It Was Never Russia, Russia, Russia-We Have a Different Red Menace

I was really stumped about what to write today. There are so many things happening, but none of them merited a full post. Plus, I have to feel some real passion for what I write for it to work.

Then, while scrolling through Gab, I found an article that was recommended by General Michael Flynn. It’s called “The Thirty Tyrants” and it has to do with China and it has to do with China’s influence on our “elite” population.

It’s a long article that starts with a comparison of today’s situation to what Sparta did to Athens in 404 BCE. It starts with a quote from Machiavelli’s The Prince regarding the three options when a country conquers another. “The first is to ruin them; the second is to rule directly; the third is to ‘create therein a state of the few which might keep it friendly to you.’ ”

It was that quote that go me thinking. The article goes on to describe the history between China and the U.S. and the relationship that goes on till today. I won’t summarize, but I will present some questions it answers. I suggest you read it to get the full gist.

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Why do so many of the 1% in our country seem so willing to go along with ideas that are counterintuitive to their continued freedom and success?

Why did they flee the Republican party which seems more aligned with their financial goals to the Democrat party?

Why do top organizations and businesses in our country suddenly seem more interested in globalism than the welfare of our citizens?

Why do corporations send jobs to China instead of keeping them here for the American worker? Why do they turn a blind eye to the practices of slave labor and human rights violations in China?

Why do such unlikely partnerships develop between big business and Hollywood and Pro Sports? Why don’t the latter two care if they lose 50% of their fan base? Why do the former not care about their customer base?

Why do big think tanks, research institutions, universities, and business organizations such as the Chamber of Commerce suddenly disregard and belittle the basic rights granted to us by the Constitution?

How was the Coronavirus a part of China’s plan and how did they know it would cause more racial and economic division and hardship?

Who were some of the major players who encouraged and developed this conquest model for China?

Why couldn’t Trump fight this effectively? How did the hatred for Trump by his rivals get exploited by China? How was the Deep State involved?

The article brings so much into focus with this situation that it seems overwhelming but also a way to bring those of us on the outside of the China Elite Sympathizers and Collaborators together with a singular focus. If we can put our differences aside and aim our fight against those who promote China over our country, we might be able to reverse some of the damage.

It won’t be easy because we have been purposely divided in the most violent way possible and the chasm often seems beyond repair. But, I think it can happen if we can do some things.

  1. Stop making it about Donald Trump or Joe Biden but about OUR country fighting a foreign invader, one who will steal all of our freedoms.
  2. Get rid of party designations and become Americans again.
  3. Call the tactics used by government all of us, calling us terrorists, shutting down our free speech, purging our military of any dissenters what they are, a drive to place CCP sympathizers in place.
  4. Support those candidates who pledge to right this conquest and hold them accountable to do so.
  5. Point out the connections between politicians, corporations, the oligarchy and the Chinese whenever possible.
  6. Be prepared to sacrifice because the Chinese have the practice of removing dissent down to an art. There will be pain.
  7. Pray and remember our religious and historical roots. Our forefathers fought and defeated the English when there was no way they should have been able to do it. We are of the same stuff as them! Educate our children about OUR country, the positives as well as the negatives.

Our parents and grandparents fought tyrants in two World Wars and the Cold War. They have handed the baton off to us. It’s our turn.

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I am a 67 year old runner and conservative. I taught for 31 years and retired a few years back. In my life, I have coached and judged gymnastics, coached softball, and raised two amazing kids.

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