When Things Just Don’t Add Up

I’m sorry, but nothing going on right now makes sense. And when things don’t make sense to me, I get suspicious.

Nothing Biden is doing makes sense. Everyone knows that a new President will put in place initiatives and orders to change things for his base. But, when he puts out Executive Orders that piss off his base and backers, that makes no sense. Biden has angered unions, female athletes, Native Americans, people who have medical conditions like Diabetes, small business, and on and on. He has put our national security at risk. If ever there was a chance that regular Americans who didn’t support him now would, he blew it. And that makes no sense. Why is he doing that?

Why is he putting National Agencies heads in place who have had a record of poor performance or no knowledge in those areas? Why is he putting the social media executives in place to police themselves? Why is appointing people to the DOJ who are not interested in enforcing laws? Why is he gearing up for foreign wars?

The only group Biden MIGHT be appeasing is the Environmental extremists in his party. For a guy who proclaimed he wanted unity, he managed to fragment his own backers. Why?

When I think about all of this, I can only find a couple of reasons. First, is he totally misreading his base? Did he think they would just turn their heads as he screwed them? I would say yes except Biden is a politician, albeit a mediocre one. No politician alienates his supporters immediately after being elected. They usually do what Republicans do and wait a few months and then stab their supporters in the back.

Is he serving someone else that he sees as more important? It could be. Eighty-four percent of Wall Street high rollers supported Biden. Are they guiding his actions? Could be. After all, Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen has been paid big bucks by Wall Street for a long time. So have many key members of his administration or their spouses. Maybe he is paying them back for their support. But, if that’s the case, would they really want him to crash the economy? Some suggest that he is appeasing George Soros who was a major player in getting Joe fraudulently “elected.” It’s a possibility.

I wonder also if Joe made a deal. Perhaps the party told Joe that if he would just do what they told him, he could earn that prize he always wanted, the Presidency, at least for a bit. Maybe Obama, who seems to be in the shadows of everything, made deals with Joe. Maybe they told him that he could be President for a bit and then he could resign for some medical reason and go off into the sunset.

Is the being blackmailed because of his pervert crooked son Hunter? Maybe the “powers that be” have that hanging over his head.

Many things to ponder.

And while we are on the subject of Biden, it is clear that this guy is mentally incapacitated. There are only a few times when he looks the least bit alert. Most of the time he shuffles around being told what to do. He is constantly accompanied by Kamala or some other Administration flunkie like Susan Rice. They loom in the background as if they are making sure he doesn’t do something they don’t like. It’s almost like they are holding him hostage. Creepy.

In general, something that doesn’t make sense to me is why the National Guard/Military are still guarding D.C. and why important buildings are surrounded by fences with razor wire, check points, guards, etc. There have been many times when the threat of violence was great in D. C. and we didn’t have this. When Trump was inaugurated, there were protests and some rioting from Anifa and BLM. None of this was implemented.

Even if you factor in the staged Capitol breach ( which is miniscule compared to Antifa and BLM’s violence in 2017), that was almost over a month ago. Since that time, there have been no demonstrations, no major threats, etc. In fact, there’s been nothing. While I know security must be maintained, this is overkill. What are they anticipating? And, it’s not like Biden and his gang have been anywhere. We’re not even sure they have actually set foot in the White House. So, why the war time attitude?

In my mind, it’s an excuse. It was an excuse to make sure Biden didn’t look like the non-winner he is at the Fauxnaguration when no one showed up.

And now I wonder what they are hiding behind those fences? Are they setting us up for a red flag event? Do they know of an imminent attack by a foreign country? Are there threats of terror? Do they know of something coming that will send people over the edge like a financial collapse or a national emergency? I just don’t know.

And I am not even one of the people with videos explaining what they have heard from highly placed nameless officials. An

Another thing that doesn’t make sense is the lazer like focus on Trump supporters and making them out to be “domestic extremist terrorists.” After months of extreme violence from Antifa and BLM, all of a sudden, Trump supporters are a huge problem. Are we going to be scapegoated for something?

There are other things that also don’t add up. Covid numbers are dropping everywhere, states are re-opening businesses, and then Joe and his little elf Fauci come parading out to tell us it’s not better, we need to wear double masks and wear them for 100 days, that the vaccine won’t work but we should take it anyway. It’s crazy and it doesn’t fly with me. Again, either they want to crash the economy completely or they just want to restrict our freedoms even more. But why? Is this a test to see how far they can push us?

Why kill travel on airplanes as the industry is desperate for more fares? Why tell Americans not to travel without being tested and vaccinated while lifting travel bans from other countries AND encouraging illegals ( who have neither been tested or vaccinated) to stream here by the thousands?

Is the same recurring objective, the destruction of our economy, the driver here? Who makes money off of vaccines?

And, finally, why the sudden and severe turn to limiting free speech and commerce for Trump Supporters and President Trump himself? Why not let him ride off in the sunset and tweet, all the while continuing their constant barrage of insulting and belittling every thing he says?

They want him, and us, quiet and afraid. Like many Totalitarian regimes, the biggest fear appears to be allowing people to have and express opinions freely. They think they can do what the Chinese do and beat us into submission.

In reality, there are so many other things that don’t add up. And when things don’t add up, something bad is coming. For us or for them.

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I am a 67 year old runner and conservative. I taught for 31 years and retired a few years back. In my life, I have coached and judged gymnastics, coached softball, and raised two amazing kids.

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