Will Anyone Stand Up to Tyranny?

I don’t know about you, but it seems to me that as Joe Biden does more crazy things, the SILENCE from others in the government is more deafening.

Biden has said and done these things:

  1. Destroyed ten of thousands of jobs and an economical source for energy, assuring that prices at the gas pump will skyrocket. And they have.
  2. Destroyed women’s sports by allowing biological men to compete against biological women.
  3. Endangered biological women by allowing biological men in their restrooms and dressing rooms.
  4. Destabilized our electrical grid by allowing China to have access to it.
  5. Removed the barriers to hundreds of thousands of illegals to come to this country without exception. And without being tested for Covid.
  6. Increased our military presence in the Middle East after Trump had brought almost all of them home.
  7. Accused our military and police of being white supremacists and began a purge of those who have Conservative and religious values.
  8. Installed tyrannical mask and travel restrictions on citizens.
  9. Turned a blind eye to the ethnic cleansing of the Uyghurs by China, saying it was ” national custom.”

And let’s not forget that it is not just Joe Biden, but the actions of Nancy Pelosi that need to be called out. Along with her strange obsession with impeaching Trump and removing him from existence, she recently hired one of the most racist, mentally deranged people I have ever heard to investigate the Capitol Police. This guy, Russel Honore’, a so-called Lt. General in what branch I have no idea (If you ask me, he looks like one of Castro’s men) straight up hates white people, Conservatives, Trump and anyone who agrees with Trump.

All these things add up to moving our country to a Socialist, totalitarian hell. And, have you heard anything from Republicans?

Oh wait, Mitch “The Turtle” McConnell made a statement. He blasted Trump. Then he doubled down on that with an “op ed” in the New York Times that repeated the criticism. That was about it except for an occasional brave Congressmen and Senator who were then immediately removed from postitions of influence.

Why is that? What the hell is going on? Why won’t they speak up for us?

Fear? Maybe. After all, the Democrats are known for their organized crime/cartel like tactics. Cuomo in New York threatens a New York Legislator with ruin for suggesting the Governor be impeached for causing thousands of nursing home residents to die through his negligence with Covid. Pelosi, a member of an organized crime family from Baltimore, hires a head of Capitol Police who hates white people and is not adverse to violence against them . And don’t forget the violence threatened by Antifa and BLM on anyone who doesn’t approve of the leftist agenda. And, there’s always the Clinton cartel. They “suicide” people like it’s their job.

So, I guess they could be fearful. But, if they are too fearful to do their jobs, they need to resign. We need warriors right now, not cupcakes. The CCP, who is not afraid to kill or destroy dissenters, is on the verge of owning us. If they take over, we are done.

Bribery? This is always a consideration. Let’s face it, our officials go into government middle class and come out extremely wealthy. While the citizens, the middle class, can’t pay them enough to represent us, huge organizations can, and do. Drug companies, energy companies, big tech companies, other countries, all throw huge amounts of money at them. And once they take a bribe, they can never stop or they will be found out.

The thing about taking dirty bribes is that sooner or later they bite you in the ass when the balance must be paid . There is no honor among crooks and there is always someone who will rat them out. I look forward to the day that someone turns on Mitch or Mitt and they are carted off to jail.

Extortion? It’s clear that we don’t have the best and brightest in government. The mere fact that Congress maintains a “slush fund” to cover sexual harassment and assault law suits against members is a clear indicator that these folks have serious, disgusting flaws. Can anyone forget the Fang Fang Banger, Swalwell? HIs indiscretions may not have cost him, because he is protected by the Democrat Cartel. ( I wonder when Nancy will come to collect on Fart Boy’s debt to her?) Republicans are not protected by anyone in or out of the party. With all the ways that information and evidence can be discovered and shared, the mere threat of exposure keeps many of them quiet. If one is a Republican, even a jay walking offense can get you canned. And, God forbid you express an opinion that is against the Democrat Machine.

Diconnection? In other words, they don’t give a damn? I think in many cases this is the reason they are so quiet. Look at D.C. NEVER IN HISTORY has it been so guarded outside of war. Our “leaders” sit inside the D.C. bubble and are insulated against whatever happens to us. If the economy tanks, they are protected. If there is famine, they will still eat. Their families, their children and grandchildren, will never have to worry about any of these things. So, speaking out for us is just not on their agenda.

So, who WILL speak out for us? I think we have to realize that it is just us who will have to do the hard work.

Problem is, people are so frustrated and angry. At some point, when people feel they are not being heard and represented, they lose it. Thomas Jefferson called free speech the valve that allows pent up steam to escape. I’m not advocating violence, but it won’t be me making that choice.

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I am a 67 year old runner and conservative. I taught for 31 years and retired a few years back. In my life, I have coached and judged gymnastics, coached softball, and raised two amazing kids.

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