Who is in Charge and Who are They Serving?

Every time Joe Biden appears in public, people become more aware that he is not mentally competent. He can’t speak, even when reading off a teleprompter, he loses focus, shuffles around like a patient in a nursing home, and is constantly accompanied by “handlers” including his wife Jill.

Even those who voted for him admit something is not right. Many of them are extremely unhappy with his many Executive Orders which have cost them jobs, money, etc. They wonder where these ideas came from since they were not part of the Presidential campaign. Of course, who really knew since he spent most of the campaign in hiding.

Not only that, but his cabinet is constructed of people who are not only incompetent, but as mentally deficient as he is. They can’t even answer simple questions during their confirmations. To the A.G.nominee, “Is it terrorism to attack a Federal Building?” Answer: ” Not if it’s at night when no one is there.” What? The nominee for HHS Secretary, ” Do you support gender reassignment therapy for young children?” Answer: crickets. And by the way, HE didn’t have to answer. His appearance lets us know.

And yes, I said ” HE.” He is no more a woman than a fish is a giraffe.

So, with all these really divisive decisions going on, who really is in charge?It’s clear that Biden, despite being a hack politician for over 40 years, never would have done these on his own. He has never indicated that any of these ideas fit his belief system, and his demeanor shows he is just going through the motions.

But, these decisions and the recent attack on Syria do show us who is in charge. It’s a person who thinks he is the smartest person in the room and whose narcissistic personality can’t stand that Trump undid so many of the programs enacted in his regime. It’s a person who loves division, feeds off of it, and wants to enact another Presidential term or two, even if it is by proxy.

But wait, you say, aren’t the Democrats going to get rid of Joe in order to put Kamala Harris in place? Could she be who is in charge?

I don’t think so. First of all, Harris has never distinguished herself as a Socialist visionary. She has never presented as an inspiring figure that the masses can rally around. Yes, she’s a woman and is a self proclaimed “woman of color,” but other than that, she’s actually less inpirational than Hillary Clinton. She didn’t even poll well in her home state of California. She is no less of a puppet than Biden. She was added to the ticket primarily because she is a woman and she is politically bland. Democrats used her as the token female to get Joe elected. And, when they do retire Joe to the glue factory, she will be an easily led stooge.

But, back to Obama. You probably wonder how I can think he is in charge when he has stayed out of the picture so much. He barely endorsed Joe. He has been relatively quiet since Joe was installed. A couple of reasons.

First, the fact that he has been so quiet is telling. When Trump was elected, Obama couldn’t keep his mouth shut, commenting on EVERYTHING Trump did. And, instead of leaving D.C., he bought a home a few blocks from the White House. During the last few months of his term, Obama even hinted at the fact that he thought he could be elected for a third term. So, his silence now tells me that he is getting everything said and done behind the scenes and doesn’t need a public face.

Not that it won’t happen. He is already speaking out on topics a little at a time. In a recent “podcast” with Bruce Springsteen, Obama lamented that he couldn’t get reparations for slavery through in his term because of those mean old Republicans in the Senate and House. The message is clear and it is ” boy, if I had the Congress Joe has now I could REALLY get my agenda through.” And then he throws in a dig at white Americans just for good measure, to remind us that he is half Black. It’s a call to his base.

Let’s also remember how little respect Obama had for Biden. As a VP, Biden was kept in the same basement he occupied during the election. Obama knew Joe was prone to gaffes, screw ups, and stupidity. He once said, “Don’t underestimate Joe’s ability to f*** things up. ” Joe said himself that he had never been in certain areas of the White House because Obama didn’t invite him there. It’s clear Obama saw Joe as inferior to him which made Biden his perfect VP and somewhat of an insurance policy against any move to remove Obama from the Presidency. After all, who would want that idiot Joe as President?

But, if that is true, why did Obama want him “elected”? We know that the conspiracy to get Joe “elected” could not have been enacted by the Biden camp. No one there had the connections, intellect or tactics to get it done. Obama did. And he knew the press and the deep state would cover for him. This was something even the Clinton Crime Machine could not have achieved!

But, again. Why? Why Joe Biden? First, at 78, dementia stricken and feeble, it will be fairly easy to get Joe out of the way. And, I almost wonder if Joe wasn’t either fooled about this because he does have dementia or if he went along just because it would be the ultimate sacrifice for the cause. Some people will do anything just to say they achieved a certain title. ( Oh, and please don’t say his family wouldn’t have allowed it. His wife and family are ambition driven as much as he is. )

And, Joe will do what they say. He hasn’t had an original thought in 47 years and he won’t have one now. If his actions make him look stupid, so much better for Kamala if and when she steps in. Recently, she said she was angry that she was ” out of the loop” on the recent attack of Syria. She conveiniently washed her hands of the whole thing. Distancing and plausible deniability, something Obama is teaching her. That, and the promise of possibly being the first woman President is probably all the enticement she needs.

As we continue, I think things will continue to deteriorate. I think the Democrats will use any means to achieve what they want. They are already setting March 4th up as a possible day when there will be violence in D.C. despite the fact that they have ignored the violent events by BLM in recent weeks. If they can create another staged event which condemns Trump supporters, they can further implement their agenda of division and purging while allowing Joe to be the bad guy.

And, who does this serve in the long run? In my opinion, Obama and all of his ilk across the globe, are being managed by groups like the World Economic Forum and the large banks of the world. The ultimate aim is to get everyone under the same, yes, one world government. Will it happen? I certainly hope not. If it does, our lives as individuals with freedom is over.

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I am a 67 year old runner and conservative. I taught for 31 years and retired a few years back. In my life, I have coached and judged gymnastics, coached softball, and raised two amazing kids.

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