Social Credits in Order to Live: Coming Soon to a Country Near You

I started a thirty day ban on Facebook yesterday evening. It’s not the first time I have been banned. But I have never been banned for this long. And all because I used the word “pussy” to describe Senator Graham. Are they kidding? I’ve been called worse and reported it to Facebook and they said it was fine that someone would say that about me. Why? Because I am a Conservative.

My previous bans have been for articles I posted from a website Facebook didn’t like. And, the funny thing is, they would site the “post” and it wasn’t what I posted. So, I guess they just didn’t like the person whose web page it was on.

I have appealed in the past, which is a joke. You can spend fifteen minutes appealing your ban. They tell you they are understaffed and it may take a while to review your appeal and then you get an answer one minute later. Appeal denied. So, again, the truth is Facebook doesn’t like Conservatives and they want to get rid of us. (I also wonder if it is a cumulative effect for me because I have been posting articles and information about the bias of their fact checkers and challenging FB about that. Who knows.)

What we are seeing, however, is the beginning of a “social credit” system modeled after China’s. And if you don’t think it is, you are blissfully unaware.

In China, social credit is a government program that regulates people’s social behavior by giving or taking away ” social credit points” for certain things that are found on court documents, reported by other “citizens,” or discovered in corporate/government records.

Do the “right” things, as designated by the government as “ for the greater good” , and you get discounts, perks, preference on bank loans, etc.

Do the wrong things and you could lose privileges. For example, traffic violations, posting “faulty” information, smoking where smoking is not allowed, buying or playing too many video games, or selling a product that is faulty are all ways to get put on a government “black list.” The black listing could cause you to be denied airline flights or have your children denied entry into a university. Get the picture?

The system was introduced in 2014 by China’s “State Council” and was touted as a way to ” allow the trustworthy to roam everywhere under heaven while making it hard for the discredited to take a single step.”

So, in other words, you won’t be able to live. You are, in similar words to what Facebook does, “banned.” The system has been implemented in several cities and is slated to go country wide soon.

That couldn’t happen here, could it? We are a free country. We have Constitutional rights. Yeah. Okay.

Think about this for a moment. If you go without a mask in public, can you walk in any store and buy products? Can you get on public transportation? Can you get medical care? Probably not in most states. I’m sure you are thinking that this is just because of Covid 19 and when that is gone, the restrictions will be gone. Will they? I’m not so sure. We already have states like New York that are considering MANDATING that all citizens get the Covid vaccine. They will get an electronic “certificate” that will allow them in public. This is already being done in Israel. No certification, no grocery store, travel, etc. You get social credit for the vaccine, you get banned if you don’t get it.

Even outside the Covid 19 situation, look at what companies are doing to Trump supporters or companies that supported Trump. MIke Lindell of MY PILLOW has lost retailers for his product because he supported Trump. Senators/Congressmen who supported Trump are being locked out of certain banks for their campaign funds. Trump himself has been removed from certain social media sites. Banks he has dealt with for decades are no longer doing business with him. Some people even want the government to take away his property in Florida. All because they don’t like him and want him banned.

But, that’s not the government, right? They are private businesses and can do what they want.

But the government is going down that road as well. Aside from conducting impeachment proceedings on him twice, Congress has attempted to keep him from running for any public office again. Congressmen and Senators who supported Trump and questioning the election results are threatened with removal by their colleagues. Even some in their own parties are removing them from important committees. Bannishment.

They won’t stop with that. They are already targeting those in the police and military who have expressed pro Trump sentiments or even religious beliefs. They want them gone. There is currently a bill in Congress that would deny anyone ACCUSED of domestic terrorism the right to hold a public office, own a gun, and travel on airlines. That’s ACCUSED not found gulity. Even if you are found innocent, the restrictions will stand. And the definition of domestic terrorism is broad and ambigous. It could merely include a person going to a peaceful demonstration, a right guaranteed by the Constitution or stating a certain opinion online.

Hey, what does that sound like? Why it sounds like what happens when you are banned from Facebook. You are accused of something. There is no appeal. Interesting.

I’m sure there are some Democrats out there that love this idea. They will embrace the “it’s for the good of all” philosophy with open arms. After all, it’s only going to punish those they don’t like or agree with. Just like in China, the Democrats and the compliant will be able to do whatever they want because they will follow ALL the rules.

Once again, look at all the mask wearing Covid zealots who will report you or a business for a violation, and will do it quite proudly.

Problem is, rules change. They are changed to fit whatever whims and social constructs the government and the mob wants to that point. And one day, those good little compliant sheep will find themselves on the wrong side of the social credit balance for doing something they thought was their right or that was acceptable a short time ago.

And there will be no appeal. They will be banned like the rest of us.

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