Why Don’t Young People “Get It?”

I was watching a video of Georgetown University students the other day as they were asked if they were proud of our country. If they said “no,” they were asked if they could name a better country. Of course, the elite, mostly white, indoctrinated students said they were NOT proud of our country because of racism, colonialism, blah, blah, blah, the whole gamut of Marxist talking points. But then when they were asked to name a better country all of them struggled. In fact, the reporter asked them which country they would move to. Most of them were like, “Oooooo…I have no idea. ” There was one doofus who said he’d like to go to a country where the population lived in poverty. Yeah, he was that dumb. I guess he thought he’d be able to live in great accommodations, keep his iPhone, and get food and sanitary bathroom facilities there. But, he couldn’t name a country. Just a generic poor country. Wow, talk about being an idiot.

So, I thought back to when I was there age attending Frostburg State College. Was I that stupid? I must admit, I wasn’t a Conservative during that time. In fact, I would say I probably supported more liberal causes.

You know when I got my wake up call? I got it when I had to make it on my own. When I had to get my own job, pay my own bills, support myself in my own apartment. It’s then when I realized that no one was going to take care of me, I had to take care of myself. It’s not like my parents weren’t around, but I didn’t live with them and they didn’t financially support me. Suddenly all the liberal clap trap didn’t work any more. I became a Conservative REAL fast when I realized that those taxes reduced MY paycheck and went to people who didn’t work. I discovered that there are people out there who manipulated the system and lived more comfortably that I did.

I also realized that I was lucky to live in a country where I could go where I wanted, say what I wanted, and control my own destiny. I was so darned happy and proud to be American.

So, why don’t these young adults get that? First of all, the Georgetown student population is being indoctrinated EVERY SINGLE DAY. Many of them come from families who are well off and these students are being made to feel guilty for their skin color and their station in life. More important, these kids are virtually ignorant of History, Geography, and almost all other important content. They can probably recite the names of criminals shot by Cops, how many different sexes there are, and all the reasons they should hate Donald Trump, but little more than that. They hate individualism and crave collectivism. In short, they really do hate America and have a fantasy filled vision of how life should be.

Second, how many of these students have had to actually live on their own and support themselves? There are jobs out there, but many of them turn their noses up at hard work and any entry level salary they could get for a job. In fact, many come into interviews expecting to get the salary that an experienced employee of that company should get. Mommy and Daddy have allowed them to live at home, have paid their bills, and have made sure there has been no adversity in their lives. Therefore, they don’t appreciate this country because they have not earned the self respect of being on one’s own and being accountable their living condition. And they have not had the discipline of doing what needs to be done to support one’s self.

And many of them have not experienced or even been made aware of the stark reality of other countries, where if you don’t take care of yourself, you might die. Where speaking out against your country might put you in jail.

Let’s remember that the higher education industry is well aware that the young people on their campuses are virtually prisoners to the propaganda spewed by professors. They are separated from their families. They are surrounded by other young people separated from their families. They are still young enough to want to rebel against their parents and to think they are smarter than any adult. Their grades depend on them conforming to the beliefs of their teachers. At least in high school, a student returns home to his family every day and possibly can be influenced by them.

In short, they are perfect fodder for dictators. And their parents are paying hundreds of thousands of dollars for that. Unless, of course, they got a federal loan to go to the school they couldn’t afford. In that case, the student will either pay that off for years or some candidate will excuse that debt. Either way, the Universities make out like thieves. They have guaranteed money, can steer students toward any stupid major they want to make sure their overpaid activist professors have jobs. They can even require students to take basic indoctrination classes to make sure they know the Marxist values. All while knowing that many of these students will not have skills to find decent paying jobs when they graduate.

They create an ignorant, dissatisfied population who will promote their Marxist agendas after graduation.

Happily, I have met some young people recently who don’t fit this mold. One of them was the salesman that sold me my new car. He found himself out of a full time job because of Covid and instead of sitting around collecting unemployment, went out and go another job. I would love to shake his parent’s hands and say, “Well done.” I told him, “we need more people like you in this world.”

The other young man works at my local grocery store. This guy is there almost every time I go. He is always working, even taking on extra hours currently. You know why he has to do that? Because the grocery store can’t compete with the government money given to people who just want to stay home. People apply, get the job, come a day or two, and then decide they would rather earn money for nothing. Thankfully, we have young people like him in our world who want to work to support themselves. He and I talked about that and he said he couldn’t imagine not working so he could support himself. I told him, ” We need more people like you in this world.”

The last person I will use as a positive example is a young man I have known since he was in first grade. He was always quiet and always a hard worker. He now owns his own business and I see him every week with his crew in my neighborhood. He will never have to depend on anyone else and will never sit home and take the extra money just because he can. And he is a happy, well adjusted young person. I tell him, “We need more people like you in this world. “

They are out there. And I think they are more prevalant than we think.

A word of advice to parents. Stop sending your kids to expensive four year schools just because that’s what they want or because you want to brag at your cocktail parties. If your child tells you they want to major in some BS social degree, don’t fund it. Tell them no.

Even better, send them to a two year college to get a skill, like welding or auto mechanics, or any manual skill you can think of that will allow them to get a job after two years if they want. Then, when they graduate, they can either start working or they can finish their last two years in a four year school that they and you can afford to pay for together or that they get scholarship money for.

So many of my most successful former students have done that.

Stop sending money to people who will teach your kid how to be a non-productive drain on society who will hate this country and you.

My formula is: The more expensive the college, the fewer marketable, practical skills your kid will learn. The more politicians, lawyers, etc. that have come out of a school, the more radicalized your child will be.

Stop wasting your money on designer indoctrination factories and more on helping your child get a true and valuable profession.

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I am a 67 year old runner and conservative. I taught for 31 years and retired a few years back. In my life, I have coached and judged gymnastics, coached softball, and raised two amazing kids.

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