The Leftist Democrats Guarantee Their Defeat, and So Do Some Republicans

I guess I can see what the Leftist Democrats had planned for Trump. I think they thought that the whole Russian Collusion thing would work right after he was elected. Somehow, they figured people would turn against him and beg for him to be impeached. They didn’t think the American people would actually pay attention to the fact that they had no proof and that the FBI had lied. They thought we would trust James Comey and Robert Mueller.

We didn’t and it didn’t work.

The Republicans saw the handwriting on the wall and most of them discouraged the whole impeachment thing. They certainly didn’t support it except for a few outliers who really aren’t Republicans.

Over the four years, the Democrats threw everything at President Trump and yet nothing stuck. Their imaginative charges and plots just couldn’t overcome one thing, and that was those of us who supported him.

Yeah, we flinched at some of the things he said. We didn’t support everything he did, but we saw the economic numbers and how he was a President who kept us out of wars and cared about everyone being able to have jobs. And he spoke to US, not at us.

They went to the most drastic plan they had, stealing the election. It worked and again they misjudged us. We didn’t just throw up our hands and walk away. We applauded Trump’s investigation into what really happened. And, not being stupid or brainwashed, we saw clearly what happened.

One thing I know about Americans. We don’t support liars and cheaters. We identify with those who have had things stolen from them. We root for the underdog.

And that’s what Trump became, an underdog, and we loved him even more for it.

But, they didn’t give up. They are in the midst of attempting to smear and ruin him in whatever way they can. I guess they don’t see that while Biden is the alleged winner, he can’t even draw followers to his Twitter or Instagram accounts. No one seems interested in Joe except for the propaganda arm of the party, who are working overtime to make him seem smart and likeable. It’s not working. Even the devout Leftists I know are anxiously waiting for the day when he is out of office, and I don’t mean in four years. He’s a loser and a fraud and Americans see that.

Then, on top of that, by his Executive orders, Joe eliminates thousands of jobs, deprives diabetics and those with allergies their medicine at lower prices, exposes women to males in their bathrooms and demolishes women’s sports. He also opens our power grid to foreign interference, costs us billions by signing back on to the Paris Climate Accords, and doles out foreign aid to terrorist countries and China like a drunken sailor. Many of Biden’s supporters are having severe buyer’s remorse.

But, Pelosi and Schumer trudge on in an attempt to impeach a President who is no longer in office for a creative but false charge. If that doesn’t work, they are working on invoking anything that will keep him from running again.

They are either numbingly stupid or totally out of touch. Most Americans, even the most ardent Biden groupies, want this stopped. They figure enough is enough.

But, the Leftist Dems don’t work for the American people. They work for a more menacing, demanding set of bosses, China, George Soros, and the whole New World Order clan. So they keep it up.

It’s almost funny, because by keeping thins up they are guaranteeing the demise of their power and their party. Trump supporters are more committed than ever, even if not to Trump but to the movement he has created in this country. They are tired of the corruption that occurs in D.C. on a regular basis. And if the big tech companies think they can keep that movement down by censoring them online, they are mistaken. One thing I know from teaching humans for thirty years is that the more you set up roadblocks for them, the more they find creative ways to get beyond them.

Add to that the idea that some big tech company jerk in California is trying to suppress our speech and you have given millions even more reasons to stay in the fight.

But, again, the Democrats don’t seem to get that. And neither do some Republicans such as Romney, Murkowski, Cheney, etc. They don’t seem to understand how they are damaging themselves instead of their target.

Maybe their puppet masters have more dire consequences for them if they fail. But, trust me, by their actions, these big government actors are assuring their party and their careers will be demolished.

As someone once said, ” Never stop the enemy from self destruction.”

Stay tuned.

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I am a 67 year old runner and conservative. I taught for 31 years and retired a few years back. In my life, I have coached and judged gymnastics, coached softball, and raised two amazing kids.

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