Day 9- 1460 Days of Resistance-Does the Constitution Protect You?

Today I am asking a question. I mentioned this in my run up to this series and some of my friends said I was crazy. They have changed their tune.


Well, let’s take a look at how Leftists have handled the Constitution.

BTW: Get a copy of the Constitution to read and carry with you.

IMPEACHMENT: Impeachment is an action to remove a government official who has committed “high crimes and misdemeanors.” And, as with anything a person is accused of, their must be concrete proof of those crimes.

Well, I guess the Leftists in Congress forgot or overlooked that part. They impeached President Trump once on charges that were proven not only false, but actually made up by a political opponent.

Now, they are impeaching a private citizen who is out of office for something that DID NOT HAPPEN. Check the speech the President gave on January 6th and let me know which phrases he used to incite violence.

While you are at it, look up statements by Pelosi, Maxine Waters, AOC, etc. and how they actually did incite violence.

So, not constitutional. But, the Constitution is not stopping it.

ELECTION INTERFERENCE: A 31 year old Florida man is being prosecuted for election interference and spreading election misinformation with….wait for it…memes on social media. Apparently, he posted meme’s that encouraged voters to vote by text for Hillary. He tricked voters into doing that.

Really? First of all, if you are stupid enough to follow the directions on a social media meme, you probably shouldn’t vote. Or drive. Or feed yourself. You are a danger to yourself!

It’s funny, because I can send the FBI a picture of a sign posted outside my town before the end of the election that thanked the population of my town for voting, as if the election was over. The implication might have kept people from voting. Should that guy be prosecuted also? ( Personally, I think he should be prosecuted for bad taste and ugly signs.)

FREEDOM TO ASSEMBLE AND PRESENT COMPLAINTS TO CONGRESS FOR REDRESS: I know people who went to the “St*p the S*eal” protest in D. C. on January 6th. These people were no where NEAR the Capitol at any point. At the very least they didn’t storm it. They are now being questioned and intimidated by the FBI. No warrants, no subpoenas, nada. This is clearly meant to send a message to people about exercising this right.

FREEDOM OF SPEECH: In a recent announcement from Homeland Security, the government will now consider anyone who is involved in the above STS movement or other groups supporting constitutional rights as a “Domestic Violent Extremist. ” This could also be Christians and Libertarians. Everything you post or say is now under the microscope and may mark you for possible prosecution.

And I haven’t even talked about illegal lockdowns, forced vaccines, and domestic travel bans.

So, back to our original question. After much research, the answer is. It depends.

Wait, you ask, what do you mean, “it depends?”

Well, let’s think about that. The Constitution is a piece of paper written over 200 years ago. Since that time, it has been amended, interpreted, and, quite frankly, violated. Currently, the trend among the Lefty Socialist Communists is to twist it into something it is not based on their belief that it is a “living, breathing thing ” that must be adapted to whatever they want. They tell us that with social media, freedom of speech has changed. They tell us that the Second Amendment was written to allow settlers to carry their simple rifles for hunting and it doesn’t support more modern weaponry. Peaceable assembly is only for preferred populations such as Antifa and BLM, even though those groups often get violent. The distortions and mental gymnastics go on and on.

Unfortunately, those Lefty Socialist Communists have installed judges, lawyers, law enforcement, and legislators who follow this same theory. That’s why we see judges making decisions that are quite obviously unconstitutional, but are left to stand.

So, whether the Constitution protects you or not really depends on who is in power, who is prosecuting or hearing your case, and which political affiliation you belong to. And, unfortunately, it seems that the more Conservative citizen has around a 30% chance of being able to cite the Constitution in his/her case. Also, if you are one of the “protected” populations, those odds will improve IF you have the right political beliefs.

So, what do we do?

Well, there are groups that will take on Constitutional cases. Some focus on different areas such as religion, gun rights, etc. DISCLAIMER: These are suggestions based on what these groups post on their websites. You must do your own HOMEWORK! Here are just a few:

Christian Legal Society – – This site is so generic that it is hard to determine if they have a particular political slant, but you can search for lawyers in your area that will take on cases based on violations of rights.

ACLU- Many of us shy away from this group because, quite frankly, they seem to support more left leaning causes. However, I will say that they have taken on cases for Conservatives as well.

Attorneys for Freedom: I found out about this group when I heard its founder Marc Victor on the Tom Woods Podcast. Marc has been busy in California and other states filing cases for different churches whose right to practice freedom of the religion have been impacted by the Covid decisions of Governors. There is great info on the blog area of the site, particularly about what to do if you are charged with a federal crime. They do the regular cases, personal injury, etc. as well. They can be found at

For gun rights, I have a membership in the USCCA. They focus on what you should do if you are involved in a shooting, even if it is justified. They will provide you with a lawyer well versed in gun laws and give you a card with steps to follow after a shooting. Their website is

There are probably more local lawyers you can turn to as well. My suggestion is that you contact one and ask if they do constitutional cases. Ask if they have regularly presented in Federal Courts, because state courts and federal courts can be very different. If you have a business relationship with a lawyer, ask what he/she would recommend.

It is quite sad that we can’t say we are completely protected by the Constitution anymore. Maybe we never could. After all, laws and rights are only as good as the people who support and defend them.

But it is even sadder when someone thinks they are protected and they are not. It can be devastating.

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