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In the 50’s and 60’s, there was Radio Free Europe. It was a way to communicate news from the world that was not blocked by the Communist regimes left in power in Europe post World War II.

Lately, it seems as though we need more of a free press here in our country. People who make millions to fulfill that job have turned into paid shills. They spout what they are told to spout without thought or integrity. And, they actively censor alternate views.

Even at the state and local level, there seems to be no one who is willing to accurately portray what is going on in the area.

So, here are my opinions of local, state and national issues. Enjoy!

My NEW Favorite News Site!!!!

CD Media – Honest, In-Depth, Revealing


If you have never met L. Todd Wood, you need to. Look up his resume and you will be amazed! His media website is incredible and it is exactly what the caption says, honest, in-depth and revealing information.

While you are there, find Christine Dolan’s American Conversations link and listen to the interviews she does with victims of the Covid 19 vaccine. It is not only frightening, but will make you angry.

Read her bio and you will be blown away!

We Support Dan and Gordana, Constitutional Conservatives!

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