Dear Mr. Biden, Not the President

Well, Joe, if you can even think today I guess you are pretty happy. After being a mediocre hack of government for over 40 years, you have cheated and stolen your way to an office you neither deserve nor are qualified for. And just think, you never even had to leave your basement. Good thing, huh? Enjoy your fifteen minutes, because I think that is all you will get before Karma ( or is it Kamala) will bite you in the ass. ( I’m not exactly sure where Kamala might bite you. Ouch!)

You see, Joe, you are what we call in the business, an idiot. You always have been one. My father who worked at the Pentagon with the Joint Chiefs even said so, and he was not prone to talk about too many people in government. Unfortunately, he had to work with you.

If you had ANY integrity, which we know you don’t, I mean, Hunter after all, you would slink away in the night to that island near Epstein’s Island, admit the truth of how you stole the election, and spend the rest of your life in a chair with a blanket.

But, somehow, you think that all of these advisors, these cabinet members, these members of Congress think you are the man for the job. They don’t. They found the biggest stiff they could to run, pick their socialist/Communist for his V.P. and then get installed by fraud so they could then tell him what to do for a bit and then get rid of him.

So now you are coming out with your “orders” for the first 100 days. They are laughable in some cases, but in most cases blatantly destructive for our country and its people. Do you know how poorly that is going to play with the 75 million people who elected Trump? Do you realize that some of the people who voted for you will wake up and realize what a disaster your are? You probably don’t care. In fact I know you don’t.

But, I’m going to do you a favor and give you some advice.

  1. Don’t talk much. Not at all if you can help it. My chihuahuas make more sense than you do.
  2. Hold on to Jill’s hand when you walk anywhere. That way you won’t get lost or fall down.
  3. At your inauguration, try not to sniff Chief Justice Robert’s neck or hair. I mean, I know you guys bribed him but I’m sure he has limits.
  4. Don’t swim naked in front of the Secret Service anymore. They deserve mercy for the horrible job they have to do.
  5. Don’t turn your back or accept food or drink from Kamala. Or Nancy, Or anyone. Even Jill.
  6. Try really hard not to bring up Corn Pop or the Dog faced pony soldiers ever again. Or your leg hairs and your grandchildren.
  7. Don’t play with your dog’s tail while you are in the shower. I mean, really, why would you even?
  8. Try to remember which office you are in. Calling yourself a Senator is not going to make people confident about you. As if they were anyway. In fact, keep a little 3 by 5 card in your pocket to remind yourself of where you are.

9. Don’t ever trust Cuomo. He has connections.

10. Leave the real President, President Trump, alone. And while you’re at it, leave us, his supporters, alone too. There are 75 million of us and we are already pissed.

11. Stay off Twitter. They aren’t going to give you the millions of followers Trump had. Having 5 followers is going to look bad.

12.Get rid of Hunter, any way you can. Call Hillary, she’ll know what to do.

Finally, don’t ever think that any of us, anywhere, respect you. At. All.

We don’t

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I am a 67 year old runner and conservative. I taught for 31 years and retired a few years back. In my life, I have coached and judged gymnastics, coached softball, and raised two amazing kids.

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