The Amazing Empathy of the Biden Regime

A person I used to teach with made a comment on Facebook about how much Joe Biden cares about us.

Well, first of all, I wasn’t surprised this person would say that. She used to allow her students to give her back rubs during class and once created an assignment for them to write an essay from a Nazi soldier’s viewpoint justifying what he did at a concentration camp.( Thankfully, that one never made it into the actual classroom as far as I know.)


But it made me think that perhaps I should look for this caring attitude from Mr. Biden and his administration. I mean, aren’t Democrats the ones who really feel for the people?

So, let me share what I found.

Biden cares about transgender male athletes who are losers as males. This is so important to Joe. After all, think about all those formerly male athletes who were never picked first during playground games, who couldn’t make the boys’ teams in school, and whose only trophies were participation trophies. It must have been devastating! But NOW, they can be winners by competing against females! Just think of it. All those years of testosterone and development of more masculine muscles now allows them to KICK ASS!

Joe cares about them. ( What? What’s that you say? What about the females? Transgender advocates tell them to train harder and get better.)

Joe also cares about diabetes patients and people who have allergies. He cares so much that he wants those drug companies to raise their prices of insulin and Epi-pens as much as they want to make sure they have huge profits!!!! After all, the more the drug companies raise those prices, the more money they make, the more they will spend those profits on…executive salaries. And, that way, there will always be plenty of drug company executives to offset the numbers of diabetic and allergy prone people. That makes us all a healthier population, right? Well, we might lose a few people, but we can mark them as Covid deaths.

Joe cares so much.

Joe cares about incompetent people. Just look at his agency heads and cabinet. Enough said. No explanation needed.

Joe also cares about druggies and those with deviant sexual activities. He tries to find jobs for these poor folks with foreign corporations. He even bullies those corporations to pay huge salaries to these people ( Hunter) or else their foreign aid may be cut. It’s rehabilitation at its best

Joe cares so much.

He also cares for all those workers whose good paying jobs were eliminated in the blink of an eye as he canceled the XL Pipeline and the Border Wall. But, never fear. Joe tells them that they can learn how to computer code or build solar panels. ( Uh, except solar panels are made in CHINA). Oops! Or, they could just eat cake.

There are so many other ways Joe shows how he cares about us. He assures gas prices will rise drastically, taxes will go up substantially, the Chinese will have access to our power grid, and on and on.

Joe cares. He’s our friend.

And with friends like that, who needs enemies?

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I am a 67 year old runner and conservative. I taught for 31 years and retired a few years back. In my life, I have coached and judged gymnastics, coached softball, and raised two amazing kids.

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