Day 3 out of 1,460

Today we are going to go in a bit of a different direction. We are going to take the positive route.

Do something nice for someone: Take a moment today to do something nice for someone. For example, if there is someone working on or near your home, bring them a morning treat or a gift card from your local coffee shop or bakery. It’s a small gesture but it might make someone’s day. And, it will make you feel better.

Give a local business YOUR business! : Instead of ordering from Amazon or going into one of the big corporate stores, shop at a local small business, go to a small local gym, eat at a small restaurant, etc. These businesses have been severely damaged by authoritarian closings committed by Governor’s. ( By the way, isn’t it miraculous that now they can open, since the Fauxnaguration is over?)

Donate to a charity I try to do this once a month. Be careful and research any charity. Some have a high percentage of donations which go to salaries instead of the people needing the charity. There are online sites,, and a variety of others. I also tend to focus on those charities which support Conservative values.

None of these positive actions might get your adrenaline going, but they are a good way to tether yourself to the anchor of what is good in the world.

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I am a 67 year old runner and conservative. I taught for 31 years and retired a few years back. In my life, I have coached and judged gymnastics, coached softball, and raised two amazing kids.

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