They Have a Plan, and it Doesn’t Involve You and Me

I wrote the other day that the Democrats were participating in their own self destruction. I still believe it’s true, because I believe that the people of this country will see through their actions. But, I also wonder if this isn’t all part of the plan for something much bigger.

As we watch the Leftists take over the government, some of us have questioned if they have a plan. We watch Biden spout nonsense, see his handlers perform amazing verbal gymnastics to try to explain his nonsense, and see Executive Order after Executive Order initiate bad policy after bad policy. Surely, this can’t be by design? Who would openly do such stupid things? Who would blatantly piss off powerful members of their base?

Leftists. You see, leftists will do whatever they need to do, say whatever they want to say, and screw whoever they have to screw to promote their cause. They have a plan. It’s a long term plan.

The plan is not just to run this country and keep their power. If that was the case, they would ease into these decisions with much more care and caution. They would have laid the ground work over a few weeks or months. That way, they could soften up the ground to get rid of thousands of jobs with bribes to the unions. They could tell the “human interest” stories that would justify, in their minds, allowing men in women’s bathrooms, men competing in women’s sports, and the approval of transgenders in the military. They would have smoothed the road for Biden, making him look much more reasonable, more presidential. They certainly wouldn’t have allowed him to sign 29 Executive Orders in five days. ( For the record, Obama signed 5, Trump 1) They would have had them done one or two at a time.

But they didn’t.

Biden isn’t the end game here. The Leftists really don’t care about his image. He is a stooge. A placeholder. He will be one of the first political martyrs in their cause.

Follow me here. There are at least 75 million people in this country who voted for Trump. There were considerably less who voted for Biden. Any smart leadership would at least attempt to win over the opposition with a conciliatory tone. They would certainly not want to antagonize them more with all of this nonsense and an illegal and stupid impeachment.

But, the leftists have sought out ways to antagonize Trump followers, going as far as to propose legislation to designate anyone who used the terms MAGA, Stop the Steal, and yes, even patriots, as domestic terrorists. If passed, this legislation would allow the House and Senate to decide who the terrorists were. What a great way to get rid of political opposition, right?

But, how do you justify criminalizing as many as 75 million people?

You goad them into violence. And if you can’t get them to act violently, you find people who will commit violence while claiming to be one of them. Or, you just straight up make it up. China is really good at that. They make up stories to turn the general population against the group they want gone.

You make an example of one of their leaders, not just getting him out of office, but destroying his life in the process. You destroy a billion dollar company and a few smaller ones. They dress this up as moral outrage, social justice, and “for the better good. ” It’s a message to Trump supporters. “If we can do this to him/them, what can we do to you?”

With all of this and every Executive Order, the tension in the country rises. Even the Biden voters wonder if they made the right choice. As tension rises, violence increases. Sprinkle a little big tech censorship on top, and you set the conditions for people to get really angry and take action. And once that happens, the mainstream media can portray that violence any way they want. All you have to do is look at the breech of the Capitol compared to the rioting and burning by Antifa and BLM. The ground work is laid for the general population to get tired of it and turn on Trump supporters. Look at the young people who have been indoctrinated in wonders of Socialism.

You might even cause some Trump supporters to back down and go away.

The plan evolves until guns can be taken away, speech can be outlawed, and elections become a one party coronation of the leftists. After all, who will be left to run against them? Republicans? Most of them are a light version of Socialists.

At some point they won’t have to include us in anything. We’ll either die off, end up in jail, or beg for forgiveness and fall in line.

It sounds hopeless. I hope I am wrong. But, if we are to do anything, we need to be prepared to be strong. Strong enough to stay non-violent. Strong enough to build support by opening eyes, removing illusions. And, most of all, win the fight by being in it for the long haul.

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I am a 67 year old runner and conservative. I taught for 31 years and retired a few years back. In my life, I have coached and judged gymnastics, coached softball, and raised two amazing kids.

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