Education Emergency

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Parents, Grandparents, Interested people!!!!YOU NEED TO KNOW WHAT IS GOING ON IN SCHOOLS!

Our schools are in a state of emergency. It’s not from Covid, or war, etc. It’s from an invasion of misguided policies, bad administration, and motives other than what is best for the children.

This is a page which will be updated daily with Education News links, news about events that affect children, resources, and information.

REMINDER TO EVERYONE READING THESE STORIES. You can get angry, upset, disgusted, etc. about all this, but you MUST SHARE this page with those who are not aware of the importance of VOTING in the election.

October 30, 2022

The Election is just a little over a week away and the Dems are using distraction and lies to divide Conservatives. In our area they are using an issue of a development because they know Conservatives in our area concerned about it. It is a smokescreen to get Dems and two RINOS elected. DO NOT VOTE for any candidate on the TIP signs.

A Development in one town is ONE ISSUE. Vote for Candidates who care about Schools, Police, Jobs, and the Economy as well as Development. Don’t let Dems Avoid these issues!

Photo Credit: Louise Freedom. Don’t vote for anyone listed on the TIP red button signs.

Remember THESE things are happening in schools/ in our country:

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene on Instagram: “Every American needs to hear Chloe Cole’s story. What a courageous young woman!”

Schools on Fire:

What is the REAL Purpose?

The Real Story Behind Drag Queen Story Hour (

Teaching Pornography:

Michigan parents’ protest sparked by explicit book teaching students how to masturbate, give oral sex | The Post Millennial |

Indoctrinator Back in Classroom:

School principal who oversaw 3-week anti-racist bootcamp for kids back in classroom (

Halloween on the Woke Chopping Block:

Woke Pennsylvania School District Cancels Halloween Because it isn’t ‘Inclusive’ Enough • Warner Todd Huston • (

Fighting Back:

Activists in Maryland Decry Trans Craze Targeting Teens (

October 25. 2022

Pornographic Book Sparks Parent Outrage:

LIVESTREAM REPLAY: CDC Covid Vax Mandate For Children, Dr. Meryl Nass, David Bell – CD Media (

October 19, 2022:

While Your Teacher is Attending the Convention (Hint: I don’t see academic instruction begin addressed)

Speaks for Itself:

COVID-19 vaccine requirement for children would be ‘the first’ with no clinical data: Dr. Marty Makary (

Teacher Shares Sex and Family Life Curriculum in Maryland:

Curriculum Revealed in Maryland Public Schools (

Trafficking…Plain and Simple:

HoneyBadgerMom on Twitter: “So I see an advert for a drag Queen story hour for kids at a pub in Eugene (named after Satan) promoting the attendance of an 11 year old dragon queen by the name of Vanellope. I think, “This is bad.” Send to a friend and we both start digging because something seems very off.” / Twitter

Another “Expert” Teacher?

Teacher put on leave after assignment about masturbation (

Muslim Parents Don’t Want Children Sexualized Either… Interesting problem for Inclusive libs

Muslim Parents Defy Intersectionality, Join Christian Parents Against Sexualizing Kids | Opinion (

Do They Want to Replace Parents?

The Great Parental Replacement – Chronicles (

October 13,2022

What is WRONG with these people?:

You Get What You Promote:

School district: ‘Non-binary’ student numbers up a staggering 582% (

Accidental or on Purpose?:

ACT test scores fall to lowest levels since 1991 (

Great Job Larry, Karen, and Muhammed; You have destroyed our schools:

Education Freedom Report Card: Maryland | The Heritage Foundation

In the middle of a teacher shortage:

Oregon schools fire unvaccinated teachers | Fox News Video

October 4, 2022

Another Educator Caught Promoting Extreme Ideas:

Eighth Grade Teacher: ‘F- the Parents. I’m Your Parent Now’ – Todd Starnes

People Don’t Want Smut in Public Schools:

Voters Against Obscene Books in Public Schools – Rasmussen Reports®

It’s Not About Academics:

Education Secretary Cardona does not mention academics in tweet about wanting to ‘raise the bar’ in education | Fox News

Sickening Data:

New York Times reports that the number of breast amputations performed on ‘trans’ kids has ‘exploded’ – LifeSite (

So They Punish The Girls…

Fox News on Twitter: “Vermont girls volleyball players banned from locker room after objection to transgender student: Report” / Twitter

Sexually Explicit Books in Public School Library:

Westport Public School Library Promotes Sexually Explicit Books – Connecticut Centinal

Calif. Mecca For Trans Surgeries for Kids; Disgusting:

(7) The Post Millennial on Twitter: “BREAKING: Newsom signs bill to allow minors from other states to receive medical gender transitions without parental consent” / Twitter

Your Private School is NOT IMMUNE!

Exclusive: Private School Lies About Teaching Critical Race Theory (

Not Surprised!

Trans activists behind new sex-ed curriculum for Wisconsin kindergarteners | The Post Millennial |

USA Today admits “Parents were Right”

COVID closed schools and kids’ learning suffered. NEAP scores prove it (

Unions Promote Sexual Activity to Kids:

Sexual Disturbance (

Test Publishers Making Money off the Woes of our Children:

The Government Indoctrinating kids:

Pennsylvania Department of Education Publishes Toolkit for Teachers to Host ‘Gender Neutral Day’ for Third Graders (

Who is Spying on Your Kids?

Google Is Like ‘A Stranger Watching Your Child Through Their Bedroom Window’ – CD Media (

September 25, 2022

Subtle Ways Your Kids are Taught to Embrace Socialism:

Safe Schools Czar Pushed Boothat Encouraged Children to Meet adults at Gay Bars for Sex:

It All Started with Obama: Barack Obama’s “Safe Schools Czar” Pushed Books that Encouraged Children to Meet Adults at Gay Bars for Sex (

Hospital Promotes Disfiguring and Destroying 8 year olds:

REVEALED: Rochester children’s hospital offers gender transition services for 8-year-olds | The Post Millennial |

Tucker Reveals Disgusting Decision by District:

Rebel News Canada on Twitter: “WATCH: Tucker Carlson’s update on the biological male teacher Kayla Lemieux, who wears prosthetic breasts while teaching shop class at Oakville Trafalgar High School, reveals the administration won’t identify the teacher. READ MORE:” / Twitter

Largest Teachers Union Promotes Graphic LGBTQ+ Sex Ed Website for Teens:

Largest Teachers Union Promotes Extremely Graphic LGBTQ+ Sex Ed Website for Teenagers – The Political Insider

Virginia Gets it Right

New Virginia Rule Requires Parental Consent for Schools to Treat Students as ‘Trans’ – Daily Citizen (

One Down…

NYC Trinity School staffer out after Project Veritas video (

Parents Defending Education Expose Trans Guidance for Educators:

Parents Defending Education EXPOSES ‘trans’ guidance for educators across the US | The Post Millennial |

Why Teachers Do or Don’t Leave Teaching: ( Consider the Source Here)

Why Teachers Leave—or Don’t: A Look at the Numbers (

Tim Scott Says “No” to Changing Pronouns Without Parents Permission:

Sen. Tim Scott introduces bill to ban schools from changing students’ pronouns without parental permission – LifeSite (

Truly, Truly Sick:

Leading trans health group removes age barriers to medical gender transition to reduce liability for pediatricians | The Post Millennial |

Most Americans Don’t Want Gender Identity in Schools:

Majority of American voters oppose teaching gender identity in schools  | The Post Millennial |

Youngkin Works to Remove Insanity from Schools:

Youngkin’s Push To Rid Schools Of Gender Insanity Puts Kids First (

Groomer Progressives are Making Parents the Enemy:

Groomer Progressives Are Trying to Make Parents the Enemy – Republican Daily

Family Shut Out of School’s Attempt to Transition Daughter:

‘My Blood Still Boils’: Father Recalls School’s Secret Attempt to Transition Daughter (

September 19, 2022: Did you know that Maryland refuses to release their latest State test scores until January 2023? What are they hiding? I think we know. Here is a letter that people may adapt and used to send to their Congressmen, Senators, Delegates, and other public officials:

More Libs of Tik Tok Teachers showing how little they care for their students:

(1) Libs of TikTok on Twitter: “5th grade teacher claims multiple students have come out to her because she’s “out and proud.” 10-year-olds are coming out as trans and non-binary to their teachers…” / Twitter

Their Bodies Their Choice? Not in NYC:( in the middle of a teacher shortage)

850 more unvaxxed NYC teachers, school aides fired (

American School Counselors Association promotes CRT:

Your School Counselor MAY NOT be the School Counselor YOU remember:

Private Schools see spike, but be careful. Some of them are just as bad as Public:

Maryland private schools see a spike in students as parents leave public schools behind | WTTE (

Even in Florida!

Florida Education Consultants Teach Teens The U.S. Is Racist (

Michigan DOE Promotes Hiding Sex Changes from Parents

Michigan Educrats Urge Teachers To Secretly ‘Transition’ Kids (


About GLSEN, The Organization That Sponsors Gender Sexuality Alliance Clubs – Connecticut Centinal

September 8, 2022: Side note. As we watch people like Republican Governor Larry Hogan (Md.) and other politicians and community leaders turn on us and promote evil and corrupt concepts, we have to remember that WE ENABLED THESE ENTITLED PEOPLE BY NOT HOLDING THEM ACCOUNTABLE. Think of that on November 8 when you vote.

Is Anyone Surprised?

Poll: More than half of Americans are dissatisfied with K-12 education | The National Desk

What are Dems afraid of?

Virginia Democrat says Youngkin’s push to ’empower parents’ is ‘harmful’ to trans students | WJLA

What are Unions Afraid of?

Teachers Union Ran Oppo Research On Parents Who Wanted Schools Open (

Data Collection Disguised as Education: Be on the lookout for these apps in your child’s classroom:

Remote learning apps tracked kids for ads – The Washington Post

‘Data Mining Our Children’? Parents Wary of Digital Hall Pass That Records Students’ Movements • Children’s Health Defense (

About | Rhithm

Family Engagement Academy — ClassTag

Teacher Promotes Porn in California:

California high school teacher boasts ‘queer library’ with material on orgies and BDSM/kink | Fox News

Schools Shouldn’t Have to do This:

Over 100 Warning Labels Added to Books After Shocking Porn in Schools Report (

Oh Canada…

Trudeau Liberals to spend $100 million on 2SLGBTQI+ Action Plan so Canadians can be their ‘authentic selves’ | The Post Millennial

Removing parents from protecting their kids:

Trevor Project hosts forum for adults to help teens secretly transition and talk about sex | The Post Millennial

Preschool Pedophile:

A Preschool Teacher’s Disturbing Social Media Gets Him Barred from Job (

Two Decades of “improvement” wiped out:

‘Nation’s Report Card’: Two Decades of Growth Wiped Out by Two Years of Pandemic – The 74 (

Racism against White kids in Elite, Baltimore private school:

Diversity Admin: ‘BIPOC Students’ Must be Protected from ‘White Gaze’ (

Trans Indoctrination:

The transgender indoctrination in our nation’s schools – Washington Times

Texas Private School Teachers can Carry:

Texas Private School To Allow Teachers To Conceal Carry | ZeroHedge

August 28,2022:

Maybe we should focus on Academics?

Only about 1 in 3 Maryland students pass state’s science test in fifth and eighth grades – The Baltimore Banner

In Maryland:

Another Head-Snapping Judicial Ruling Usurping Parental Rights – This Time In Maryland  – CD Media (

California is Lost, is Maryland close behind?

Shocking New Document Reveals How Long Sacramento School District Has Pushed Radical Gender Theory On Students; Parents Should Be Furious (

I think she’s been fired:

WATCH: Utah teacher touts classroom ‘built for non-white students’ | The Post Millennial

Wes Moore, A Candidate who Wants to Indoctrinate Maryland Students

Episode Eight – Challenging Critical Race Theory – YouTube

Know who they are:

About GLSEN, The Organization That Sponsors Gender Sexuality Alliance Clubs – Connecticut Centinal

Restorative Justice Unfair to Kids Who Want to Learn:


UN Program Teaching Kids ‘SEL’ Really Seeks To Kill Individualism (

When teachers are stupid:

Teacher displays ‘defund the police’ sign in Indianaa – Louder With Crowder

Why SEL is Harmful:

3 Harmful Ways Children Are Taught to Ignore Their Intuition – Higher Self Yoga

Parents are figuring it out:

Nearly 2 million fewer students have enrolled in public school – The Hill


Does CPS Stand for “Child Prostitution Services?” In Houston it Does.

‘Be a real ho’: Texas child protection worker pushes 14-year-old into prostitution | The Post Millennial

Racist Teachers Union Wants White Teachers Fired First:

Minneapolis Teachers Union Demands White Teachers Get Fired First – Summit News

Lowering age to change genders – SICK!

REVEALED: Leading trans health group recommends lowering ages for medical gender transition | The Post Millennial

Time to Change Doctors:

WATCH: Doctor claims children’s refusal to adhere to gender stereotypes indicates they are ‘trans’ | The Post Millennial

Banning Pledge from Classrooms over “Under God”

Charter Schools Sue Over Biden’s Attack on Education:

Abuse of young children:

Despite the change in CDC policy:

August 12, 2022 – We have been on a brief pause due to many factors. But we are back!

The AFT is ANTI-Parent:

American Federation of Teachers Propose New Documents That Hide Pronoun Use From Parents – DC Enquirer

These Parents Should be Arrested:

4-year-old girl announces her ‘gender transition’ at ‘pride’ parade – LifeSite (

The Students know what the Establishment cost them:

‘I didn’t really learn anything’: COVID grads face college | AP News

Unions are FRAUDS:

Teachers Unions Don’t Benefit Educators (Commentary) (

Opt out Form for Parents:

Banned for Protecting Children:

Maybe the FBI should raid this person:

Trans activist accused of sexual abuse boasts of plans to illegally distribute hormones to children | The Post Millennial

Beto O’Rourke denies CRT:

Beto O’Rourke suggests parents shouldn’t worry about critical race theory in the classroom – LifeSite (

Teaching kids pole dancing:

Kids taught to POLE DANCE by shirtless male hairdresser at Pride Fest: ‘My kiddo is a natural!’ (

Attacking Parental Rights:

Dad lost custody after questioning son’s transgender identity (

Military promotes Drag Queen Shows for kids:

US Military Hosts Drag Show, Encouraged Children to Attend With Bouncy Castles and Face Painting – Summit News

August 4,2022:

As you read some of these resources and stories today, please understand that you MUST vote for candidates who will protect children!

Teacher Training in San Diego, CA:

They Want Your Children DUMB!

Seattle schools teach students that math is ‘oppressive’ | The Post Millennial

More Secrets From Parents:

Oregon public library hosts secret ‘transition closet’ for minors | The Post Millennial

They are Keeping Secrets:

Secret Gender Transition Support at HSE Schools ( (This is Hamilton Southeastern Schools in Fishers, Indiana

Teachers Know What Has Happened to Children:

122 Teachers Speak: Surviving Student Learning Loss, Behavior Challenges – The 74 (

Mandates Hurt Students:

Total Compliance: D.C. School Vaccine Mandates Leave Minorities in the Dust – Republican Daily

PA Dept. of Education is Sexualizing YOUNG Children:

Pennsylvania Dept. of Education says kids can identify as transgender as young as age 3 (

Help in STOPPING Schools from Data Mining Your Child:

Don’t Trust Your Children to People Like This:

Teacher shares tips on concealing students’ ‘gender identity’ from parents | The Post Millennial

Do not trust schools to do this:

Helping Students Catch Up on Unfinished Learning (

August 1, 2022:

This is NOT Okay!

Drag queen accused of exposing self to children at ‘family friendly’ Pride event | The Post Millennial

Two Faced Teachers Unions:

California teachers union questioned for celebrating ‘National Parents Day’: ‘Some nerve’ | Fox News

Time to Fire this Principal:

Principal promotes book on ‘trans’ toddlers to kindergarteners for summer reading (

CDC Promotes Transgenderism, What Happened to “follow the Science?”

CDC Points People to Transgenderism, Teen Sex, and Astrology Websites (


In Portland, the Sexual Revolution Starts in Kindergarten (

Makes Sense to Me:

Florida schools are hiring military veterans to fill teacher vacancies in classrooms | Fox News

Maryland Teachers are Getting Out:

Amy Simpson on Twitter: “Exodus of teachers in Maryland? Take a look at these numbers shared by the Maryland State Dept of Education this week. -5,516 Maryland teachers left the profession in 2022 -Nearly 40% voluntarily resigned @FOXBaltimore” / Twitter

July 28,2022:

The Most Important Thing about Grading is …Gender?

Libs of TikTok on Twitter: “Teacher says she doesn’t gender students on their report cards because the student might be going by a different name and pronouns in school and at home” / Twitter

Why Teachers are Leaving…hint…it’s not what the Unions say:

REPORT: 615 Midwestern Teachers Reveal Why They’re Really Leaving the Classroom – Chalkboard Review (

Get Rid of them?

How to Rein in the Teachers’ Unions | City Journal (


Ron Coleman on Twitter: “With @realchrisrufo on Episode 76 of #ColemanNation: “Education is never value-neutral” Full interview @colemannation1” / Twitter

What Could Go Wrong?

Maryland education board helps counties struggling to hire and retain teachers | WTOP News

Afraid of the Competition:

Montgomery Co. school board blocks plans for district’s first charter school | WTOP News

Permanent Damage of Blockers:

This is What Happens to Parents Who Refuse to Participate in insanity:

Mom Forbidden To See Daughter After Refusing To Call Her Trans (

Teacher Exodus:

Maryland teacher shortage could create challenges for parents – CBS Baltimore (

Lying to Parents in Montgomery County

MD School District Requires Assisting Child ‘Gender Transition,’ Lying to Parents (

Don’t Send Your Kid Here:

EXCLUSIVE: UPenn, Philly DA ignore complaints about Lia Thomas’s male nudity in women’s locker room | Washington Examiner

July 24, 2022:

Montgomery County MARYLAND!

School district requires students to share ‘inclusive’ locker rooms or face counseling | The Post Millennial

What are they afraid of?

Educators are distressed about Florida’s push for ‘patriotic’ education | The College Fix

A Two-year-old:

LGBTQ activist group demands ‘gender affirmation’ for 2-year-olds | The Post Millennial

Accused of Being a Predator:

Public School Employee Who Bragged About His Sexual Orientation Is Arrested As a Child Predator (

It’s the Same Everywhere:

Marion City Schools: Why are so many employees quitting? (

Even this Leftist Teacher Sees What is Happening:

Leftist Teacher: This Woke Stuff Is So Out of Control That My Liberal Friends Think I’m Making It Up (

July 22, 2022

Congratulations to FREEDOOM supporting Candidates Dan Cox/Gordana Schifanelli, Gubernatorial, Michael Peroutka, Attorney General, Johnny Mautz, State Senate, Joe Coale, Talbot State’s Attorney, Dave Stepp, Wade Strickland, Chuck Callahan, County Council, for making it through the Primaries. Key your eye on this page for more info on them and School Board Candidates and more exposure of RINO frauds.

There will also be other endorsements of certain Republican Candidates after more research.

Another Indoctrinator:

Yeah, We Know:

Public education is as bad as, if not worse than, you’ve heard – American Thinker

Go to Third Period then Get an Abortion:

By a Former Commie:

Critical Race Theory: Academic Malfeasance and Fraudulence | Mises Wire

Power of Manipulation:

Why Is Gender Dysphoria Spreading Like Wildfire – CD Media (

You May Want to Sell That Chevy:

Chevrolet partners with LGBTQ group pushing gender identity indoctrination in schools | The Post Millennial

Violating Trust:

EXCLUSIVE: Doctors give ‘gender card’ to children, offer to keep identifiers secret from parents | The Post Millennial

Seems Like Common Sense to Me:

Defending parents who refuse or restrict smartphones for children (

It’s Not Just Republicans:

Poll: America’s confidence in public schools nears an all-time low (

Failure to Protect:

77-Page Report Details ‘Systemic’ Law Enforcement Failures in Uvalde School Mass Shooting (

Don’t Let Them Pass the Trash:

Texas School Superintendent from Liberal Loudoun County Quits Amid Parents’ Complaints – Texas Scorecard

July 14, 2022 – Last Day of Early Voting in 2022 Primaries. I voted, have you? If not today, Tuesday, July 19:

Family Friendly Image of the Week: ( Sarcasm)

Poison Apple Candidates for 37A and B:

State Board Gives Decision for Offering Parent Opt Out of Sex Education Curriculum to Local BOE. Write your Board and Demand it:

Beyond Belief and BAD for Women:

DOE Wants to Redefine ‘Sex’ in Title IX – Erasing Women, Threatening Privacy and Safety, and Endangering Schoolchildren – Daily Citizen (

This is why the UNION Endorsement makes one a “poison apple candidate;”

NEA announces its priorities for teachers: Abortion and LGBT agenda (

Gender Confusion and GROOMING!

Los Angeles Schools To Offer Transgender Lesson Plans And Resources For Elementary Children (

Teaching Our Youngest to Follow the Hive Mind:

Exclusive: CA First-Grader Disciplined, Harassed By School Officials For Writing ‘Any Lives’ Matter on BLM Drawing – Patriot Alerts

Another Reason to Homeschool:

Court rules against a parent’s right to know if child identifies as transgender – The Strident Conservative ™

Why Schools are experiencing Violence:

Biden Admin Plans For Excusing Misbehavior Are Bad For Kids, Schools (

Excellent and Scary Points:

SEL+ESG=Social Credit System – by Lisa Logan (

Protecting Your Child From Tyranny:

Dr. Robert Malone: Children will remain in masks unless parents simply refuse to comply – LifeSite (

Good Question:

Why are so many children claiming to be ‘trans’? – LifeSite (

Want to know HOW the Maryland State Teachers Association decides Endorsements? It’s not by a vote of the TEACHERS. And these people CLAIM to be INCLUSIVE and TRANSPARENT?

Let’s Hire Teachers Who are LESS Qualified and More Easily Manipulated:

Educators no longer need college degree to teach in Arizona public schools (

July 10, 2022:

EARLY VOTING has started in Maryland. If you haven’t voted, get out and VOTE for candidates that will protect the INNOCENCE of CHILDREN and the RIGHTS of PARENTS!

This says so much:

The End of Childhood Innocence AND Parent’s Rights:

Maryland Department of Education Will Require Pre-K Students to Learn about Gender Identity and Expression | TIMCAST

Huh? Don’t see the connection nor the logic:

Maine declares that ‘gender identity’ should be taught in schools after ‘the murder of George Floyd’ | The Post Millennial

Interested parties should participate. See How they will be implementing the Blueprint for Education in Maryland:

They Have Hundreds of Millions in Assets and Spend 10 cents on the dollar to help their members. REMEMBER this when you see candidates who are endorsed by this group!

Woke National Teachers Union Agenda Includes Mandatory Masks, Vaccines and Banning the Words Mother and Father (

Woke Education Leads to Child Grooming:

Sex shop owner in Washington state, who serves on school board, to host classes on ‘pleasure’ for kids as young as 9 – TheBlaze

The Kind Of Classes A School Board Director And Owner Of A Sex Shop Is Holding For 9-Year-Olds At Her Business Will Make You Sick (

Linda Darling Hammond is consulting on this. While she has some good ideas, she is very entrenched in the social justice in education movement. Notice the first focus is diversity, not competency:

Accountability Board Discusses Proposed Reforms to Teaching Profession – Maryland Matters

One of Her Books:

The Flat World and Education: How America’s Commitment to Equity Will Determine Our Future (Multicultural Education Series): Darling-Hammond, Linda, Banks, James A.: 9780807749623: Books

The BEST way to make sure you don’t have indoctrinated children.

Consider This Your Sign To Start Homeschooling Your Kids (

July 2,2022:

Happy Fourth of July! (Video and Poster) Poster Courtesy of Suzie Scott)

This is correct:

This parent gets it right:

The Fairfax County School Board has lost its way | Opinions |

Nothing says appropriate like a child watching a person twerk:

Libs of TikTok on Twitter: ““Bring your kids to pride! Just innocent family-friendly celebrations”” / Twitter

Where will the money go?

MSDE Awards More Than $169 Million to Local Education Agencies as Part of Maryland Leads Grant Program (

Opting Out Could be an Option:

Opting Out – Parents Defending Education

But it’s not about Grooming:

Porn maker exposed as organizer of Portland Antifa children’s photoshoot | The Post Millennial

Options for Standards:

Scholars Launch History Standards To Counter Wokification Of K-12 (

God Forbid they Actually Teach Math and Science:

Seattle public schools budget more funds for ‘racial equity’ programs than literacy, math and science combined | The Post Millennial

Loudon County Superintendent says the QUIET part OUT LOUD:

LoudounCountyMoms on Twitter: “A “pretty robust indoctrination plan”? Scott Ziegler, LCPS superintendent, caught on video telling the truth. Finally.” / Twitter

These are the sick people in D.C.

Codifying child sexual abuse: Dems propose ‘Transgender Bill of Rights’ – The Strident Conservative ™

June 29th, 2022:

Never Forget This:

Speaks for Itself:

Protecting Kids From Mutilation:

‘I Literally Lost Organs’: New Bill Aims to Protect Minors From Gender Experimentation (

If Teachers feel this way, they shouldn’t be teaching:

👁 Inside The Classroom on Twitter: ““No, if anybody in your life is going to be pro-choice, it’s going to be teachers.”” / Twitter

This is 1984:

Cornell library removes Gettysburg Address, Lincoln bust | The College Fix

June 26th, 2022:

This is ASSIGNED SUMMER READING, Parent speaks out:

School Board GRILLED After 11-Year-Old Is Given SHOCKING Summer Reading Assignment (

Here are drawings from the book. WARNING: Do not let children see this. It is pornographic.

Excerpts from “Gender Queer” (

Yes, but beware the strings attached:

Christopher F. Rufo ⚔️ on Twitter: “Gov. @DougDucey is poised to sign the first universal school choice legislation in the nation, which will give every family in Arizona $7,000 per child to attend any school of their choice. Every red state in the country should follow his lead.” / Twitter

The agenda is real…

Joe Biden is expanding Title IX to promote the sexual abuse of children – The Strident Conservative ™

Where are the pink pussy hats?

Biden Rule Would Force Schools to Let Males Join Female Sports; FDA Bans Juul E-Cigarettes | NTD Evening News (

Punishing kids for stating reality: (SCHOOL BOARD Elections are important!

Fairfax Board Votes To Make It A Potential Crime To Call A Boy A Boy (

This parent knows the harm the transgender agenda can do to children:

Parent of ‘de-transitioned’ child speaks out against ‘trans sanctuary’ bill – TheBlaze

This Florida student survey seems harmless until you read further.

2021-yrbs-questionnaire-proof.pdf (

June 23, 2022:

Law will Make CRT/Sexuality Grooming MANDATORY in Public Schools:

Civics Secures Democracy Act: Biden’s plan to federalize Critical Race Theory – The Strident Conservative ™

Biden Stacks the Deck with Radical CRT/Indoctrination Parent Groups:

A Look at Who’s on Biden’s Parents Council (

Advice? Don’t Let them Get Vaccinated:

5 Things to Know as American Babies, Toddlers Start Getting COVID-19 Vaccines (

Supreme Court Ruling:

BREAKING: Supreme Court STRIKES DOWN Maine law prohibiting state tuition assistance to religious schools | The Post Millennial

Fighting Biden’s Evil Order:

EXCLUSIVE: Congressman Troy Nehls To Introduce Bill To Rescind Biden’s Executive Order Requiring All States To Offer Gender Transition Therapy To Minors (

There is Hope:

New education media group aims to make space for teachers, parents who don’t buy into progressive agenda | The Post Millennial

Principal’s Advice to Students Gets Her Fired:

Principal accused of encouraging students to have ‘revenge sex’ instead of fighting (

NYC Mayor reveals he is a fraud when it comes to protecting children:

NYC mayor ridiculed for saying drag ‘storytellers’ help children become ‘emotionally intelligent’ – LifeSite (

June 22, 2022: NOTE: The JUNE 19th Update has been deleted through technical difficulties. Today, I am sharing an interview from CD Media and Christine Dolan with Parent Camilo Riano on Sexual Grooming and denial of parent’s rights in Westport, Conn. It is only 36-minutes long and will allow you to see that parents are going through this everywhere. AND it is happening in YOUR schools too:

Reclaiming the Republic – Interview With Westport, CT Parent Camilo Riano On Sexual Grooming In Westport, CT Schools – CD Media (

Here is the letter Mr. Riano wrote:

Westport, CT Parent Shocked At Child-Grooming Happening In Westport Schools – CD Media (

HERE is the Video Shown to SMALL CHILDREN in Westport Schools: (It may seem innocuous at first, but watch to the end. )

SSN June 13-2022 (

June 11, 2022:

Is this what you want our children taught? Share and VOTE on July 19!

But, your school system won’t lie to you, right?

Yes, it IS grooming…

How does this relate to Covid?

Elementary school used COVID funds to teach about preferred pronouns and BLM, per report | The National Desk

If only our state had a real AG like Missouri does:

Mo. AG Uncovers Systemic Use Of Racist Curricula In Public Schools (

What are the Marxists Doing? Teaching Lies Instead of Truth: Ad for “Seminar” in teaching “truth.” How ironic that they use Howard Zinn’s name on this. He is the polar opposite of truth in history.

Teach Truth Days of Action June 11–12, 2022 – Zinn Education Project (

This is NOT okay:

June 8, 2022:

Candidate for Maryland Lt. Governor Schifanelli makes clear case about WHO IS INFLUENCING OUR CHILDREN’s EDUCATION? (video)

Is CRT in Your Schools?


Americans Overwhelmingly Reject Progressive’s Gender Ideology Agenda – Republican Daily

Violence in school sends teacher to trauma center:

Maryland high school violence: teacher thrown against lockers, flown to trauma center on helicopter | Fox News

This book is in your child’s classroom. But, do you know what it says? Find out here: YOUR KIDS ARE TARGETED!

A pro-human parent’s review of Stamped (for Kids) (

June 7, 2022:

These all speak for themselves:

Parents want discipline:

Teachers, parents want discipline as NYC student suspensions fall (

Obviously the schools are focused on other things:

NAEP Report Cards – Home (

What kind of sick business does this?

Pizza Hut features ‘drag kids’ book for children as young as kindergarten | Fox News

What kind of teacher does this?

Kindergarten teacher says he exposes children to transgender, queer terminology | The Post Millennial

What kind of parent does this?

BREAKING: Shocking scenes emerge from ‘child-friendly’ drag show in Dallas gay bar | The Post Millennial

Extortion to Sexualize Students:

Kari Lake: Fed Dollars Withheld from Public Schools if Student Grooming Guidelines Not Implemented – Steve Bannon’s War Room: Pandemic

June 3, 2022:

Yes, they will be using race in grading. List of books to teach teachers HOW to do this:

New Hampshire Gets Homeschooling Right:

This is what needs to happen:

School board president sued, accused of ‘tyranny’ for silencing and ejecting parents from meetings – The Lion (

Where BAD Teachers go to get paid NOT to Teach!

Sent to the “warehouse” Baltimore County Schools whistleblower paid to do nothing | WBFF (

Biden will not support hardened school security. I wonder why?

Karine Jean-Pierre Says Joe Biden Not Interested in “Hardening Schools” Because the Problem is with Guns (VIDEO) (

They won’t be able to read and do math but will have nice makeup:

NYC public school teaches middle schoolers how to do ‘drag makeup’ | The Post Millennial

The same discipline practices that caused the Marjorie Stoneman Douglas shooting are still allowing school violence today:

PROMISE program dissected during Marjory Stoneman Douglas Public Safety Commission (

Promise program — slammed after Parkland shooting — should be scrapped, commission says – Sun Sentinel (

Students Raise LGBTQ+ flag and school system sued:

Stories | Dupage Policy Journal (

May 31, 2022:

Brave men and women died for our rights. If you want to find out about your rights as a citizen and a parent, this is for you!

Family Advocacy Alliance Meeting (FAA)

Tuesday, May 31st


Easton Volunteer Fire House, Easton, Maryland


Michael Anthony Peroutka

Conservative Republican Candidate 


Attorney General of Maryland

A Way to Find out about the books in your child’s school:

Public Book Reports | Book Look

But $41 billion to Ukraine:

24 Baltimore Schools Don’t Have Air Condition As Temps Soar To 95 | Baltimore Daily Voice

Resources to teach your child citizenship:

How to Teach Kids to Be Involved Citizens – NWEF (

This will assure more mass violence in California schools. Don’t worry, Maryland is right behind them…

SB 1273 – ACLU California Action (

The infusion of indoctrination into basic skills in PRE-K!

North Carolina preschool uses LGBT flashcards depicting a pregnant man to teach kids colors | Fox News

Choosing indoctrination over academics:

Telling kids their parents are bigots:

Psychotherapist Who Conducts Transgender “Therapy” Encourages Teens to Distrust Their “Bigoted, Misinformed Parents” – Especially if They’re “Religious” (VIDEO) (

What do they want to be when they grow up? Are you kidding me?

Cops Probe After Middle School Librarian Allegedly Says Students Are ‘Sex Workers’ To Justify Pro-Prostitution Book | The Daily Wire

‘It’s human trafficking’: Loudoun County, VA middle school librarian allegedly defends pro-prostitution book for reasons you won’t believe –

Stop changing your new state to your old state!

The Californication of Oklahoma – UnWokable (

May 28, 2022: Memorial Day Weekend is a time when we honor those who gave their lives in defense of our freedoms. Ask yourselves, is what we see happening what they died for?

Collecting data on our children during remote learning:

Remote learning companies have been helping schools spy on your kids – The Strident Conservative ™

School Board member was ballot mule:

Breaking: Yuma County School Board Member Set To Plead Guilty For 2020 Election Ballot Trafficking Crimes As Exposed In “2000 Mules”- State Senate Candidate Gary Snyder Who Busted the Fraud Weighs In (VIDEO) (

We knew this would start again:

Erie schools mandate face masks as COVID-19 cases rise in county (

I have no words for this:

Mom Of Star Student Choked Out By Baltimore County Art Teacher Shares Their Pain | Baltimore Daily Voice

Again with Disney pushing sexual and gender ideology:

Christopher F. Rufo ⚔️ on Twitter: “SHOCK: Disney+ promoted a drag queen special for children, encouraging kids as young as kindergarten to join the gender identity and trans activist organization GLSEN.” / Twitter

Ideas for educational alternatives for your child from America’s Frontline Doctors:

Reimagine Education | America’s Frontline Doctors (

Ever wonder who is behind CRT? Here’s some names:

Meet The Billionaires Pumping Critical Race Theory Into Your Kid’s School (

May 26, 2022:

Book About a Trans Student and AOC is first in the “Mosaic Curriculum” which will be implemented by the DOE next year:

This controversial book talks about AOC instead of ABCs (

Be on the lookout in YOUR kid’s classroom:

Seven books showcase LGBTQ+ curriculum being pushed on NYC kindergarteners and up · American Wire News

NSBA wanted military intervention with parents?

NSBA Wanted Military to Crack Down on Concerned Parents (

Since when is it the duty of students to validate a teacher’s gender identity?

Trans Preschool Teacher Boasts About Getting (Insert Pronoun) Gender Identity Validated By Students [VIDEO] – The True Reporter

But they don’t indoctrinate, right?

Libs of TikTok on Twitter: “An elementary school in Minnesota has a weekly pride event every Wednesday for K-6 students to celebrate the LGBTQ community.” / Twitter

Free Speech?

State Threatens School Counselor’s License After She Denounced Gender Ideology at Public Rally | Wisconsin Institute for Law and Liberty (

The Ever-changing identity of CRT:

Here’s The New Left-Wing Theory Parents Are Fighting In Schools | The Daily Caller

Government Extortion: Open Bathrooms to both sexes or no lunch programs:

K-12 Schools Must Put Boys In Girls’ Privvies To Get Federal Lunch Money (

Jake Made a Mistake:

EXCLUSIVE: State Farm Exec Apologizes to Angry Agents, Says ‘We Made a Mistake With Our Involvement’ With GenderCool – Republican Daily

May 25, 2022: I won’t be posting stories today. In light of the school shooting in Texas, I’m taking a pause to reflect on what happened there. I can imagine the pain and sorrow this has caused these families and the community. I wish our officials would do the same instead of rushing to a microphone to press political points using the victims as pawns.

Give them time for their grief. Give us time to reflect. Say a prayer for them and for our country.

We will be back tomorrow.

May 22, 2022: It’s been a busy news weekend!

Education in PA:

This info can also be found at: Search “Equity, transgender, etc.

Keeping Parents in the Dark:

School Counselors Want to Keep Parents in Dark on Gender Transition |

Way to Go Louisiana!!!

Louisiana’s Department Of Education Shifts From CRT To American Exceptionalism | ZeroHedge

What are they hiding?

Maine school superintendent accused of religious discrimination after delaying parent’s complaint about gender theory materials | The Post Millennial

And in Europe…

Exclusive: European Union Used Taxpayer Money for Drag Queens in Youth Education Programme (

There are some governors with principles and common sense:

Arizona governor OK’s ban on school COVID-19 vaccines – Washington Times

There are some judges with common sense:

Judge determines 2 controversial books ‘obscene’ for children (

Send it back!

Billions in School Covid-Relief Funds Remain Unspent – WSJ

Fairfax County has lost it:

Virginia mom criticizes school board for ‘totalitarian’ rule that could punish students for misgendering peers | Fox News

Killing Women’s Sports: DUDE!

Biological male ‘absolutely demolishes’ female competitors to win women’s surfing competition | The Post Millennial

It’s in Washington State but you know how Libs love spreading their stuff:

School Board Director Plans ‘Queer Night’ For Children Hosted Inside Sex Shop – Summit News

May 21, 2022:

Never Forget What We are Fighting For:

There are fighters out there!

This note from the lawyer on this suit:

I am pleased to announce a major legal victory. 

Today, the Virginia Beach Circuit Court has found probable cause that the books Gender Queer and a Court of Mist and Fury are obscene to unrestricted viewing by minors. 

My client, Tommy Altman, has now directed my office to seek a restraining order against Barnes and Noble and Virginia Beach Schools to enjoin them from selling or loaning these books to minors without parent consent. 

We are in a major fight. Suits like this can be filed all over Virginia. There are dozens of books. Hundreds of schools.

I know! I know! CALL ON ME!

Nolte: New York Times Baffled by ‘Seismic Hit’ to Public School Enrollment (

He speaks the truth: (Surprise!)

This is despicable:

National School Boards Association Admits to Colluding with Biden Administration on ‘Domestic Terrorism’ Letter (

We knew they wouldn’t give this up:

Seattle school announces ’10 day’ return to masking to ‘stop the spread’ | The Post Millennial

No one seems to think about how CRT impacts these children!

Virginia mom suing biracial son’s school over CRT curriculum says it ‘totally changed his perspective’ on race | Fox News

Brave people protecting our kids:

How Shaming My School Board’s Racism Cost Me My Job (

May 19, 2022:

Mother Silenced at BOE meeting:

Mother Silenced After Reading Horrific Assignment Assigned to Her Highschool Student – The Patriot Light

And yet they give out incentives to children to get the jab:

“Effective”? Latest CDC Data Shows FULLY Vaccinated Children Have Higher Covid Infection Rates Than Unvaccinated Children (

Hepatitis Cases rising in Children:

CDC Now Investigating 180 Cases of Children With Hepatitis of “Unknown Cause” – Summit News

(READ) CDC at a loss to explain surging hepatitis liver damage cases in children | Sharyl Attkisson

Purging our best and brightest for thinking:

Rod Bishop: Unvaccinated Air Force Academy Cadets Cleared For Graduation But Not Commission – CD Media (

We are teaching students to act this way:

Leftist students violently disrupt TPUSA high school meeting in Missouri, destroy school property | The Post Millennial

This doesn’t seem right. “No” would have sufficed.

NY high school track team SUSPENDS girls after petition to wear sports bras instead of shirts | Daily Mail Online

School lockdowns caused the problem?

REVEALED: Buffalo mass shooting suspect once wore hazmat suit to school due to COVID panic | The Post Millennial

Trust your pediatrician? Maybe not…

With New Book, Pediatricians Try to Ensnare Kids in Gender Ideology (

Just the facts…

Eric Matheny 🎙 on Twitter: “So far this year, at least 135 teachers and teachers’ aides have been arrested on child sex-related crimes in the U.S.” / Twitter

May 18, 2022:

Great Podcast from one of the founders of Moms for Liberty:

The Joyful Warrior Podcast on Apple Podcasts

Learning How to Teach Porn to Kids? (caution on content)

SHOCK VIDEOS: School District of Philadelphia Teachers Attend Transgender Conference on “Kink,” “BDSM,” “Trans Sex,” “Bigger D*ck Energy” – Directed to Minors (

They are the CAUSE of your child’s anxiety:

Schools are causing anxiety in children – by Erika Sanzi (

Indoctrination of Medical Students:

Critical race theory-related ideas found in mandatory programs at 39 of top 50 US medical schools: report | Fox News

Critical Race Theory has infected 80% of the top US medical schools – American Thinker

Teachers Fired over Religious Exemptions to Jab:

“Just Devastating” – Three Teachers Who Sought Religious Exemption From Covid Vaccine Fired In Barrington (RI) (

Mom harassed by FBI for protesting at school board meetings:

Chris Wray’s FBI Harassed Mother For Speaking Out at School Board Meeting (Video) (

Remember, as goes California so goes Maryland

Calif. Senate passes bill that lets kids get healthcare without parental consent | One America News Network (

May 16, 2022:

Truth often exists in humor…This is funny

Countries Move to Outlaw Homeschooling


Please read on for an urgent prayer request from the national Christian homeschool leaders in England and Wales. They write, and we quote,

“During the last couple of days, the UK government has started the first steps to introduce legislation that would be horrendous for home educators here. They have been threatening a mandatory register for quite a while, but this goes way further than just a register! Initial proposals suggest that anyone not complying with the proposed register could face a prison sentence.

At present, if educational provision is found ‘not to be suitable’ (which is usually hugely contested as they have a very narrow application of ‘suitable’) a School Attendance Order (SAO) is issued, forcing children to go to a school. At present, if educational provision is found ‘not to be suitable’ (which is usually hugely contested as they have a very narrow application of ‘suitable’) a School Attendance Order (SAO) is issued, forcing children to go to a school.

These proposed changes have only been brought to light this week, though we have been expecting them. The extent of the changes have left us reeling! The proposals have already gone through the House of Lords for a first reading, and the second reading is planned for 23 May. They obviously had it all ready and prepared, and are rushing it through as quickly as they can.”



From the Global Alliance of National Christian Network of Homeschool Leaders

8 other countries are doing this as well.

California ignores real math experts for Woke Leftists…

California Won’t Give Up ‘Woke Math’ Program (

But they aren’t indoctrinating…

Montana high school questionnaire asks why straight people are ‘so sexually aggressive’ | The Post Millennial

Parents are targeted by FBI, Video, Jim Jordan:

But they aren’t grooming anyone…

Counselor Accused of Having Sexual Relationship With Student – Louder With Crowder

May 15, 2022- It’s Sunday, but the Education News doesn’t stop:

I Don’t Know this Person but I Love Them…

Funny But Not…

Parent Rights Guide: Worth the Read!

Will Any Members of Our Parent Group be Part of the Interview Committee? Also, please read the bios carefully. One of these candidates hid discipline referrals when he/she was a VP.

Talbot BOE announces superintendent finalists | Local |

They Know it’s Wrong That’s Why They Hide It:I

Parents Uncover Documents Exposing Secret ‘Gender & Sexuality Alliance’ Club at Pennsylvania Middle School (

Intimidation and Indoctrination of Middle School Students:

School district files ‘sexual harassment’ complaint against 3 middle school students for using the wrong pronouns | The Post Millennial

School Files Title IX Complaint for Using Wrong Pronouns – Louder With Crowder

May 14, 2022

Hopkins Child Abuse Hires Professor Who Defended Pedophiles. What could go wrong?

It’s all about the MONEY!

Every Parent Knows This and Schools are Using This for a Money Grab:

That’s not a Teacher’s Job and it is despicable:

Should they change their name to “Child Grooming Services?”

This affects all of us, and in particular our children. VERY DANGEROUS!

May 13, 2022: May 13, 2022:

Late Addition: Protection of Pupil Rights- Info for parents!

Thanks to Candidate for 37 B State Delegate Nicole Acle who did a FOIA request to MSDE, we have a copy of the survey sent to Maryland public school children. They didn’t want anyone to see it:

Want to know who donates to the candidates, here’s a link:

And we thought segregation was BAD:

Garland Lied? Who Knew…

Imagine being this Mom:

Imagine that…

May 12, 2022: Reminder to readers. I collect these articles and videos on a daily basis and attempt to research them and then send. If they are NATIONAL articles or stories, understand that they will affect you at some point in your schools, if they aren’t already.

Teachers Ignore Parent Requests and Brag About It:

We CAN Fight back:

But allowing open borders is GOOD for children:

Tough Decision for D.C. – Support a war in another country or feed babies here. Is this why they support abortion?

Listening to Classical Music is racist; Rap filled with cursing and the “N” word is not.

Is this appropriate for 4th Grade classes? Addie Eckart things Board of Education should decide this for parents ( See email from Ms. Eckart Below) It’s a word salad so get out the Ranch Dressing.

Side effects of the gene therapy?

May 11, 2022:

I’m Glad These Loonies don’t want to have kids: But it’s sad that they brag about having abortions.

Get YOUR KIDS OUT OF Government Schools:

Who cares if vaccines don’t work for children?

May 10, 2022-Post Mother’s Day Edition

If you watch ANY documentary about Education, Watch This One; Ignore the Foreign subtitles, this will motivate you!

The unions are NOT about teachers, children, or education:

Yes, it does

When You Think They Can’t Get Worse:

In the ” We could have told you that” column:

This is an old article but trust me, they still hate homeschooling.

Are Maryland kids using these books?

Woke Math? Not so fast…

Parental Rights in Arizona!

May 6, 2022: SO many stories today!

Yes, The Good Ones are Deserving:

There are many Teachers who are against Marxist policies:

Teachers Brag About Indoctrination: These are mentally ill people

Loss of Students Costs School District Millions: This is what needs to happen!

Stop Sending Your Kids to Schools Where People Like This Indoctrinate! (Credit Bill O’Reilly)

These People are Delusional: ( Thanks Maryann for the share!)

Teachers Leave Unions Over Leftist Policies (and maybe because the Unions spend less than a dime of each dollar on protecting teachers)

May 4, 2022 – With the Supreme Court story taking the headlines yesterday, there were few education stories in the news. But we are making up for that today! Sorry for some of the formatting issues!

Another WIN!:

We CAN Stop This:


The HARM From Mask Mandates will HURT Children for a LONG Time:

Delaware’s “Hide it From the Parents Bill”:

This is copied from an email we received. There is background on this bill in Delaware that will assure schools have full control of your child and will send the bill to YOU!
Why is it moving so quickly?Actually, the “hide it from parents” bill is the culmination of several Delaware bills that together create the perfect scenario for your child to make life-altering medical decisions without parental knowledge.
◉ In 2016, HB 234 required all public secondary schools to have school-based health centers (SBHC). ◉ HB 129 expanded this requirement to “high needs” elementary schools.◉ HB 100 w/ HA 2 and HB 300, currently in committee, would require mental health service units to be installed in elementary and middle schools, respectively.
So far, we see the push toward giving children full access to medical care in public schools. 
Let’s keep going.
◉ HB 320, which was recently passed, allows APRNs — which are often employed in school-based health centers — to provide abortion prescriptions for DIY chemical abortions.
◉ SB 105, which allows access to hormonal contraceptives from pharmacists after only filling out a survey, lacks an age minimum for this access.
◉ Last year, SB 261 — introduced but never passed — would have allowed dependents on an insurance policy to receive “sensitive health care services” without the policy holder being alerted.
The “hide it from parents” bill does the same thing — but it specifically applies also to minors.
Here’s the bottom line: The “hide it from parents” bill will allow students — who have increased access to school-based health centers — to get “sensitive services” at their school without their parents knowing.
See the deliberate pattern, the agenda? Activists in the Delaware Legislature are inserting the government between parents and their children

More Advice About Homeschooling in New Documentary:

Good Advice to Parents:

May 2,2022:

Get Your Kids OFF Youtube:

FROM Mary Taylor on FB:

Is SEL Working?

Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) entered public school classrooms decades ago as a means to help “young people and adults acquire and apply the knowledge, skills, and attitudes to develop healthy identities, manage emotions and achieve personal and collective goals, feel and show empathy for others, establish and maintain supportive relationships, and make responsible and caring decisions.” So despite the hundreds of millions of dollars spent on this initiative, are our students truly benefiting from it?

Despite SEL’s growing ubiquity, rates of suicidality and hospital admission for mental health remain on the rise. Parents and educators should be concerned over this massive investment with little to no evidence of its success.

It has done very little to improve its own stated goals of helping students to “manage emotions” or “make responsible decisions.” The adoption of SEL has not abated any increase in violent incidents. “During the 2017–18 school year, 80 percent of public schools recorded that one or more incidents of violence, theft, or other crimes had taken place, amounting to 1.4 million incidents.” With new behavior policies, it is difficult to accurately track those incidents after schools adopted “restorative practices,” a non-punitive approach to discipline, since part of that initiative involves less reporting.

On top of the data, there are also first-hand accounts involving real teachers and students who have recounted the ineffectiveness of SEL and its claim to help children “manage emotions” or “feel and show empathy for others.”

In Kentucky this fall, a middle school student was jumped while walking down the hall and was hit over the head dozens of times, resulting in a concussion and a trip to the hospital.

In Florida, five middle school students were charged with assault for attacking four other students, apparently seeking “revenge” for their ancestors. A special education teacher in Montana was caught off-guard when a “high school student, taller and stronger than her, who was “working through lots of significant behaviors, just hit her in the nose.”

This is just a short list of reported incidents at BCPS schools:

Increased incidents of violence occurring in schools during the fully reopened 2021-22 year

o September 2021-video of fights at Dundalk MS and Dundalk HS

o September 2021-fights reported at Middle River MS

o November 2021-student arrested with a loaded handgun at Woodlawn HS

o December 2021-student air lifted to the hospital after fight in girls’ locker room

o January 2022-figths 2 days in a row at Perry Hall HS, SRO taken to the hospital, students pepper sprayed

o February 2022-student shot in the parking lot of Catonsville HS

o March 2022-fights broke out at Chesapeake HS, student arrested

o March 2022-fight in Overlea HS cafeteria caught on video

o March 2022- fight at Kenwood HS caught on video

o March 2022-child injured in a fight on a BCPS school bus and caught on video

o March 2022-student hospitalized after being beaten with a baseball bat at Kenwood HS

o March 2022-4 Franklin HS students arrested after fight at school

Children this young do not interact with their peers in this way unless they are taught to do so. Most are naturally drawn to befriend other children and accept them regardless of immutable characteristics. It almost seems as though SEL is taking the natural tendencies of children and manipulating them to adhere to an agenda. It is time that schools reconsider utilizing these programs and get back to equipping our children with the academic skills they will need to lead purposeful lives.


Wonder What Happened?

May 1st, 2022:

Thank YOU Congressman Roy!

And the UNION Will Defend Him!:

This is a school librarian, WTF:

Racist Makes Money Off Racism:

Can You Trust Your Doctor? I say “no.”

April 28, 2022

Propaganda Agency (CDC) Lies in Order to Scare Parents into Vaccinating their Children. Are you listening Pete Lesher?

GOP Making Gains Because of Education Policies:

They Just Can’t Let Go of Indoctrinating our Children. Please note how the member appointed by Hogan voted.

What’s the Rush?

Creepy Biden Claims Teachers Own Children: (What the heck is up with his eyes? Is he on speed?)

Isn’t That Discrimination?

When the Marxists Take Over:

Randi, Randi, Randi, Why Must You Lie So Much?

Parents Know This is Wrong:

April 26, 2022

Get to KNOW local candidates. Our candidate forum is tonight! Have you had one in your local area for YOUR candidates?

There were good reasons:

Of course it did:

So much for Transparency: Pay attention to who is for and against releasing info.

Maybe it should be the other way around and we should ban these principals:

Gives new meaning to “thought police:”

This says it ALL!

Funding Formulas in Maryland:

April 23, 2022:

This is a Kindergarten activity. KINDERGARTEN. Disgusting.



Did Anyone Ask Her?

Important Info From “Educating for the NEW WORLD ORDER”- 1992

April 22, 2022

They make hundreds of millions off teachers, but they are afraid of parents having rights: (Remember they spend less than 10 cents a dollar helping teachers)

Openly teaching racism and admitting it:

Superintendent Proudly Declares His District Is Using Critical Race Theory in the Classroom

Lowering standards IS racism:

More violence in schools:

More Grooming:

Finally figuring it out:

The Books Florida Rejected:

The pieces seem to be coming together: Did the CDC use Covid to groom children?

This is concerning

April 21,2022:

Prager U: Excellent Resources for Parents to fight CRT in the Classroom, Book Lists by Grade Level (these books promote American values!), and so much MORE!!!

This Shows You Where We Are:

Even in TEXAS!!!!

Just Going To Say: These are SICK GROOMERS!!!!

Stay OUT of Public Libraries with YOUR Kids! Does Your Local Library Promote This?

This is HORRIBLE! Where are our Pastors and Priests Protesting this?

April 20, 2022:

Pandering to the 2 percent! What proof is required? More segregation.

Something tells me this is unconstitutional and illegal:

Leftists Lie? No Way! Hiding their racism.

This is EVIL. What kind of activities will they do?

There Should Be TWO Flags in Classrooms, the U.S. Flag and the Maryland Flag. Good job Carroll County!

They REALLY hate Parental Rights:

Leftists want to ban books for having White people as authors:

April 19, 2022- Took the weekend off, but we are back:

A GREAT Advocate for Homeschooling and Educational Freedom!

Legal Action Against School Board Assoc.:


Read your Child’s handouts:


We MUST Pay Attention and LEARN!

Get China OUT of OUR Education System:

This is what needs to be done everywhere:

Florida Knows:

Overstepping their bounds, why not just ask the parents?

They NEVER stop!

April 15, 2022 – Good Friday- Remember that this holiday has nothing to do with bunnies and eggs. It’s about the sacrifice Jesus made on the cross to save us.

They are NOT Done:

Fighting Racial Quotas:

Boot Them:


We Call This Racial Segregation:

You Trust Private Schools? This Was at Their National Conferencece: ( Yes, even local schools belong to this Association)

I NEVER Trust Polls:

They Don’t Want Parents to Have Choices:

April 14, 2022

John Rich says what most parents feel. Listen if you need a pep talk for the fight!

They don’t think they should be held accountable:

Great Podcast on “Newspeak on sex and gender” from Heritage Foundation. This Podcast is 4/13 edition. Well worth the five minutes!

These people are sick:

Hillsdale will offer options for parents:

This is what your children will be taught in Government schools. Page 24 shows the sexual content being taught to 4th and 5th Graders:

April 13, 2022

Do They Even Know What Pronouns ARE?

Priorities? Drag Show? Seriously?

Don’t get distracted. Disney is a problem but not the MAIN problem:

Don’t trust your kids to these morons…

More Leftist Indoctrination in colleges…

This is what we are fighting…it is appalling!

Lt. Governor Sears sharing the truth…

April 12, 2022

Screwing Over the Students of ANY Race that Take These Courses...More Racist Stupidity Amid Virtue Signaling

Younkin Does What Hogan Would Never do…

Colorado Springs School District votes not to fund the “Equity Department” in the upcoming budget:

Well, that seems inappropriate…

Abortion picture book for the little ones teaches that people of all genders have abortions


No problem right? The doctors guess the gender…teacher comes out to class

Course About Identifying and Fighting Critical Race Theory:

Resisting Critical Race Theory Workshop: All Sessions

Other States are Finally Getting the Idea: It should be renamed the “Don’t Sexualize My Child” bill.

“ Un-Reason Magazine” wants parents to be able to mutilate their children. I wonder if they support Female Genital Mutilation also?

The Truth Will Get You Fired– She said the quiet part out loud.


They are teaching our children and grooming them for pedophiles

Remember that Universal Pre-K is a huge part of the Blueprint for Educational Excellence in Maryland:

They’ve known about this for a while:

More Disney dirt:

Teachers Unions are NOT about what is best for teachers or children.

When they claim Covid caused the problem, here’s a different view of the mental health problem among our young people:


More on Disney and your kids:

Mom calls out local Board of Education on indoctrination:

CDC Details Increased Mental Illness Among Teenagers:


Maryland Health Standards – Check out K-3. Look to see who from our county helped author this. I see you Bill.

Remove Disney from your vacation plans:

Coming to Frederick and other counties:$file/03.09.22%20Proposed%20Curriculum%20Revisions_backup%20REV.pdf

Tulsi speaks out:

Good job In Cali!

New Jersey promotes sexualization of second graders:


U.S. Code: Protection of Pupil Rights

Elementary School Hosts Sexuality Diversity in Children Workshops

Elementary school hosts “sexuality diversity in children” workshops

Illinois School District Teachers Special Needs Children Only Privileged Idiots Say “All Lives Matter.”

Don’t throw up when you see this:

About that word “grooming:”

From a victim of a pedophile: (Get past the first part which is liberal vomit to get to the valuable part)

How to Be a Gay Teacher under Florida’s new law: ( it’s not what you think)

How to Raise Sane Kids When Leaving Public Schools is not an Option:

I published this three months ago but it appears they now spend 9 cents per dollar on representing teachers.

More violence in Baltimore County schools:

Thanks for commenting!!