True Collusion/Swiss Cheese Ethics

Two topics this week.

Has anyone noticed that up until now people could post just about anything they wanted on Facebook , Twitter, etc.

I’ve seen death threats against the President, false accusations against the President, fake news, name calling, etc. And, even if reported, these posts got barely a yawn from Facebook and/or Twitter. Heck, at one point, groups who promoted violence such as BLM, ISIS, etc. were allowed to post videos promising riots, terrorism, etc. Crazy loons like Maxine Waters and Ilhan Omar posted screeching screeds about confronting Conservatives and committing violence on them.

And that was all fine.

Now, in a sudden fit of “conscience” or fear, they are banning any videos or posts about the recent Presidential election. One group, #stopthesteal, was banned because they believe there is rampant election fraud.


We all know why. They want to protect the fairy tale they and the news media are promoting about a Biden victory. It’s a fairy tale, one that is more damaging and frightening than any of Grimm’s. They claim they want to prevent violence.

Really? Where was this concern when Portland and Seattle were burning? When cops were being shot and killed? Crickets then.

But they are worried about it now. Because it’s not the groups they want to have a chance to speak out. They want to suppress this info. This is voter suppression by censorship.

It’s not working. Because we won’t stop posting.


I have a crazed Democrat living near me. He and his wife live in a big, waterfront home. They erect signs outside of town all the time. They recently erected a home made sign for Biden thanking the voters of Oxford for voting. It was erected in the middle of the voting. Some people thought the voting was over because of the sign. So, unethical.

Today, the sign has been painted over with crude graffiti saying, “Count all the Votes.” It’s such a poor job it is dripping in the rain and smearing. What is worse is that it is clear that this nutjob wants all ballots counted, legal or not, on time or not. Just count anything that comes in whenever. Except if they are military votes or votes for Trump. I’m sure if I dropped off a napkin from Dunkin’ Donuts with the word ” Biden” on it, this person would want it to count.

It’s same old Swiss cheese ethics, which are ethics that have holes and blind spots. If it helps a Democrat, do it. It it hurts a Democrat, don’t allow it. If there are rules and they hinder the Democrat/Socialist agenda, ignore them. That’s why they love protecting criminals so much, because they are one step away from being one themselves. After all, if one law can be broken, they all should be if they promote the Socialist cause.

I’m going to remember this guy’s ethics for a long time and remind him of them as much as possible.

Of course, this is the guy whose wife tried to hit me with her car. So, there’s that.

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