The Myth of Survival

On Facebook I saw a few posts this morning, even though I have avoided Facebook for at least a day. ( I avoided it because I find that if one pays attention to the lies one starts to believe them.)

Anyhow, there were some Republicans on Facebook worrying about what will happen if Biden wins. One person, a nice guy I am sure, commented that we shouldn’t worry, that this country had survived over 200 years throughout all kinds of disasters, wars, etc. His point that we could survive a Biden Presidency IF it happened.

I disagree. It’s not that I question the bravery or resiliency of the American people. I believe our people can overcome any obstacle put in front of us if we stand together. The problem is that in order to overcome an obstacle, you need to know it is there. Let me explain.

For eight years we lived through Obama. Many thought his presidency wasn’t so bad. After all, nothing bad happened in most of our lives because of him, right? Except it did and we didn’t know it.

Think about it. Did all the upheaval and division pop up all of a sudden because of Donald Trump? Did all the unjust impeachment hearings get bolstered by a political structure created on January 20,2017? Was the revolt against law and order invented in 2017? How about the strengthening of China, Iran, etc.? Were deep state operatives suddenly created in 2016?

No. Those were in development long before Donald Trump was elected. They were spawned and nourished during an Obama administration whose stated objective of “fundamental transformation” was implemented via installing liberal judges who ignore the Constitution, via hiring government operatives. cabinet members, and bureaucrats from the highest to the lowest of positions. These people hijacked the government after Trump was elected with the focused vision of continuing the growth and power of the political complex. They lead the long, slow march to the rights of the collective overpowering the rights of the individual. And we didn’t know it was happening.

The courted Hollywood, professional sports, and technology companies, promising them the moon if they just supported their one world view.

And now we see the installation being enacted in our election policies and procedures, with the ultimate goal being to keep one party in power always, whether the people want it or not. What kind of country does an election like we are doing this one?

It’s not like these actions hadn’t started earlier, either. Remember Clinton selling our White House to the Chinese for donations? Remember him allowing our technology to be sold to them so that they now can only replicate it, but make sure that we can’t compete with them. Remember who he appointed to the Supreme Court?

And now, Republicans, in true “surrender at all costs” want us to just accept whatever happens, even if it took corruption and cheating that rivals that which goes on in third world countries.

Tell that to the millions of lives lost through abortion. ” Just keep your head down, we’ll survive.”

Tell that to the people of the cities who lose hundreds of loved ones’ lives to violence from gangs while police are told to “stand down.” “Just keep your head down, we’ll survive.”

Tell that to the Christians who are no longer allowed to celebrate their faith in freedom. ” Just keep your head down, we’ll survive.”

Tell that to the thousands of school children trapped in substandard indoctrination centers called “public schools” who are being robbed on an education. ” Just keep your head down, we’ll survive.”

Tell that to the millions of workers whose jobs will be taken by illegal immigrants. ” Just keep your head down, we’ll survive.”

Tell that to the taxpayers, whose hard earned money is redistributed to those who refuse to work. ” Just keep your head down, we’ll survive.”

Nope. Not going to keep my head down. I won’t riot or get on Twitter and threaten people with assassination. But I won’t go along to get along either.

Because that’s how our country will die.

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I am a 67 year old runner and conservative. I taught for 31 years and retired a few years back. In my life, I have coached and judged gymnastics, coached softball, and raised two amazing kids.

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