Dear Biden Caretakers

I get it. Joe has adtvanced stage dementia. It’s obvious every time we see him speak, walk or just do anything. It’s why you didn’t want a crowd at the Fauxnaguration ( along with the fact that no one wanted to be there). The man can’t even make sense. He seems to be lost, a lot. I guess you can only use so much adrenaline on an old guy like him.

And listen, I understand. My mother had dementia, but it was when she was in her 90’s. And she wasn’t installed in an important office. It’s painful to watch the decline in someone like that.

Sad thing is, I think that is what you had planned all along. You wanted someone you could exploit and use to sign your dictatorial, communistic and economy breaking measures. You wanted someone that would do whatever you wanted, no matter how many people or how much of the country you hurt.

Once Joe has outlived his usefulness and has pissed off enough of the country, you will toss him aside and have Ms. Harris, someone who is used to screwing others to get what she wants, swoop in and make things “better.” By then the country might be under the total control of China and/or the one world government, but she’ll get to do her thing. And I am sure our economy will be destroyed.

One thing I wondered is why Jill, his wife, would let this happen. Did she make a deal with you? Is she getting paid? Will she get some cushy job in the government? Does she just hate the old coot? Or maybe she thinks this is worth it if he gets to be fake President for just a while. It’s puzzling.

I’m sure Hunter doesn’t care. He has his hookers and blow, or meth, or whatever he is on.

You might want to be careful about what crazy shit you allow the old loon to do though. Already, many Biden supporters are seeing what is going on, the sell out of our country. The rest of us have known it all along. If the two sides ever come together, well, you might just have one big problem on your hands. What would happen if 100 million people decide enough is enough?

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I am a 67 year old runner and conservative. I taught for 31 years and retired a few years back. In my life, I have coached and judged gymnastics, coached softball, and raised two amazing kids.

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