Links – updated 3/18/21

I listen to a lot of podcasts and I also visit other blogs. I’ll be adding links. Tom is a Libertarian and he has a ton of resources on his page. He also has a great podcast on a variety of topics that relate to Libertarianism. Currently, the Covid Cult is one of my favorites. There are free resources to download on topical issues that are of vital importance to us, the every day person!

Rational Ground This site contains so many valuable studies and info on Covid, and I mean valid studies that refute the media and government madness.

Parler: A social media site that is NOT dedicated to censorship or thought repression. Facebook and the mainstream media are trying to disparage Parler as a conservative site, but honestly, if you want unbiased info, go here. UPDATE – Twitter, Google, Apple and Amazon colluded and conspired to get this site removed.

Duckduckgo: This search engine, unlike Google, is not biased and will not track you. The coolest thing they have is an icon in the upper left hand of their search bar that will let you know which trackers have tried to track you!

whataretheylearning.com -great site to find out what your kid are learning in school. You can search by state and district. – Great radio shows from the Conservative and Libertarian viewpoints. Brad Staggs and Ron are my personal favorite!!! – during these crazy times, Dutch is a calming religious voice. – Former Secret Service Officer. He is super to listen to! He will be replacing Rush Limbaugh on Westwood One.

RA Patriots: This is a great site produced by Reggie Skyrock. All kinds of topics on how to move our country back to Conservative and Christian values! Dr Matt Dark – “Dark Unvarnished Truth”-Matt covers many interesting topics regarding how to fight fourth dimension tactics in today’s political world.

Radio Free Oxford – Podcast on some of the same and some different topics from the blog.