Day 14, 1,446 Remaining Days of Resistance: Understanding Some Things About Leftist Reasoning

While listening to a Podcast this morning, I heard an interesting perspective about why so of the logical arguments many of us use on Leftists don’t work. It was one I hadn’t thought of.

Tom Woods interviews so many people with different viewpoints on his show, which makes sense because he is a libertarian. Today I listened to an interview with Alan Mosely who has his own podcast called ” It’s Too Late.” It’s a comedy podcast that includes many of today’s issues.

Tom and Alan were discussing how difficult it is to discuss issues with Leftists. Even when confronted with how they believe a certain way at one time and then another way another time, they can’t seem to see how their views are hypocritical.

Alan explained it this way. Most of us, when we consider the events of the world, tend to try to find similarities and logic as to why the same rules, laws, etc. should generally apply to all those events. For us, if we say that people shouldn’t do something, then we must live by that rule ourselves. To do otherwise would be hypocritical.

We don’t like being hypocritical because that, to us, is dishonest and wrong.

Leftists are different. Leftists see each situation as being totally different and unique from any other situation. Each situation exists with its own justifications, morality, etc. and it has no connection to any other situation, even if there might appear to be similarities. There are no norms, no standards. There is no logic, no right or wrong that always applies.

So, the Leftists want to impeach Trump for inciting violence on January 6th even though he never said anything to encourage violence. The mere fact that he had a big rally in D.C. on that day and he told those people to march to the Capitol peacefully is enough for them to condemn him. BUT, if you say to that leftist that Pelosi, Waters, AOC, and even Obama himself said things that actually DID encourage people to act violently toward Republicans and that it is hypocritical to condemn Trump for saying something that didn’t, they don’t see it. They will turn to you with a blank face and say, “But that was a totally different situation. ” And they will believe it. For them, the fact that the Dems were just trying to get their followers motivated to fight back against a party they found oppressive, it wasn’t the same. It was justified. And, of course if an action against Trump it doesn’t matter if it is wrong or right. Remember, these are people who have called for him to be killed.

Event the 2018 incident where Dems breached the Capitol over the Kavanaugh hearings was different than this. After all, the protesters in 2018 HAD to keep Kavanaugh from being confirmed. Again, justified. Not condemning it does not make them hypocrites.

I know it drives you crazy. It drives me crazy too. Because no matter where you take the argument, they will not be able to process or admit they are wrong.

Do you just give it up then? I don’t think so. You keep trying, stating your arguments, showing them facts with the hope that someday they will get it through their foggy brains. You hope that somewhere down the line that they will be like teenagers and ” grow out of it” and your thoughts will come back and influence them.

They may actually come back to you someday and admit they were wrong.

Don’t hold your breath.

Next up: Leftism as religion

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