General Election 2022

This will be where I post info, profiles, etc. of local and state candidates. Today, I’m posting a position statement from Wade Strickland, candidate for Talbot County Council. The position statement he is posting is regarding development in Talbot County and is in response to a group called “Talbot Integrity Project.” The group is made up of some citizens from Talbot County who wish to make the main focus of this election the Lakeside Development in Trappe, to the exclusion of every other important issue such as education, taxes, law enforcement.

In my opinion, the actions of this group border on manipulation of voters to turn public opinion toward their current lawsuit about Lakeside. This group is not registered as a Political Action Committee and has 501 c4 non-profit status. This non-profit status allows LIMITED political advocacy. You may remember the fliers they sent out in the primaries, fliers that promoted certain candidates and went out to all voters in Talbot County.

They recently sent out a questionnaire to candidates that seemed more intrusive than any FBI background check.

Here are Wade’s responses to some of the questions on the questionnaire: