create this. These leaders are over 100 of the most rich and influential people in the world. One hundred and nineteen of them are billionaires. They fly in on their private jets. They wine and dine with the finest of food and drink. They sit and spew their flowery dreams in front of audiences who record it all with their top of the line cell phones.

Let all that sink in. These rich, pompous people who court some of the largest corporations in the world and who rub elbows with the United Nations and government leaders, will never adopt the living standards they want for us. Somehow, in their minds, they never envision themselves as part of the one world commune.

Think about it. Their combined worth is 500 Billion dollars. Do you think they are just going to give that all up and become one of us? Doubtful. For the most part, they have done very little with their money to free people from the horrible conditions they condemn. If they had truly dedicated themselves to improving the lives of others, they would not be as rich as they are.

Their life styles are their hypocrisy problem. Plus, many have weird ideas regarding the rights of people for basic needs such as water, food, and even the right to exist.

There’s Bill Gates who wants us all to stop eating meat. He would prefer we eat fake meat, especially since he owns a lot of the companies that make fake meat. His complaint against meat is that raising animals for food is “bad for the environment. ” So, Bill has proposed that some countries, like the United States, no longer allow our citizens to eat meat. Poor countries should be allowed to. Bill must have forgotten that he is not king. And, if we all stop eating meet, guess who will still get to have his steaks and burgers? Good old Bill. And they will be real.

Even more shocking is that Bill is a big proponent of decreasing the population of the world. He hasn’t been shy about this belief. He has said it over and over. There’s only two ways I know that this can be effectively done. Either we kill so many billions with weapons, traditional or biological, or we forcibly sterilize people who we don’t want to reproduce. Bill hasn’t told us his preferred way, yet. But since he has children, will they be sterilized? Or, better yet, will he give up one or two of them to be sacrificed in the name of a smaller population. Maybe he should volunteer?

Crazy thing is, he has many who agree with him. Prince Charles is one, for example. I’m sorry, but I don’t think he should worry about an overpopulated world, especially when he and his Royal Family are about the most useless overpaid people on the planet. The Pope comes in at a close second. ( By the way, I am a lifetime Catholic. That guy in the Vatican? He is not a Catholic, no matter what his title is. )

But, why is it so many people seem to want to follow these self proclaimed Demi-gods? Why do they willingly follow their decrees about what we can and cannot do? Why do they volunteer to give up their freedoms for some bogus hope of “saving the planet?” Is the human race that stupid?

I think most people are asleep. I think many just believe that this is how it has to be, some group of rich guys get to tell the rest of us how to live our lives while they get to do whatever they want.

America has always been different. We never wanted Kings. We never wanted Elite masters to direct our every thought and move. We fought hard to get out from under that mess. We said, from the beginning, that we were all created equal and that what we did with that equality was up to us. We don’t begrudge the rich who have worked their way to their dream life styles, we just don’t want them keeping us from doing the same.

So, I take it back . I am NOT in. Even if all those guys give up everything they own, I still want to be able to determine my own path. I want to make my own choices. No matter what someone else wants me to do.

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I am a 67 year old runner and conservative. I taught for 31 years and retired a few years back. In my life, I have coached and judged gymnastics, coached softball, and raised two amazing kids.

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