The Maryland WAR Against LAW and ORDER is COMING to YOUR COUNTY!!!!

Police Chiefs and Sheriffs will no longer be able to discipline their officers.

The Talbot County Council will have to appoint a “Police Accountability Board” (PAB)who will determine discipline for officers. What can you do? Vote Conservative Republican for the Talbot County Council, Attorney General, MD State representatives and Governor for the 2022 election!

Step 1. The PAB will tell the Chief or Sheriff what the punishment will be for administrative violations.

Step 2. If the officer doesn’t accept the punishment, the PAB will send the investigation to the NEW Administrative Charging Committee (ACC), who is appointed by the PAB. What can you do? MAKE YOUR VOTE COUNT for The Talbot County Council. The council is responsible for appointing the members of the PAB who is responsible for appointing members of the ACC.

Step 3. The ACC conducts a one-day trial for the officer that will cost YOU, the county taxpayer, in excess of $5,000 per day for even minor infractions. An example of a common complaint of an officer, “I thought the officer was rude.” This review will take months to adjudicate.

The legislature has taken all power for disciplining officers away from the Sheriff.

Use of Force standard set by the United States Supreme Court has been changed by MD legislators

The United States Supreme Court issues “case law” regarding the proper use of force by police officers.  This “use of force standard” has changed significantly over the past 50 years as the Supreme Court has issued various rulings.

The previous standard was, “a police officer can use the minimum amount of force necessary to effect an arrest.” In April 2021, The Maryland Legislature changed the “use of force standard.” 

The legislature has created a new standard that has no legal precedent – meaning the Supreme Court has not issued any case law or provided officers any guidance.  Not even the Maryland Attorney General will provide legal guidance on the new standard.  THIS IS LEAVING LAW ENFORCEMENT IN THE WORST POSITION IMAGINABLE!  

What this means: Police officers will have to guess exactly what the new rules will entail.

The new law says that the use of force needs to be “necessary and proportional.” It is not clear to what proportional. Does this mean proportional to the crime committed? Answer:  No one knows and no legal authority has weighed in. 

What this means: An officer who uses force to effect an arrest will be the “test” case that will eventually make its way to the Supreme Court, during which time the officer is likely to be jailed for years while awaiting all the appeals.

This will have a chilling effect on patrol officers who will limit their exposure to litigation by limiting their proactive policing.

What is proactive policing: DUI, Drug, Gang, Gun crimes and Traffic Enforcement

Look at the current homicide rates in Baltimore, New York City, Chicago, San Francisco, Portland. They are at an all-time high.  Do you want those same police reform policies in Talbot County? What can you do? Vote Conservative Republican for the Talbot County Council, Attorney General, state representatives and Governor for the 2022 election!

Why is this happening: Police officers in those cities are forced to drive around with blinders on since their mayors, prosecutors and elected officials refuse to support them when they do their jobs.

No-Knock Search Warrants have basically been eliminated for Drug Trafficking Investigations and Violent Crime Investigations

Police are not allowed to serve a no-knock search warrant after dark.  Drug dealers and violent criminals, who typically operate at night, will have no fear of the police hitting their door after dark. This puts our police at greater risk executing no-knock warrants at houses during the day.

Police personnel files will be the only government files open to the public, judges, prosecutors, congressmen, and senators.  Fire, EMS personnel files will remain confidential but not our officers.

Fewer officers will want work in gang, drug, SWAT and violent crime units since those units are typically exposed to the worst of the worst criminals.  Officers will avoid those units as they typically get more complaints filed on them from those units especially now that their files will be posted on Facebook and anywhere else. Ask yourself would you do this job?

All police involved deaths now have to be investigated by the Maryland Attorney General’s Unit

The AG’s office has no experience investigating violent crime, shootings, homicides, etc.  This is a political move to give authority to BIG state government.  The Maryland State Attorney General who will be in charge of these investigations has a history of making statements about police “use of force” cases publically before the investigations were complete.  The police reform bill has effectively stripped our Sheriffs and Chiefs of their discipline and effective policing responsibilities and moved it to Baltimore. Ask yourself how successful is the policing in Baltimore?

In spite of the lack of legislative support, respect in the community and respectable salary, our officers continue to serve and protect the citizens of our County. What can you do? Stand in defense and support of our officers.  Vote for Conservative Republican Candidates in the 2022 Election Cycle.