This is More than Just “Orange Man Bad”

Why the continuous and heinous attacks on Donald Trump are more than just political anger and revenge.

You know, at first I thought the Democrats just hated Donald Trump because he defeated Hillary. Even when they threatened impeachment immediately after he was elected, I figured they’d give up on the sham they had created when it didn’t work and start moving on to 2020. But, they didn’t. Like dogs with bones, they just kept attacking.

I thought that it was just them being petty because he wouldn’t go along. I thought they were just trying to impede his agenda after every step. And they were.

But it is more than that. And here’s why.

First, when the Democrats started selecting their candidate for 2020, they had many chances to pick someone who was strong and who they thought could win. But they didn’t. They chose a retread, Joe Biden. They knew he wasn’t capable, maybe even incapacitated. They knew the Democrats would hate him as a choice. And they did! They chose a Vice Presidential candidate who polled at less than 5% in her home state during the primaries. Again, a flawed candidate who made multiple blunders during the campaign. But, again, they didn’t care. They knew they would win by illegal means and if they didn’t, they certainly had a plan B.

And of course, they worked to make Covid 19 a way to slow and stall the U.S. economy.

But their plan did work and they somehow got Biden installed. They bribed and threatened judges all the way to the Supreme Court. They bribed and threatened members of Congress ( except for a few that were untainted because they had nothing on them.) They ridiculed Trump’s claims of election fraud and never honestly looked at the claims. When Trump showed up in D.C. and at the Capitol with hundreds of thousands of protesters, they engineered a breach of the Capitol with their paid Antifa and BLM actors. And then they pinned it on Trump and his supporters. The accused him of inciting violence and got their Republican toads to go along. A secondary motive was to stop the objections to flawed election results in the states.

So, at this point, I think they figured his supporters would get afraid or fed up and desert him. We didn’t. Then, I think this whole campaign about Trump swooping in and saving us from Biden via legal means and the military was created to turn us against him. If we thought he could do something, why didn’t he? They shut down his Twitter so he couldn’t communicate with us. They destroyed Parler. They knocked him off Facebook. He couldn’t get in front of news cameras so he was isolated.

They rolled out the news media, the Hollywood hacks, and the pro sports minions to demean him and us.

They hoped his followers would blame him for not doing anything, especially when evil actors like Brennan talked about designating us as domestic terrorists. Why wasn’t he protecting us? They knew we would start bickering with each other, believers vs. non-believers, the faithful vs. the unfaithful especially as the stooge Biden started implementing harmful executive orders. Divide and conquer as always. And yet, most of us still love the guy.

So, here we are. And now we have companies and banks shutting down his accounts. His friends, allies and staff are losing jobs, business accounts, being attacked, etc. It’s getting to be almost like China.

Ahhhh….China. That’s right. When the Chinese Communists want to get rid of someone, this is what they do. Ridicule, attack, accuse, and nullify. They have used those tactics over and over successfully.

But why? You would think with their puppet regime installed and a majority in the House and stalemate in the Senate, the Democrats have what they want and would back off. Trump is out of power. He can’t be back in power for at least four years, and by then, they will have this voting theft down to an art with little or no evidence.

You would expect the Dems at this point to focus on making Biden look good. But they aren’t! His “inauguration” was dismal, his speech was lame and ineffective, and everything he does seems staged. All the attendees looked bored and depressed.

His cabinet is made up of either ineffective holdovers from previous administrations or newcomers who are sure to be disasters. I mean, an HHS Secretary who is a man dressed up as an ugly woman? Come on, even the Dems have to be laughing at that clown show.

They are more concerned about a second sham impeachment of Trump, to what point isn’t clear. Some say so he can’t run again. But, that doesn’t ring true. They have the method for fixing elections now, why worry about him?

There are only a few reasons why people work to destroy someone so completely.

One would be that the person has done something so personally repugnant to you that you hate them with a visceral hatred. Like murder a loved one or abuse you or something horrible. You don’t destroy someone just because they weren’t nice to you in public or had policies you don’t like. If that was true, we’d have murders in Congress all the time!

So, it’s not revenge.

That leaves me with one motive. Fear. They are scared shitless of Trump and his followers. And, it’s not because we are like the mindless followers of cult leaders ( even though they use that term for us all the time. ) They are frightened of him and what he knows and can do to them. They know he can expose the plans they have, the crimes they have committed. Trump knows where the bodies are buried and he is not beholding to them. Trump can bring the whole thing down around their heads.

They also know he has us. We are not a cult, heck, many of us didn’t even like him at first. But, he talked TO us, he knew our lives, our struggles, and he worked to make them better and easier. He let us know he loves this country and us. All of us, black, white, Hispanic, male, female. The only ones he didn’t love were those who sought to destroy our country.

And we will fight for him.

They will do everything to destroy him. But he has us, all 75 million of us. And we see them. Our eyes are open.

We see that they are terrified of being exposed as the crooks and evildoers they are. Animals backed in a corner fight with tooth and nail. But it’s not going to work. We can fight too.

ON A SIDE NOTE: While I think Biden is in on the fix, I think he is like the others, bribed and threatened. He is a pathetic shell sitting in a chair, waiting for orders. And that is just what they wanted.

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I am a 67 year old runner and conservative. I taught for 31 years and retired a few years back. In my life, I have coached and judged gymnastics, coached softball, and raised two amazing kids.

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