It’s a Spiritual War and We are Winning

I put my “Appeal to Heaven” Flag up today. It’s the flag George Washington used with a squadron of six cruiser ships commissioned under Washington’s authority as commander in chief of the Continental Army in October, 1775. It has a much longer history than that as the symbolic pine tree had been used since 1686 as a flag of colonial ire and resistance. ” Appeal to Heaven” was a phrase invoked by Patrick Henry in his Liberty or Death speech. It was also used in the Declaration of Independence.

I put it up today because my ire and resistance and the ire and resistance of so many Americans are fully engaged.

Last night, when I heard that Trump’s home had been raided by the FBI in search of government documents, it was troubling at first. It dampened my spirit and almost made me want to throw in the towel. I thought that if the government Gestapo could do such an unjust thing to a former President, they could do just about anything to the average citizen. The fact that the IRS just got money to hire 87,000 additional agents to hunt down and prosecute people like you and me without legal cause, didn’t make it better.

So I did what anyone would do. I went to bed after a short prayer.

When I woke up this morning it was as if a load had been lifted off me overnight. Yes, I was still angry. Yes, I was still concerned. But, even more, I felt like we were winning. The good, just, patriotic people of our country are winning this spiritual war.

Give me a moment to add up some recent events to make my point.

First, it’s a fact that an animal that is trapped in a corner fights more viciously. And right now, the Marxist Democrats are in a corner.

The economy is tanking. The Biden Administration misdeeds at the Border are being exposed as hundreds of thousands of illegals pour over the border and American citizens are furious. African and Hispanic Americans are leaving the Democrat party in droves. Parents are enraged by the indoctrination and sexualization of their children in public schools and are organizing. Trump Republicans are the overwhelming victors in the primaries, much to the chagrin of Never Trumpers like Larry Hogan and Liz Cheney. The January 6th Kangaroo Court is an epic failure with the American people. People no longer trust the CDC, NIH, Fauci etc. And of course, the addle-brained Joey B is linked to his son’s illegal foreign business deals.

Shall I continue?

The most recent indicator of the fact that they are terrified is this panicked poster from the FBI including “symbols of Domestic Terrorism.”

FBI Whistleblower LEAKS Bureau’s ‘Domestic Terrorism Symbols Guide’ on ‘Militia Violent Extremists’ Citing Ashli Babbitt as MVE Martyr | Project Veritas

If you examine this document, you can almost smell the fear as they identify normal Patriotic flags as a signal that a person is a domestic terrorist. Why is that? Suppression. If they convince us that these flags, symbols and phrases make us targets, maybe we will just go away.

It’s not working. And they realize that.

All their puppets, talking head media, stupid elected officials and army of mentally ill supporters have thrown everything at us. They have called us names, have tried to indoctrinate our children, illegally mandate vaccines, and work have worked to make us buy into their chaotic world of up being down, wrong being right.

And it hasn’t worked. We still believe in our country, in our values, and in our God to guide us through. We still strive to speak out, to support each other, and to live our lives. And we just won’t go away.

So this latest stunt with Trump is just one of the last gasps of people who will soon find themselves on the wrong side of power and the wrong side of history. Even today, Trump’s poll numbers are increasing, and people are supporting him more than before. If they were smart, they would leave him alone. But no one ever said Marxists were smart. If you need more proof of that, listen to this quote from the eternally drunk Nancy Pelosi where she claims ” no one is above the law.”

Nancy Pelosi Speaks On Raid At Trump’s House (

Oh really Nancy? Would that include your drunk ass, insider trading husband Paul? Or maybe YOU who seems to find a way to break your own rules all the time?

There are many others out there trying to make hay on this. Quite frankly, most of what they are saying is useless. The bottom line is that the people see the corruption of the FBI and D.C. swamp. And we have had enough.

As I said, this is spiritual warfare. And in the end, God wins.

They know that and it scares them to death. So they will try everything to stop us. Be prepared.

Fly your flag, whether it’s the American flag, the Gadsden flag, the Betsy Ross flag or the Appeal to Heaven flag. Exercise your free speech everywhere, on social media, in public etc. Go to meetings, organize and for goodness sake VOTE in November!

Remember, forefathers relied on their faith to get them to victory.

We need to do the same.

Pray! Always Pray!

Statement from Candidate for Maryland Governor Dan Cox:


“Wray, Biden, Kamala and Garland are using their offices for their own political weaponization against Republicans and our greatest President of the United States who actually did what he said when elected and returned power to the people.

Presidents have plenary powers to declassify and keep papers. This FBI raid of Trump’s home is nothing short of communist stasi police state tactics. It has no place in any civilization and never in America. These current members of the administration are not above the law. Their own people are turning on them (approval down to 30%!!) as their lies are exposed and they continue to harm the country’s economy.

As governor I will use the 9th and 10th Amendments, the Maryland Constitution and Declaration of Rights, the MSP and Maryland Guard to stand against all rogue actions of this out of control tyrannical Biden administration with fierce tenacity. Our children, families and loved ones and the freedom we cherish and is our birthright as Americans demand we oppose these criminal acts of this current administration.

ALSO TODAY: Congress has no authority to grant federal police power to the IRS and purchase 5 million rounds of ammo and hire 87,000 more agents to target the middle class amd small business.

Fear not. Let not your heart be troubled. John 14:1

Let’s organize and vote! #Floodthepolls

If you need inspiration, watch the video linked in the story:

Trump Releases Powerful Video After the FBI Raid on Mar-a-Lago – Republican Daily

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Why Do They Want Our Children?

During the last year it has become more consistent. Story after story about education shows teachers, administrators and other public officials who are devoted to making sure that children no longer trust or respect their parents. They use early sexualization, the lens of “oppression” and outright lies and deception to do so.

But why? Why do they want our children and grandchildren so much? After all, the leftists who are doing all the indoctrination and social and emotional training are the very same ones who advocate for killing babies right up to birth via abortion. If the lives of children are so easily discounted, why do the Marxists care about bringing them over to their side?

It’s simple. They want to eradicate the American family and replace it with a totalitarian, corporate, government entity that will be revered and obeyed by the populous without question. This has been the strategy of every totalitarian government in history.

To that purpose, James Lindsay of says that schools will destabilize the lives of children through early sexualization, engineer their emotions (remember the kindergarten teacher asking her students “Who is sad today?”), sever ties to family and faith, and then sever children from their own interests in favor of the “community.”

It is a push to what Klaus Schwab calls “stakeholder capitalism” which combines the evils of Leninist-Maoist philosophies with corporations acting in concert with government and with large foundations to create the “Great Reset.” The children will be the Mao style youth movement with Social/Emotional Learning as the tool teaching young people how to be wrathful towards those who disagree with government edicts, morals, and woke values. They will despise these dissidents, including their own families. They will demand “socially active” businesses and shun the rest. This will be the vanguard of the “inside out cultural revolution” made famous by Chinese Communists.

That’s a lot to digest.

This push creates children who are not just receptors of indoctrination, but conduits of information about their parents and families.

As a parent, I can think of a few times that my three- or four-year-old child would tell a teacher or neighbor something semi-embarrassing about our homelife. When my son was four, he was standing outside with our next-door neighbor looking up at the power lines where someone had thrown a pair of tennis shoes so they would hang there. My son, with his hands on his hips, said, “How the HELL did those damn things get up there?”

My neighbor laughed when he told me about it. “What kind of language are you teaching that kid?”

I was embarrassed and we definitely made an effort in our house to tone down the language after that. But, that is a great example of how little kids expose things about their homes.

Educators know that kids “tattle” on their parents and families all the time. Most of the time it’s innocent and merely an observation a child makes. “Mommy yelled at Daddy last night” or “Daddy drank beer and fell asleep on the couch.” These glimpses of a child’s homelife used to be something that educators understood as a child describing the normal happenings in any home. It was only when a child described possible physical or verbal abuse that teachers needed to get involved.

But things have changed with Social/Emotional Learning and the data mining employed by school systems. Now, teachers like the kindergarten teacher who asks her class, “who is sad today” are participating in rudimentary data mining of their students. Imagine a child who, when asked if he is sad today, raises his hand and tells the teacher, “Mommy and Daddy had a fight last night. It made me sad.” Now the teacher may be compelled to report that statement to the guidance counselor or, even worse, Child Protective Services. Even if nothing out of the ordinary is found, that family now has a paper trail that maybe things in that home don’t fit what bureaucrats define as normal.

Information gathering.

Let’s take this to another level. As the children grow older, they will be exposed to more Social/Emotional learning and CRT. Now the data mining is conducted through schoolwide surveys asking students all kinds of information about their lives, families, etc. Here’s an example from Montgomery County Public Schools:

MCPS Launches Student Wellness Survey – Montgomery County Public School, Rockville, MD (

In these surveys, students are asked about their sexual, drug and drinking habits. There are questions about racism at school and gender preferences. They’re also asked about the attitudes of their parents and families. And, while schools say these surveys are “anonymous” no one can be absolutely sure that is the truth. The very fact that schools hide these surveys from parents and don’t require consent from parents for students to participate says otherwise. Opt out form below: *

On a more informal basis, classrooms can be more effective data mining centers than electronic surveys. We see system after system proclaiming that students may tell their teachers and school staff about any real or imagined gender confusion without parents being part of the conversation. School systems brag about “safe spaces” where kids can secretly change clothes to portray a new gender. Teachers brag about ways to “conceal students’ gender identity from parents” while teachers encourage gender confusion. A local middle school principal, while meeting with a student and her mother actually told the student who was expressing doubts about her sexuality, “Don’t worry about dealing with your mom and dad, I’m on your side. “And then she winked at the student. The parent was appalled. What information will that principal collect on that family through the student?

This becomes an archive of material that school and government officials can use against parents in CPS or legal actions to deprive them of parental rights.

Don’t think it can happen? Here are a couple of links to events where it HAS happened:

Mother who questioned 12-year-old daughter’s gender transition loses custody battle | The National Desk

Child Custody’s Gender Gauntlet | City Journal (

Dad lost custody after questioning son’s transgender identity (

These events may seem extreme on the outside. How many parents have children who question their gender? That fact is that it DOES happen. And it will become more prevalent. The left is now trying to say that the spread of gender confusion is NOT because of peer contagion, but because there actually are more gender confused children in the world. In the olden days, we used to call this a “phase” people went through. Now we jump on it to declare that a child needs hormone therapy and surgery to become the opposite sex.

We used to have a saying in education. ” If you are strongly motivated to find a learning disability, you will find it no matter if it exists in a child or not.” It’s called job security and the opportunity to make money off these kids. And, of course, the chaos and confusion it causes is priceless to the authoritarians of our country and world.

Authoritarian states and their citizen acolytes believe the children belong to the government, the community, etc. It’s not ” It takes a village to raise a child.” It is “It takes a Child to expose the village.” Children are a tool for them, a way to coerce and control parents. As we go through the next years of education, pay attention to how many school systems shut parents out more and more. Here’s an example from Maryland:

Maryland school district bars staff from telling parents about gender transitions (

You might ask why teachers and school administrators, who are often parents themselves, would support and promote this. Some are intimidated into keeping quiet to keep their jobs. Others are afraid of being labeled with the “phobic” of the week if they don’t follow the current leftist doctrine. And of course, the Unions not only support but advocate for this lunacy.

It’s clear that many teachers and administrators DON’T support this agenda. With over 5500 teachers leaving their jobs in Maryland this year, it’s probable that a high percentage of them are leaving because they can’t get on board with what they are being told to teach in their classrooms and what is happening to the kids.

REPORT: 615 Midwestern Teachers Reveal Why They’re Really Leaving the Classroom – Chalkboard Review (

The problem is that NEW teachers will be taught that indoctrination, shutting out parents, and promoting the sexualization agenda IS their job and their sacred duty. Here’s one example:

Teacher shares tips on concealing students’ ‘gender identity’ from parents | The Post Millennial

Or they will be trained to think so. This is the training for the San Diego Unified School District teachers:

So, what can you do to fight back?

First, you MUST pay attention to what is going on in your child’s classroom and school. This document can give you some guidance: (Document from

Second, make sure local, state and national politicians KNOW that you are against the indoctrination and data mining of children in schools. Go to Board of Education meetings, county council meetings, write to legislators, etc. Locally, we have a State Delegate and a Congressman telling candidates to SHELVE education as a campaign issue. Either they are scared to death of the teacher’s unions, or they don’t think that parents, grandparents and other taxpayers are vocal enough to impact the election. Let them know that is NOT the case.

If there are groups locally who are fighting this, join these groups. Become active with others to make change. Make sure these are NOT groups that are closely aligned with local school districts under the guise of “charitable foundations.” Often times those foundations are just an extension of the public-school apparatus and support the indoctrination and information gathering.

Of course, if your child is in public schools, find an alternative. Be sure to investigate private schools very carefully, even if they are aligned with a religion or church. Make sure they have NO STRINGS tying them to federal or state funding. Homeschooling is always the best option.

Most important, become educated on the historical foundations of CRT, SEL, etc. The Heritage Foundation, Christopher Rufo, James Lindsey, are some great resources. You can’t fight what you don’t understand. You will be told none of these things exist, that you are crazy, uniformed. All it takes is one look into this group and its supporters to know you are not: (This group is cited in many national, state, and district documents as the center of initiatives)

Supporters – CASEL

If you see some of the names in this organization, you will know what you need to know. Take a look inside their glitzy dive into Social-Emotional Learning and really THINK about what they are promoting. It’s really about indoctrination under the guise of “equity, inclusion and social emotional learning.”

The bottom line is that the drive to indoctrinate and data mine the children is really an effort to data mine and indoctrinate you. As James Lindsey asks, “If you knew you were sending your children for 30-35 hours a week to a Maoist prison for brainwashing, what would you do?”

You would fight to stop the exploitation. Every. Single. Day!

*There is an option for parents to “opt out” of their students being surveyed. However, most parents don’t even know about this choice. It is easily hidden from parents with send home notices that get sent in disorganized back packs or at the bottom of district web pages.

**Opt out form from:

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  1. Thank you for the updates, links and solutions. I will share this information for Opting Out with our Family Advocacy Alliance/Moms for Liberty groups.
    Our next meeting will be Tuesday, August 23rd at 7pm in the Easton Volunteer Fire Department.
    Join the Fight.
    You are NOT alone!!!

  2. Jan, as always, thank you for exposing the frightening and morally reprehensible actions to further destroy the family structure, traffic our children and create a dystopian universe. I pray that people are beginning to understand the bigger picture and that parents will scream from the ramparts to quit abusing the children, using them to destroy the society.

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What Do the Poison Apple Endorsements Cost Maryland Students?

Electing NEA/MSEA endorsed candidates is disaster for our children and families.

Imagine this. You are a public-school teacher in Maryland. Your salary, based on the average for Maryland, is $54,000 a year. Out of that salary, you pay $400 to $500 dollars a year to the Maryland State Teachers Association, National Education Association, and your district’s union through your local union affiliate.

If you are a new teacher in your first through third years, you’re told that you MUST join the union or you won’t get renewed, get tenure or have health or liability insurance. The big fib is that you won’t get legal representation if you are not a member of the Union.

All lies.

The truth is that if you join the union, you will get an organization that spends less than a dime of every dollar of income on representing you and other teachers and more on amassing political power.

The Teachers Unions (NEA and AFT) are two of the largest unions in the United States. And they are two of the most corrupt. If you read their mission statements, you’ll see they have very little to do with education.

Here’s a link to some info I provided in late 2021 about Unions:

Part Two: The Lies They Tell You About Education in the U.S.- Unions Care About Teachers and Students – Radio Free Oxford

You can read about the history of the Unions and their change in mission over the past 100 years at that link. You can also find out about their platforms and policies.

Approximately 70% of teachers in the U.S. belong to a union. One out of every four union members total in the United States belong to either NEA or AFT. This is 3.6 million working members and more than HALF of all public-sector union members.

Think about that. A union that has veto power over what your child is taught, whether he/she must wear a mask or be vaccinated to attend school or whether he/she can attend school in person is one of TWO unions which control one quarter of unionized workers in our country. As Mike Antonucci points out in his article for “The 74” (see link below), “In the private sector, unions organize against business owners and corporation. In the public sector, who are they organized against?”

Examine the MONEY and influence of the unions beyond just membership. First, consider that the NEA has over 700 employees and at least two thirds of those employees make over $100,000 a year. The President makes $325,901. The top 25 employees make over $200,000. That means that most of their employees make many times what a teacher who has taught for 30 years makes. In Maryland, the Executive Director makes over $200,000 dollars a year. The next ten employees make over $100,00 a year. Even local affiliate heads are given a salary, and in some counties in Maryland, they are not only on the school district payroll as a teacher but as Union President. Seem like a conflict of interest? It is, but it doesn’t matter because the Maryland State Teachers Association is the LARGEST most influential union in Maryland.

The National Education Association has assets of over $400 million and almost 3 million members. What’s odd is that their assets have increased while membership has dropped. The percentages that describe how these millions are spent is also interesting. The biggest category is “contributions, gifts and grants” which is 27.45%. The next category is Union Administration, which is 12.19%. Union employees come in at 9.92%, which is nearly the same as what they spent on “representational activities,” which is 10.09% or 10 cents on every dollar. Lobbying and political comes in at 8.69% but if combined with those mysterious contributions and gifts makes up over 36% of the total expenditures. Rounding out the larger categories are General Overhead and Union Administration. at 12.3% and 12.1%.

What is also interesting is that over 60 million or 76% of political donations go to DEMOCRAT politicians at the Federal level. At the State level it’s 128 million of which 86% goes to DEMOCRATS and 14% goes to Republicans. In Maryland, the picture is even more bleak for Republicans as the union gives 98% of donations to Democrats and 2% to Republicans.

And because the unions work hard to hide donations, this does not include all the various Political Action Committees they have created. Any Mafia Don would be proud. For example, if you see the donor “MSEA Fund for Children and Public Education” on the list of donors to a candidate, that is the Union.

Are we in the weeds yet? Maybe. We could go into the same stats on the American Federation of Teachers, where President Rhonda Weingarten makes over $400,000 a year. AFT is smaller than NEA with only 135 million in assets and only 400 employees. And, in fairness, they actually spend 27.98% of their budget on “representational activities.” Political activities and lobbying come in at 15.50% of their budget or almost 41 million dollars.

But, if you are DEMOCRATS, you get 98% of the AFT’s political spending. ($45,898,518) Sorry Republicans, you only get 1% at the Federal level ($682,057). At the State level it’s an average of 91% Democrats ($37,263,145) and 9% Republicans ($3,606,155)

Across the country, Unions give endorsements to candidates as well. Endorsement and donation, usually go hand in hand.

Which leads us to endorsements. The Maryland State Education Association goes to great lengths to describe how they decide endorsements:

In this “fair, open, process” there is no direct vote from Union membership to decide endorsements. This is left to an elite group selected to a council. And then, the candidate must receive only 58% of their vote. So, slightly over HALF of the council has to vote to endorse a candidate.

Not very representative of the teachers who belong to the union.

If you are a candidate, what do you agree to when you get this endorsement?

Unions only pick candidates that agree with the Unions beliefs and platforms. Here’s what NEA (and thus MSEA) describes as priorities on their agenda:

Racial Justice in Education: Key Terms and Definitions | NEA

White Supremacy Culture Resources | NEA


What you will find on the NEA platform is a smorgasbord of Critical Race Theory, divisive identity politics, and normalization of transgenderism. What you DON’T see is a true commitment to ACADEMICS and promotion of student learning. Any candidate who receives the NEA/MSEA endorsement must be in compliance with their platform. By association endorsees have the same beliefs.

The endorsement also assures that the candidates, once they are elected, are beholding to the Teachers Union. That’s not unusual with endorsements from any union, but when it comes to the Teachers Unions, having people in positions of power support their priorities means that kids are subject to union control over classroom indoctrination and exposure to overtly sexual and race based/biased curriculum. Even more frightening is the aforementioned union power to demand masking requirements, vaccine mandates and distance learning whenever a new “pandemic” occurs. A phone call from the Union President to a Board of Education member, County Council member, State Delegate, Senator or Governor can force our schools into practices that are unsafe and harmful to kids as a payback for that Union endorsement given during the election.

If you don’t think those union demands were harmful to kids, look at the recent test scores and plethora of studies showing children with developmental problems which can be traced to school lockdowns or “safety” measures. An analysis by McKinsey and Company found that, on average, students finished the 20-21 school year five months behind in math and six months in reading. **U.S. News and World Report, March 17, 2022

That is a price most of us don’t want to pay. But an endorsed politician will see it as what he/she owes the union and will pay it back regardless of what it does to kids.

It may already be happening in Montgomery County, Maryland. You can be sure the union had some say over this draft policy punishing kids who are not vaccinated. After being accidently published, the policy was scrubbed from the website.

So, what can you do? It’s simple.

You MUST stay involved in the school system especially if your children are in public schools. Go to every board meeting. Pay attention to what they are saying and proposing. Many systems have monthly and even weekly meetings with Union staff. Parents and parent groups should have the same access.

Most important, the next time you see that cute little “Apple” endorsement on a candidate’s signs, remember what it has cost both teachers and students. Teachers pay for services they don’t get. Students are held hostage to the Union’s drive for power. Families are being manipulated by Unions in ways that are causing them great financial and emotional hardship. Think of it as a “poison apple” and do NOT give that candidate your vote regardless of their party.

It’s time to take our schools and our children back from the Unions.


Dems, union leaders responsible for school lockdowns face few repercussions, despite evidence that kids harmed | Fox News

How to Opt Out of Your Teachers Union – Teacher Freedom

New Numbers: The National Education Association and the American Federation of Teachers Now Represent 1 in 4 U.S. Union Members – The 74 (

Helping Students Catch Up on Unfinished Learning (

One thought on “What Do the Poison Apple Endorsements Cost Maryland Students?”

  1. Absolutely correct!
    We are paying the mob bosses to control children, parents and the teacher whom the unions claim to represent.
    Resist this Massively self-inflated Lobby Group which calls itself the Teachers’ Unions.
    Let’s shut down this bloated mob and reject the union endorsed candidates!
    Let’s take back our Liberty and our Children’s education.
    You are not alone!

Thanks for commenting!!

Creating Mental Health Issues in Schools

Making Sure Your Kid Needs Psychological Counseling and Medication

I went to my first Board of Education meeting in almost a year on July 20. What seemed innocuous on the outside was an indicator of some insidious trends in education, even in our small county.

During the meeting, there were presentations about new initiatives, the Blueprint for Maryland Schools, new teacher training, etc. Most of them were benign on the surface, but as anything with government, there is always a hidden undercurrent.

A startling revelation was presented in a professionally done video about a grant program called the “Aware” Program. This is a program to prevent suicide and mental health problems among our students. The county received a 1.5 million dollar grant for this program which is in its second of five years.

In the video (which will be found at the link to video of the Board meeting below, you will have to fast forward), different school employees, principals, counselors and even some students, talked about how wonderful the program is and how it has helped with student behavior. There were some students talking about how they are helping destigmatize mental health issues. Certainly, preventing suicide and providing help for those with mental health problems is a valiant and important goal. All of these staff members and kids have the purest motives at heart. What I am about to say is not an indictment of their motives but the larger system and what I believe is its ulterior motive.

To draw a parallel, I’m going in the wayback machine to the late 70’s and early 80’s. It was during this time when educators started to hear about a drug to help kids who were considered “hyperactive.” The drug was a stimulant that actually calmed down kids who were truly stricken with hyperactivity that nothing could control. It was a small number of students.

As the years went by, more children were called hyperactive. If a kid tapped his foot or pen during class all the time? Hyperactive. If a student was bright but not doing well because he wasn’t paying attention? Hyperactive. Teachers and parents alike began to call any active child hyperactive. It didn’t matter if maybe the class was terribly boring or the child was too young to sit still for hours. Parents used the excuse to keep from parenting and teachers used it to keep from actually teaching.

Suddenly, the number of hyper children grew and they started calling them “ADHD.” The stimulant, Ritalin, was given out like candy during lunch. Parents bragged about their child’s status at cocktail parties and even claimed that they themselves were probably ADHD. It became the cool thing and everyone wanted on board.

Eventually, the kids figured out they had a very powerful drug in their possession and started selling it to fellow students as a stimulant. Recent studies have tied the use of Ritalin to severe physical and mental disorders in patients*(1, 2)

But doctors, the FDA, etc. determined the benefits outweighed the risks. Sort of like the recent Covid MRNA treatment that has harmed millions.

Back to the present.

As we watched this video about the AWARE program, the focus shifted to a kindergarten teacher. I don’t think this teacher is bad or has a bad motive. I think she’s been misled. She began talking about how she was teaching her students about “self-regulation” which means they learn how to control themselves. Nothing wrong with that. Then she spoke about how she teaches her kindergarten class about “big emotions” they may have and that, in time, these big emotions will go away. She teaches them “belly breathing.” Again, these are kindergartners.

The kicker is when she asks this question of the entire class, ” Who is feeling sad today?” Suddenly, ALL the hands go up. Every kid in the class says he/she is sad today.

I know kids. And one thing I know about kids is that they want attention. They want to be one of the group. They want to belong. So, in this class, a child can get attention if they feel “sad” today like everyone else. Many of them probably don’t even know what that means. When a child is five years old, being “sad” might mean you didn’t get the cereal you wanted for breakfast. It could mean you wanted to stay home and play with your puppy. Or it could mean something bad happened at home. But it doesn’t matter because all “sad” will get you attention from the teacher. Or it will get you time in a “safe space.” Or maybe a nice counselor will come take you from class, give you a snack, and talk about being sad. And what five-year-old wouldn’t want any of those? I think you can see the problem here.

“Sad” becomes something cool to be because it makes you like everyone else. It is status.

The system, and this teacher unknowingly, is creating “sadness” where there might not be any and making it something kids expect to be every day.

It’s even worse than that.

Let’s kick “sad” up a notch.

As we watched the video, a man I know who has probably worked in the system for over twenty years, comes on to talk about the AWARE program. I know this man and he is a really nice guy. For years, he has been one of the few mental health professionals employed by the system. I think his motives are honest and he believes he is doing good things for kids.

But what he says next shocked me. He spoke about how the system, due to the AWARE grant, has identified over 400 mental health problems with students in the system in the last year. He stated that in his entire career, he can count only about 200 health issues with students in 20 years. This year has had a bumper crop. (By the way, there has been 86 “critical incidents” which I imagine has to do with violence or suicide. This is unheard of in our small system.)

To be fair, I’m sure Covid, lockdowns and the craziness in our world has contributed to this increase. But I also wonder how much can be attributed to the grant and the need to find justification for it. Like special education, when professionals are tasked with finding cases, they do exactly that. Remember, in the 80’s special educators found learning disabilities around every corner. People whose jobs depend on these problems will find as many as they can. It’s job security. It’s the ability to hire more staff. It’s more money in school coffers.

If they can’t find them, they may create them, just like the kindergarten teacher inadvertently created “sad” students.

And if you think this isn’t true, remember it was the Federal and State Bureaucracies that said if you were in a fatal car accident and tested positive for Covid, you were counted as a “Covid death.”

Here’s another example of creating mental problems where there are none. This story from Montgomery County, Maryland:

School district requires students to share ‘inclusive’ locker rooms or face counseling | The Post Millennial

In Montgomery County, if a child feels “uncomfortable” sharing a bathroom with someone who may be a certain gender but claims to be another, the uncomfortable child is deemed the one in need of mental health counseling. So, a 13-year-old girl who doesn’t want to undress in the locker room in front of a biological male is the one with the problem and has to be “treated.”

In my mind, I call her concerns modesty and innocence.

But the system is changing the definition of a mental health problem to include what should be called normal feelings. They are also increasing the number of mental health cases for the system. More cases, more money. More staff. More control.

Let’s look at this article exploring the sudden explosion of students with gender identity issues. It explores the concept of “peer contagion.”

Why are so many children claiming to be ‘trans’? – LifeSite (

Additionally, what gets labeled as a mental health problem next? Morals? Political beliefs? Religious beliefs?

Who knows? As we see with Montgomery County and other areas of the country, the people in charge want to control all of us, and most important, our children. They see parents as impediments, not people with a right to determine their child’s education.

Look once more at Montgomery County, Maryland:

Maryland school district bars staff from telling parents about gender transitions (

Again, I don’t believe the local staff is part of some terrible plot. I believe they are convinced they are doing what is right for children. In the Montgomery County example, staff may be deluded into thinking they are protecting kids. And they think they are helping them.

Sadly, they are doing just the opposite. Just like learning disabilities, mental illness will be for everyone. And remember, who makes money off the drugs to “help” with psychological issues? Gender reassignment? I think we all know.

It points out another reason to get your children out of the public schools. If you can’t do that, you are going to have to be diligent and pay careful attention to what is going on in your child’s classroom.

And just in case you are not concerned enough with what I just told you, here’s some things you should be aware of:

Parents Please Read: (15) of the Most Harmful Things About Social Emotional Learning (SEL) – PACT Is A VA Overwatch Initiative (

Are you awake yet? They want your kids. Because of that, you need to be well informed and always communicating with your child’s school.

Their mental health and lives could be at stake.

Video of Talbot County Board Meeting:

1.New Study Shows Early Ritalin May Cause Long-term Effects On The Brain — ScienceDaily

2.Long-Term Effects and Risks of ADHD Drugs: Adderall, Ritalin, and More (

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A More Perfect, But NOT Perfect Union

Another July 4th, Independence Day, and celebration of our Nation’s founding.

And yet, after 246 years, the holiday and the country it celebrates seem more in danger than ever. Every day I read a Tweet from some stupid over privileged politician, activist, entertainer and sports celebrity about how they won’t celebrate this year based on some stupid, virtue signaling concept they have either been told to support or have created in their mind. Women who see the right to kill their baby as “constitutional” claim they won’t celebrate until women are “truly free,” whatever that means.

It is sickening. Because it displays for all to see the utter stupidity of these people and the culmination of years in an educational system that has failed all of us. I could write about that all day long and still not touch the surface of the horrible wrongs the system has perpetrated on all of us. It wasn’t systemic racism, or misogyny, or homo phobia, trans phobia, etc.

It was the planned failure of the system to teach the REAL story of our country’s founding and the actual meaning of the Constitution.

I’m not a Constitutional scholar, although I wonder what that means. How does one become a scholar of a document that was simply, plainly, and succinctly written? Must you parse every word, read between the lines, reference every phrase? If so, being a Constitutional scholar is a perversion of what the document means and what it is supposed to do.

Because it was never intended to be a document pulled apart in millions of directions so as to justify every sick desire of human beings. Nor was it a license to live without law, order, common sense. Phrases weren’t supposed to twisted, or spun or recklessly connected with every daily cause du jour.

See, the Founders knew that although rights were given by God, they would have to be enacted and protected by men. And they knew, better than anyone, that men were grossly imperfect and that some would have ulterior and evil purposes. They knew that many would strive for their own power and would work hard to take that power from the citizens. They had seen it in King George III and many monarchs before him. They had their own efforts to peacefully fight back ignored and then punished. They were under no illusion that freedom would be easily won or preserved.

Yet, they built a document that they hoped would help. They hoped it would guide the people in protecting their own rights and correcting any wrongs that occurred. They hoped that the majority of people would be good, sensible, religious, and well educated enough to keep the evil doers in check.

But they knew it would never be perfect. They even said so in the Preamble of the Constitution, “We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.”

See that? They didn’t say they would make THE perfect union or A perfect union but would form a MORE perfect Union, one that would always strive to do what is best for the good of the people, would correct gross wrongs, and make our country stronger and better. They created the very instrument, the very tool that could do this, even today.

And these fools with all their miseducation want to distort and destroy that. All because they aren’t getting every whim and goody they want. Like two year olds in the Supermarket checkout line, they want the cheap plastic toy of the moment, and they want it now, wailing and screaming at the top of their lungs. If they don’t get it, they are willing to turn over the shopping cart and burn down the store, not realizing that by doing so, they will not only not get what they want but that the repercussions will be dire for all of us.

They want to destroy the one thing that will keep them free.

And we, like the parent who gave in too often, who created this spoiled child, are at wits ends as to what to do. We made the monster, and now we don’t know how to handle it.

We need to look back at our Founders and how they did what they did. Yes, they fought, but they used ideas first. In the face of grave peril and danger, they spoke out, they wrote. They warned about what Paul B. Skousen labels in his book, How to Read the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence, the “Seven Pillars of Tyranny”; rulers, caste/class, ‘leveling.’ regulations, force, information, and no rights. These pillars are the same used by every ancient and modern tyrant.

The Founders were threatened, arrested and sometimes killed for their beliefs. This is something the fake virtue signalers of today can’t comprehend as they shriek from their protective cocoons.

The Founders persisted. We need to be as strong as they were.

We have to persist. Our Union is not perfect and will never be. But we need to fight for the right of the citizens to use every ounce of decency, common sense, intelligence and honest education to work to make it MORE perfect.

Just like those brave men and women who founded this country.

Happy 4th of July!

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The Lie of the Moderates: How the Establishment Stays in Power

I got a text today regarding the Maryland Gubernatorial Race in Maryland. It was a poll done by Goucher College and NPR. For background, remember that Goucher College and NPR are notoriously left leaning and biased. However, the data is interesting, and we will discuss it later.

It comes on the back end of a conversation with someone over the weekend where I was told that “Moderates, independents, and cross over Democrats will never vote for Dan Cox, the Republican candidate endorsed by Donald Trump. The other candidate, Schulz, stands a better chance of winning them over.”

What is interesting to me is that this is the same old song we hear every time a truly Conservative candidate runs for office. And it comes from both the Left and establishment Republicans.

It’s important to understand definitions here. An “independent” politically is someone who does not align him/herself with ANY party. And, they do this despite the fact that they can’t vote in election primaries in many states and they can’t receive funding from either party if they run for office. They effectively cut themselves off. You can’t really describe the beliefs of an Independent, because they don’t have party whose platform they can align with. At the very least, however, they are prepared to “go it alone.”

A “cross over Democrat” is someone who is a declared Democrat but votes to elect Republicans from time to time. Ronald Reagan was a President who received a lot of cross over votes. It’s hard to determine who these people are in polls, since they don’t usually want to “out” themselves as voting for the other party.

And then there are the “moderates.” The word “moderate” is defined by the Cambridge Dictionary, ” being within a middle range in size, amount or degree, neither great nor little.” Transfer that to politics and you get a person who is a little conservative, a little liberal, but nothing to the degree of actual conviction or passion.

I believe that using the word to describe one’s political views is a way for most people to avoid sharing their true beliefs for fear that they won’t be acceptable to others. It’ seems to be a coward’s way out. If one can call himself a “moderate” he effectively eliminates any unpleasant or confrontational conversations. When candidates self-describe themselves this way, it’s to straddle the fence, get elected, and never have to do anything that will actually advance a cause on either side. In effect, they vote “present.”

If you are ever talking to someone and they describe themselves as a “moderate” it’s interesting to ask them what that means. Most of the time they will hem and haw and end up saying, ” I don’t agree with some things Democrats want and some things Republicans want.” If you ask for further explanation, they’ll say, “Well you know, like the Republicans are good on the economy and the Dems are good on social issues.” If you don’t accept that answer and keep probing, they will either end the conversation or shrug their shoulders. They don’t realize that their explanation is somewhat impossible. No economy can survive with Democrat social programs and no Dem social program can make it under a Republican economy.

This Turtle Would Be a Moderate

So why are moderates always cited in political polls?

They are because the establishment politicians on both sides love them. But, the Republican establishment loves them the most. The illusion of ‘moderates” is the big lie that keeps the Republican establishment in business. They promote the idea that there is a huge group of “moderates” out there just biding their time to cast their lot with a candidate who has the same fuzzy standards they do. For example, here is the Republican establishment in Maryland supporting their “moderate” candidate.:

Like most of these establishment wonks, the heads of Republican Central Committees throughout the State of Maryland forsake their stated ethics and take sides with certain candidates they call “moderates”. For example, here they are supporting a candidate who has no Conservative principles at all.

The Republican establishment has long forsaken the Conservative ideals they may have once had. Like the unpopular kids in schools, they have sold their souls for a seat at the Democrat “cool kids” table. It’s not that the Democrats are actually the “cool” kids. In fact, the leftist Dems who now run the party seem to be either scary looking crazies or pasty, wimpy nerds. When the Marxists planned their demise of this country, they picked the Dems as the party most likely to cave to their Socialist plans and bribery. They saw their weakness, lack of values, and willingness to be led.

This includes so much of Hollywood, the news media, and pop culture. They are aligned with the European elites, those people that John Kerry and Barack Obama seek to emulate and appease. And, despite what Republicans may say, they want their acceptance as well. Look at any top-level Republican in Congress. McConnell, Graham, Romney, etc. They have this unflagging desire to belong to the club.

And so, in an attempt to distance themselves from the Republican, Conservative base, the RINO machine uses the excuse of appealing to the moderates. Remember, they see moderates as a huge gold mine of votes, waiting to be exposed and cashed in.

Maybe they are correct. Except I have discovered one thing about true “moderates.” They generally stay at home at election time, especially in the primaries. This is because moderates don’t care enough to get out there and sort through primary candidates to find the one that is the best. (Of course, this only applies until something harmful happens to a moderate or a member of their family. Then, the moderates can turn into passionate advocates for whatever policy or practice that needs to be changed so it doesn’t affect them again)

A great example of this is in Maryland as the establishment GOP is pushing Kelly Schulz, a woman who is doing a great impersonation of Joe Biden hiding from debates in his basement, a woman who sat idly by while her tyrannical boss and biggest supporter, Larry Hogan, shut down the state and our economy. “She’s nice,” they tell us, “And she’s the only one who can win against Democrats. The moderates love her. ” Did they learn nothing in 2016? Schulz is the 2022 version of Jeb Bush.

But the establishment Republicans keep forcing her on us. As shown above, alleged impartial members of local Republican Central Committees tell candidates for other offices to “push out” her info in their campaign. They tell us that we must woo the moderates and that they are critical. Maybe they are important, but when does it come to the point where we realize that “moderates” are not the ones who make change in this country, who fight back against the horrible ideas and policies of a mostly Marxist Democrat party. Moderates are not the ones in the front line of this battle. In fact, many of them are way in the back, telling us that only a weak, middle of the road, post turtle candidate can win.

The establishment has been using this tactic forever. It has kept them in power for way too long. It’s time we remind them it doesn’t work. We should remind them that Trump, love him or hate him, won with the support of his base, conservatives, in 2016 (and in my opinion 2020). If they can’t learn this lesson on their own, we can help them. And then we can vote them out.

Additional Note:*I included this poll from Goucher College with great reservations as Goucher is one of the most biased liberal colleges in Maryland. It is interesting, however, that it shows a “statistical tie” between Conservative Dan Cox and RINO Kelly Schulz. Of course, Goucher then has to tell us that Democrat “crossover” voters won’t vote for Cox because he is endorsed by Trump. They say a candidate will need those voters to win.

Well, let me share what I have seen and heard. Those “crossover” Democrats were some of the people who Larry Hogan bankrupted and abused. They know Kelly Schulz sat there like a Barbie Bobble Head statue while it happened. They have no great love for any of the Marxist candidates or for Comptroller Franchot. They also know that Dan Cox is against that approach. They know he stands for freedom, and like Trump, he is a fighter.

Democratic, Republican Primary Voters Split Among Candidates: New Goucher College Poll – NewsBreak

PS: Crazy Schulz allegation #3 this month. Democrats are spending money on anti-Cox ads in order to get Cox through the primaries. Interesting strategy.

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  1. Absolutely Correct!
    The mantra of the Elitists is either this is “for the children” (which is a ruse. They couldn’t care less) OR we need to be a “Big Tent” and appeal to everyone. This is a plan straight out of the Leftists’ Playbook. Go along to get along…Stand for everything and nothing at the same time. Abandon our Constitution, our morals and faith in order to be “inclusive.” (Case in Point: Hogan, Schultz, Romney, Bush, Graham…)
    The goal is to divide and conquor. Stand for “everything” while standing for “nothing.” Perhaps with the exception of handing over our liberties to those who will gladly dictate our freedoms away.


    Stand for our Constitution, our freedoms, our liberties and our INALIENABLE RIGHTS! (Yes, our rights are a gift from GOD and NOT the government!)

    Time to take a stand. Vote for Constitutional Candidates. (Cox, Peroutka, Mautz, Acle…)
    Vote as if your Liberty depends on it.
    Because it does!

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The Sick Need for “Affirmation”

I’m really getting tired of hearing about people who are constantly demanding “affirmation” from others. It’s almost a sickness, a compulsion. One could say it is a mental illness.

Actually, I think it is more of a weapon in this war of truth versus lies, right versus wrong, liberty versus freedom. Just like the words “equity,” “privilege” and “underserved,” it is used to divide us, make some of us feel guilty, and create an environment where the rights to freedom and free speech don’t exist. As they say in Star Wars, “It’s a trap.” And it is a trap that society will never escape from if we get caught.

Here’s the actual dictionary definition of “affirmation;” (From the Cambridge Dictionary), ” a statement of sign that something is true, the act of saying ‘yes’ or showing you mean ‘yes,’ or support of approval.”

For example, read this article and then watch the childish video from the Navy of the United States. The video is intended to teach members of the Navy how to use pronouns to “affirm” people’s identity.

PRIDE MONTH: Here’s How the Navy Is Training Soldiers on Proper Gender Pronouns (

Within the first thirty seconds of this video, the speakers talk about how pronouns can be used to affirm someone’s identity. I am not lying. In our military, where we want to have the toughest, bravest, most heroic people in our society, we have a bunch of weenies who need to be affirmed through pronouns.

Imagine this. The Captain of the ship comes into a meeting which includes the crew of that ship. Perhaps it is a battleship or nuclear sub. He walks in, everyone gets quiet, and he says, ” Hey guys, we are going to war today.” Suddenly everyone in the room breaks into tears, not because they are going to war but because the captain used the word “guys” to address the group and that is not the preferred pronoun of some of them. Doesn’t bode well for the effectiveness of the ship to wage battle or for the sailors on it to survive.

All because the Captain didn’t “affirm” every sailors sexual/gender identity. As if that matters in war.

Like I said, it’s a sickness.

Another example of this illness is this video of teachers. The first teacher explains her “coming out” to her students. She talks about her fears and how she hoped her students would accept or affirm, her.

As you listen to her, you realize that she has switched roles with her students. Instead of being the adult in the room who teaches and helps them, she is now the child seeking approval for her personal choice. This perverts the role of a teacher. A teacher is there to provide students with an education, not to present their own lifestyle for “affirmation.” This would not be acceptable for any adult regarding ANY of their sexual activities or preferences.

Here’s another one. This is from a transgender teacher talking about her four-year-old students:

Libs of TikTok on Twitter: “Preschool teacher talks about coming out as trans to her 4-year-old students” / Twitter

Again, we have an adult, the one who is supposed to be a strong role model for her students, flipping that on its head and using the kids for some kind of emotional gratification disguised as “affirmation.” They have become objects to make her “whole.” Notice the disdain she has for their parents and other adults as well.

Why? Because adults won’t play a part in her sick drama. They won’t give into her mental illness and masquerade party. If she could get adults to “affirm” her or if she was comfortable with who she is, she wouldn’t need to involve her students.

But the kids, she can mold, shape and yes, groom, those children to accept and “affirm” her skewed view of the world. This is just one step closer to using these children for gratification in other ways, if not by her, then by other sick adults.

And some parents, desiring what they see as “sophistication” and “tolerance” will put their children into this environment without a second thought. That’s why we have parents taking children to drag queen events/venues that are clearly not appropriate for children:

(Caution: If you have children in the room, do not show this video while they are present. It has partial nudity)

Libs of TikTok on Twitter: “This is what a “family-friendly drag show” in a bar looks like” / Twitter

Notice the laughing woman with the small child? She seems perfectly fine that this baby is being exposed to vulgar behavior and hyper-sexualization. Would she laugh if it was a male strip show? Sadly I’m not sure about that answer.

Again, who gains from this? What is the point. It all goes back to “affirmation.” If these mentally ill people can coerce and indoctrinate our youngest children into the idea that sexual promiscuity, sexual actions, sexual confusion, etc. is normal, then they can use those children to provide the emotional acceptance that they are lacking.

Who knows why they need this affirmation. Maybe their parents didn’t love them enough. Maybe their parents loved them too much, to the point of crippling them emotionally. Maybe they have a screw loose. Maybe they are just shallow people who equate having everyone agree with your choices with being popular, loved and important.

But if we are going to allow these abnormal people to do this with our children, why just limit ourselves to sexual preferences or identity. Why don’t we allow drug addicts to teach and seek approval from their students? How about mass murderers? Or, worst of all, pedophiles?

What if the motives for all of this runs deeper and wider than just allowing mentally unstable people to create this narrative? Who will benefit on the world scene? Who benefits monetarily? Why would anyone think this is good?

If we look back at the Navy video, remember that this initiative is being enacted across all of our armed forces. Does growing a group of woke members in the military who will cry at any perceived pronoun “misuse” make our national defense stronger or weaker? If one can’t take being called “he” instead of “they” it’s doubtful that they will do well in the face of the real danger of facing the enemy. If officers have to worry about the pronouns they will use for each member of their unit, they won’t have time to plan for battle. The division this will cause among our fighting men and women will be disastrous. So, our enemies must be eyeing this with glee.

Of course lawyers will love this as they have new clients all willing to sue at the drop of an incorrect label or perceived lack of affirmation from employers, co-workers, and community members.

Let’s not forget the mental health profession, the ones who brought us over prescribing of ADHD drugs and anti-depression medications to children and adults alike. In some cases, the effects of these drugs are worse than the original condition. Remember, Big Pharma controls these drugs as well as all the hormone blockers and other drugs used by transsexuals. Once a person is on these drugs, they can never go off of them. It’s a lifetime of pure profit for the pharmaceutical companies.

There’s money to be made, government agencies to form, more power over our country and everyone in it.

If the promoters of this madness can make crazy look normal to everyone, then the crazy among us can go about their lives ruining themselves and others with complete impunity. They can destroy the innocence of children with whatever depraved acts they want and everyone will chalk it up to social sophistication and “seeking affirmation.”

And those of us who speak up against it will be called hateful names and banished from “enlightened” society. Our freedom of speech will once again be threatened and many will be frozen in place, unable to protect themselves and their children.

Not everyone will accept that. Listen to this drag queen talk about why she thinks it is wrong to expose children to this sexualization as a minor.

Biology Rules Ok on Twitter: “#IStandWithMarionMillar” / Twitter

She gets it. I think this person is not one who requires “affirmation” from children or possibly even other adults. She does her thing but doesn’t seem interested in forcing you or your child into her lifestyle.

I know many Gay and Lesbian men and women who are just appalled at this as we are. It hurts them and their children as well.

It’s something we can agree on. We want our child to have the blessings of innocence in childhood; free of the early sexualization that some want as “affirmation.” They want teachers and schools out of the sex and psychotherapy business and in the academics business.

Stand up for our children. Stand up NOW before it’s too late!

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  1. I am totally distressed and extremely concerned that children are being sexualized and groomed. This is not remotely acceptable.
    Children need to remain innocent as long as possible. Parents who allow this grooming need to address how they are “parenting.” The issue is theirs and now the problem of the “woke” community which is trying to sexualize children, villify parents, groom students, and divide our community.
    It is time to wake up.
    It is time to take a stand.
    Our children, our country and our liberties are being indoctrinated.

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Stop Giving Them the “Indoctrination” Excuse for Their Behavior

You see that post? That is from a school teacher in Maryland. She is commenting on a motorcade procession for murdered Deputy Sheriff Glenn Hilliard from Wicomico County, Maryland. He was killed by a scumbag that was let go with probation before judgement and no bond. This was for the armed robbery of a restaurant and other violations.

The policeman was shot in the head while he pursued this scumbag in order to bring him in on a warrant. It was a tragic result of Maryland’s lax sentencing rules and ridiculous restrictions on police.

And this little turd, a teacher, just couldn’t go as far as to give this hero a motorcade as his body was transported. She is worried about her “tax dollars” being spent on this. She couldn’t even admit he was a hero. She could only say “ maybe.”

This is the kind of person who should never be allowed near kids or a keyboard for that matter. She has a right to an opinion, to be sure, but she also needs to understand the concepts of discretion and empathy, of which she has neither.

She may not realize this, but many people feel this way about teachers. They don’t think that people who only work ten months out of the year, have holidays off, work consistent hours, and have complete job security after three years etc. should get their tax dollars either. Especially when some of these teachers seem to have little or no true qualifications to teach and seem to spend more time spouting ridiculous and inappropriate opinions to their students. (As the one above probably does.) As a retired teacher, I have heard this many times.

You might be surprised, but I agree with them. Teaching is a hard job. So are many other jobs. Everyone thinks they don’t get paid enough.

But here is something I noticed. Every time one of these bozos spouts an opinion like this or makes a Tik-Tok video proclaiming that their sexuality should be shared with their students, or spews some ridiculous social awareness BS, people excuse it.

Here’s what they say. ” Well, they’ve been indoctrinated. What do you expect?”

First, let’s remember that true indoctrination is more than just something that happens to you casually. Ask people who have been imprisoned or “re-educated” for being dissidents in an oppressive country or in a cult. These people are not just given messages and television shows to watch to convince them, they are beaten, starved, isolated, and psychologically abused. And still, many of them come out able to resist the indoctrination.

I don’t doubt that a daily regimen of propagandistic messages and misinformation for 13 years of education can impact a person and steer them toward certain beliefs. I’m sure peer pressure can be a strong inducement to parrot the lies of establishment.

Add four years of living with other young people receiving the same flawed message and training at a collegiate level, and I do believe it has an effect. I know that young teachers are then given indoctrination at the system level, filling them with all the BS the school wants them to embody as teachers.

So should we excuse the turd in the message above for being an ass?

No. We shouldn’t.

First, I won’t excuse her because I think she posted that message to appear “cool” and “trendy” to her friends. I think she thought people would admire her “courage” to say such a thing, would see her as a truthful beacon in the “fog” of emotions in this situation. It didn’t even matter to her that those emotions were real and raw and affected every family of a member of law enforcement, especially his family. She just wanted to stand out in the crowd.

It had nothing to do with any “indoctrination” she received in school. And, I’ll add that it was not just a stupid mistake.

It’s an indicator of something much more despicable.

There are so many other young teachers, young people, etc. who would never have posted that. Why? Because those people had the judgement, the morals, the empathy to realize not to say any of what she said, at least not in a permanent public forum that may be seen by so many. They would see how hurtful this could be. They understand that having an opinion is one thing, hurting others with it is another.

I’ve fought the battle myself. There are times when I want to say things that just shouldn’t be put in print. During those times I try to see things from the other side and the negative effect it may have on someone who doesn’t deserve it. Sometimes it is the wrong timing, and the thought has to be saved for a later date, a different situation.

And some things should just never be said publicly at all. As I said, attacks on people who don’t deserve it because they haven’t done anything wrong are not acceptable. If it’s a politician or a public official who is abusing his/her position or being unethical, well that’s different. And if it is someone who puts something like the message above in a public forum, they need to know many find their words offensive. And I do occasionally make a mistake. When I do, I will apologize.

The problem with her and teachers (and other people) like her is that they are narcissistic. The only thing they see is their needs, their emotions, their opinions. They have very few, if any, morals, so no holds are barred. And they are the same in their classrooms. It wouldn’t matter what they had been taught in school, they would still be narcissists. I know. I saw them come and go in my thirty years of education and 67 years of life.

They deserve no excuses for their behavior. We should just call them what they are, fundamentally flawed human beings. Indoctrination may have amplified them, but the flaws in character have always been there. And social media has given them an amplifier.

I don’t know what will happen to this young lady. Should she be fired or at least punished? I really don’t want that. I do want her to see the hurt this post caused and maybe think twice next time. I respect her freedom of speech, but I would not want my child in her class. Besides, the union will protect her.

I hid her name, but I have seen it posted online already. She has closed her account which shows you that she at least knows she did something that has gotten her in trouble. But that doesn’t mean she has had a change of heart. I will venture a guess that she is justifying her disgraceful behavior to her superiors in a ton of tears and pleas that it was just a mistake, and she didn’t mean it. She may even apologize to the officer’s family, but I doubt it.

But it was more than just a mistake. And we all know it. And there’s no excuse for it. We need to see that and start calling out people like her for their disgusting behavior.

END NOTE. As the 14-year-old son of a friend of mine said, “People need to be held accountable for what they say and do.” She’s a teacher. God forbid she ever has a law enforcement officer’s child in her class.

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Fake Government Outrage at Grade Changing in Baltimore City Public Schools

There is much pearl clutching this week as the results of the Inspector General’s report on rampant grade changing in Baltimore City Public Schools have been released.

If it wasn’t so detrimental to the education of the children who “graduated” from these schools, the sudden anger of the Governor and other State Officials would be laughable. Remember, the ones who create the problem are always the most “outraged” at the problem.

Here is a link to the report:

Report shows thousands of grade changes, culture in city schools (

As you can see, over 12,000 grades were changed from failing to passing. And this was in a school system where EVERY student starts out with a grade of 50% when he/she walks in the door. Ten percent of these changes were in ONE high school.

The grade changing in itself is awful, because kids graduate without having the academic skills they need to be successful in college or in a career. What is more insidious is that teachers and staff were too frightened to speak about how they had been coerced by administration to change grades. You can see the instructions that were sent to teachers regarding grades: (pictures are included in the story).

Md. governor calls for criminal investigation into grade changing at Baltimore schools | The National Desk

We’ll deal with the hypocrisy of Governor Hogan’s feigned anger in a bit. But first, check out what teachers were told in those pictures. It’s not the first time teachers have been given those directions.

Some of you who have taught before may say, “What’s the big deal. Teachers change grades all the time to allow students who worked hard to pass.” Did I mention that these students come in with a grade of 50% without sitting in class for a single day? We are not talking about students who started at zero and then worked their way up to a grade of 57%. We are talking about students who probably got points for showing up. Show up enough and you could probably get the passing grade. Show up all year and you might graduate at the top of your class. Sign your name to worksheets a couple of times and you might be Valedictorian. (That is if your school didn’t get rid of that to save the feelings of the other students.)

It is a huge deal. Especially when administrators are pressuring teachers to do it.

Now, back to Larry Hogan who is absolutely outraged by this practice. I don’t think I have seen him this angry since he told us all to “wear the damn mask.”

What a hypocrite. Ever since the ‘No Child Left Behind” debacle of the Bush Administration in 2001, state and federal governments have demanded accountability of the schools. They introduced a concept called “AYP (Adequate Yearly Progress) that schools had to achieve. This concept included high attendance rates, high graduation rates, high test scores and high grades. If a school couldn’t achieve their goals, there could be a replacement of school administration and school staff as well as a reduction in government funds. What did most schools do?

They made damn sure they achieved their goals whether in reality or by deception. It was a “whatever it takes” attitude, even if that meant cheating. Even if it meant lowering standards.

(To be clear, accountability is a good thing, but you have to make sure the spirit and letter of the law are followed. )

The Obama administration then introduced race into the mix with “Race to the Top.” Same precepts except now all data was continuously monitored by race, gender, etc. Same result. I remember being told in a teacher’s meeting that teacher performance would be tied to how many students in each subgroup passed a class. If any subgroup didn’t do well, teachers would be called on the carpet. So, teachers made sure they did what they had to do by hook or by crook.

While Larry Hogan hasn’t been in office from 2001 to 2013, he was from 2014 on. And, during that time, teachers in many schools complained about pressure to change grades. Here’s an article from Prince George’s County Public Schools:

Staff members speak out about pressure from Prince George’s Co. Public Schools to graduate students | PRINCE GEORGE’S COUNTY PARENTS, MARYLAND BLOG (

In case you don’t want to read the whole article, this is the letter teachers from Prince Georges’ County sent to Larry Hogan AND Maryland Superintendent Karen Salmon in 2017 (for those of you who hate math, that’s FIVE YEARS ago.)

It wasn’t just happening in Prince Georges County. It was happening all over the state. Hogan did call for a state investigation of PGCPS:

Gov. Larry Hogan calls for state investigation into alleged corruption in PGCPS (

And this was the result:

Probe finds late grade changes for 5,500 in Prince George’s – The Washington Post

Hogan was “deeply disturbed.” But he was also busy getting ready to run for Governor again. I’m not sure what the State Superintendent thought.

But now Hogan is really, really upset. Criminal charges are in order.

I call BS.

Larry and every other State Official, State Superintendent or MSDE staffer, State and Local Board of Education member, and school administrator have known for years this is going on. They know that federal and state funding to school systems depends on academic and attendance data, as false as it may be. And they make damn sure teachers do what they tell them.

(By the way, has either Teacher’s Union spoken up to defend these teachers against this coercion? No? I guess their budget of 10 cents per dollar of income to advocate for teachers has been spent.)

You may think this is not a problem. After all, graduating from high school even though you don’t deserve it doesn’t hurt anyone, does it? Parents get to watch their kid walk, take pictures, and the kid gets a great party.

And then what? These students who don’t earn graduation also don’t learn anything. Wait, I take that back. They learn how to do nothing and still expect accomplishments.

If they go to college, most of them will quit. If they go to trade school, most of them will quit. They will NOT be equipped with the skills or desire they need to be successful at either. Nor will they be ready to have a job.

There are two things they will be prepared for, a life or crime or a life of dependence on the government to survive.

And all those millions awarded to school systems for their great graduation rates, they will be spent, and the systems will have their hands out for more. BRIDGE TO EXCELLENCE IN MARYLAND EDUCATION will supply those millions and more. The parameters for funding will be the same and schools will continue to graduate students who shouldn’t graduate.

Want to solve the problem? It’s going to take time. But the first step is to VOTE OUT the officials who have let this go on and VOTE IN people who won’t.

Maryland Primary, July 19

AND attend the Family Advocacy Alliance/ Moms For Liberty Talbot Chapter Meeting, June 28th, 7-9, Easton Fire Department

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One thought on “Fake Government Outrage at Grade Changing in Baltimore City Public Schools”

  1. Thank you for bringing the truth and the corruption to light.
    This IS going on in our local communities. That is what “social emotional learning” and CRT is all about. Indoctrinate children, dumb down the population, give “programs” lovely names, irradicate Critical Thinking and what do we have??? A population of government dependent people who cannot make a move without the “permission” of the ruling class.

    Hogan, Schults and Salmon have achieved what has long been the Marxist goal. Control what we say, think and do.

    It is time for citizens to address the situation. We have been played.
    Vote out these tyrants from top to bottom.
    Our children, our country and our liberty are all worth saving!

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We Must Protect Those Who Protect Us- Guest Contributor- Sheriff Joe Gamble

And we must elect those who will commit to them also. The Maryland Primary is July 19th!

This is Deputy First Class Glenn Hilliard who was killed in the line of duty on June 13, 2022 while attempting to apprehend a fugitive who was wanted on multiple felony warrants in multiple jurisdictions. Deputy Glenn Hilliard was a son, a husband, and a father to three children, a brother to those he worked with, and an exemplary public servant to the citizens of Wicomico County and the State of Maryland. ( Courtesy Sheriff Mike Lewis).

We don’t often share the writing of others on this page, but today I think people need to read the eloquent and passionate words of Talbot County Sheriff Joe Gamble as he honors Deputy Hilliard with a tribute and a call to action for ALL of US.

From Sheriff Joe Gamble:

Many of us on the Eastern Shore don’t understand that what happens (or doesn’t happen) in Baltimore affects the safety of everyone in our state and region. Last night I stood shoulder to shoulder with over 100 law enforcement officers at the ER in Salisbury. I listened to the wife of fallen Deputy First Class Glenn Hilliard who told us, “Glenn loved his job and loved each of you” as she walked out of the hospital after seeing her slain husband.

Deputy First Class Hilliard was gunned down by a coward who was wanted on multiple arrest warrants. The most serious, an armed robbery of a McDonalds in Baltimore, where he was caught by the hard-working men and women of the Baltimore Police Department. Then the case went to the black hole of our criminal justice system. After pleading guilty, the coward was given “probation before judgement”…no time in jail! Glenn Hilliard was trying to serve a warrant on the coward for violating his probation. (Imagine that…a bad guy who didn’t do all that he was supposed to do while on probation. A bad guy who was prohibited from possession firearms but found a way to break that law anyway.) He was also out on an unsecured bond on another charge…meaning he did not have to post any money at all to be free from a separate charge. Once again, hardworking police officers and deputies did their job and once again the black hole of the criminal justice system did what it does best…little or nothing.

During the past several years your Maryland Legislature has passed The Justice Reinvestment Act, Bail Reform, Juvenile Justice Reform and now Police Reform. All of these laws make it less safe for all of us. What is needed is Prosecutor Reform and Judge Reform. Evil people need to go to jail for long periods of time. These laws are making it very difficult for our law enforcement to keep you safe. It’s constant “catch and release” across our state and it will only get worse unless you act!

This fall you will elect your prosecutors – know where they stand before you cast your vote. You will elect a governor who appoints judges – know where they stand before you make your choice this fall. You will elect mayors who appoint police chiefs – know where they stand before you cast your vote. You will elect legislators who have made some of the most nonsensical laws imaginable – know where they stand before you support them. You will elect a County Council who will appoint people to judge the police- know where they stand before you elect them. You will elect an Attorney General who has a unit specifically to investigate the police – know where they stand before you elect them.

Have courage to ask hard questions…it’s the least you can do with one of the greatest rights that this country has entrusted to you – know where they stand before you support them.

I have stood over the bodies of hundreds of murder victims including six slain police officers, deputies and troopers. Many of those officers were my friends. The others, while I might not have known them personally, I know exactly what they stood for. Most of them would be with us today if others in the criminal justice system had done their job.

May God bless Deputy First Class Glenn Hilliard, his beautiful wife and his three children.”

Sheriff Gamble says it so well, I can add very little except to say that elections are not sporting competitions. In many cases, they are life and death. This is one such case.

When we get information on how you can honor Deputy Hilliard, we will share. But one thing you can do now is ask the hard questions Sheriff Gamble poses. And vote for people who will support Law Enforcement.

Our prayers go out to Deputy Hilliard’s wife, family, co-workers, the Wicomico County Sheriff’s Department and all law enforcement everywhere.

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