Day 13 of 1460, Questions to Ask Your Biden Supporting Friends – If You Have Any Left

You know them. They are the ones who gave you dirty looks, accused you of stealing their signs out of their yards, and called you a Nazi. They are your neighbors or friends, but they haven’t really talked to you since the election. Weird, because you would think they would be excited about “winning” the election.

Well, in the interest of harmony and good will i have a suggestion. Invite your lefty Biden loving acquaintance to lunch. They might decline at first, but if you offer to buy I’m sure they will go. Democrats love free lunches!!!!

Tell them that you want to mend fences, have a civil conversation, etc. You should seriously plan to do that. But, I also want you to be prepared for this conversation with some questions you want to ask them. It’s important that you don’t disclose these questions to them ahead of time. We want to get the most honest, non scripted answers possible.

Begin the lunch with light small talk. Maybe you could reminisce about those times when your neighbor wasn’t calling you nasty names or that time you did them a favor. Break down any walls that might exist.

And then ask the questions. It’s very important that when you ask, you set parameters for the answers in your own mind. At no time will you accept an answer that has to do do with Trump, hating Trump, Trump”s comments and tweets, ect. And you will not accept answers that are generic in nature. Stick to these parameters. Here we go.

  1. What did you like about Joe Biden that caused you to vote for him? ( Remember, the answer can’t include Trump)
  2. Which policies are you most excited about that the Biden Administration will implement?
  3. Which recent Executive Orders of the Biden Administration to you fully support and think is great for our country and society? ( if they have one, ask WHY?)

There is likely to be some stammering and stuttering with these answers. They may attempt to lie and claim a policy that doesn’t exist or mis-state and executive order. You MUST be prepared and know your facts. You must force them to be clear with their thoughts by presenting facts and information. They can’t just say they like the transgender EO because they accept everyone. NO! They must tell you how this will positively impact our country and why it is a crucial policy. Don’t hesitate to ask about the consequences of the order and whether your friend supports them. Or if it is fair. You MUST pin them down.

I then want you to ask three more questions. These are also crucial.

  1. Do you support the Constitution of the United States?
  2. Do you support freedom of speech for ALL PEOPLE even those who have opinions distasteful or offensive to you?
  3. Which is more important, freedom or safety? Why?

I promise you, this will either be the most enlightening or most awkward lunch you have ever had. You will either find out your neighbor is a Marxist or ill informed. He/she might hate you for asking these questions. It’s a small price to pay for knowledge.

When this lunch is over, you will know a lot about your neighbor. And, maybe, just maybe, he/she will learn something about him/herself. At the very least, it will be entertaining to see him/her go through all the mental and verbal gymnastics to try to justify something they know they can’t justify.

It will be well worth the price of lunch.

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I am a 67 year old runner and conservative. I taught for 31 years and retired a few years back. In my life, I have coached and judged gymnastics, coached softball, and raised two amazing kids.

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