People Just Want to be Acknowledged, and Heard

Every morning when I run, I wave and say hello to people as I go, whether I know them or not. A friend of mine asked me why I do that.

It started back when I was taking my kids to school one morning. There was road work on the road and a flagman was there directing traffic. I had the usual reaction that we all have when we see a flagman. I just knew it was going to be a mess as traffic backed up.

But this flagman made it different. He smiled and waved at people as he held up his sign. He made eye contact with drivers. He acknowledged us. I remember thinking that this guy made his life easier and our lives better with just a smile and a wave. He let us know that even though we might get slowed down in traffic, he was going to make it as pleasant as possible.

So I started waving at all cars and saying hello to people I passed on my run. At first, people either didn’t notice or responded with that,” Should I know that person,” look. After a while, they started waving back and smiling. Pedestrians said “hello” back. We acknowledged each other and gave notice that we knew that we were humans who deserved a greeting.

Most of the time, that is the way it goes. Granted, there are a few people who give me a nasty look because they don’t like the political views on my shirt, or maybe they are from an area where people aren’t friendly. When they do that, I just smile bigger and yell, ” Have a GREAT day!” at them.

But, I got thinking on my morning run today that most of the bad that is happening today is because we stopped acknowledging and hearing each other. Actually, I think the reason that social media has been so popular is because it has been our chance to be acknowledged and heard in the public square.

Think about it. Of all the Presidential candidates in 2016, only ONE of them acknowledged the American people and heard what they were saying. And it wasn’t Hillary or Jeb or any of the big government wonks running. It was Trump. That’s why his rallies were so big, because he acknowledged and listened to his supporters and even those who weren’t supporters originally. That’s why he won. And that’s why the social media platforms and mainstream media have shut him down for the past five years. They hoped to keep him separated from the American people. It’s also why they have worked so hard to steal this election. More on that later.

In my 31 years in education, I discovered that most people who had a complaint just wanted someone, anyone, to listen to them and acknowledge that they existed and needed a problem addressed. It didn’t even matter sometimes if you could give them what they wanted or not, they just wanted to know you knew. If you listened and were honest with them, they might not be happy but they would respect you.

But now, I see public officials who don’t really want to acknowledge people, much less listen to them. Take Governor Larry Hogan for example. Supposedly, Larry was a successful businessman before his political life. I find it hard to believe it was because of how he dealt with people, because his willingness to communicate with his constituents, the people of Maryland, is non-existent. When he first announced a lockdown and closing of businesses way back in March, it appeared as if Larry either didn’t know what a hardship this would cause his citizens or he just didn’t care. Not once then, or since then, has he voiced one single word of empathy with those losing their jobs and businesses. In fact, he has spent more time chastising people and threatening them.

This said to the people of Maryland, ” I don’t acknowledge you and I sure as hell don’t want to listen.” On his Facebook page, he, or one of this adolescent internet staff, answers concerns with, ” I can do what I want,” and ” If you don’t like what I say why are you on my page.” This has made people angry in their frustration. Add to that the totalitarian attitude of the so called public servants of the various counties and you have a recipe for revolt. All because he, and they, have no interest in who the people in Maryland are.

Other examples are the mainstream news media and social media. News media has decided, for whatever reason, that they don’t want to acknowledge the existence of people who have different viewpoints from Progressives. They ignore them and block their thoughts and ideas. It’s gotten so bad that most people consider these outlets as mere propaganda.

Social media is even worse. Facebook, directed by a man who seemingly is a machine himself, actively blocks or derides the varying opinions of its users. Then they get upset when people leave. They have forgotten that the main purpose of social media is to let people have a say and communicate with others.

No wonder people are angry.

And now we have an election result that is most certainly fraudulent and NO ONE wants to hear the concerns of 71 million voters who are frustrated by the fact that the only ones wanting to listen and address the issue are Trump and his lawyers. One would think that Biden supporters wouldn’t want at least half if not more of the people in this country to think he stole the election. You’d think they would want the truth.

But they don’t. They are like the fans of a sports team that cheated and won the World Series. They want to celebrate the fact that they “won” even if it was by dishonest means and then run and hide behind their “Unity” signs.

So, back to Trump. In the last five years, he seems like the only politician who really gives a damn about people on both sides. He has done more for African Americans, Hispanics, and the working class. He’s the only one who acknowledges that people are tired of double standards for people like the Clintons and the Obamas. Yes, he makes fun of some people and he tweets too much, but it’s usually after people take a cheap shot at him. He listens and acknowledges who the people are. And we love him for it.

And the media, news and social, have attempted to shut that down.

Meanwhile, Joe Biden, hiding in his basement, plans to install the same group of stale bad actors who have been in place before. They never cared then, and they don’t now.

But, let me put him and all political figures who think they can get away with it on notice. When they don’t listen and acknowledge millions of people, the consequences, both political and practical, will be catastrophic.

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I am a 67 year old runner and conservative. I taught for 31 years and retired a few years back. In my life, I have coached and judged gymnastics, coached softball, and raised two amazing kids.

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