Hey Joe, You are NOT Fooling Anyone

When I started teaching, I discovered something about kids. They can spot fake people very quickly. If you try to “snow” them, be cool like them, pretend to be their friend or to care about them, they will shut you down in a heartbeat. They can sense when someone is not authentic and when they know that, you have lost them.

Unfortunately, the people in D.C. haven’t figured that out. For example, in the session with Faux Joe Biden the other day, we see Nancy Pelosi telling that bogus story about her grandchildren substituting “Open Biden” for “Open Sesame.” She tells this ridiculous story while flailing her arms like a fisherman swatting a swarm of mosquitos. She is grinning from ear to ear. Oh, and she tells it through what must have been 100 filters on that camera to make her look young. Awkward, stupid and totally unbelieveable.

Did anyone else “see” what was really going on in her head? I did. It went something like this, “When is this old idiot going to resign or die?”

Even better was the “apology” by Mario Cuomo for his harassment of women who worked for him. Seriously, Mario, stop telling us that you support a woman’s right to come forward when we know that all you want to do is tie a cement block around their ankles and drop them in the East River. And the fake choking up as if you are going to cry? Nah. Not working.

But, this tendency to pretend you are something you are not is the worst with Joe Biden. The other night, during his assigned reading session, he had a moment when he leaned forward and begged us to help him solve the Covid problem. ( First of all, do you know how many days they had to coach old Joe so he could read this? Plenty.) His voice got quiet. He moved his hands in emphasis and squinted his eyes even more than normal.

As with Pelosi, I could see what was going on in Biden’s head. He was desperately trying to remember the stage directions he had been given by his “directors”. Their directions went something like this, ” Okay Joe, at this point we want you to lean forward and squint your eyes. Squint them hard, Joe, like you are trying hard to keep from sobbing. Then, as you beg people to help you, move your hands in a grabbing motion, almost like you are groping and sniffing one of those little girls again, up and down, while you speak. Pretend you are begging for the nurse to bring you your pudding and beg the people for help. Tell them to do it for you, for their neighbors, etc. Emote Joe, emote.”

Biden did as he was trained. But, sadly for him, it didn’t fool any of the ten viewers watching. Like so many other things, the Corn Pop story, the fake awarding of a medal to a dying Navy captain on his death bed, and the sharing of how his grandchildren fondle his leg hair, it’s all so unbelievably bad that if a script writer in Hollywood wrote it he/she would not only be banned from Hollywood but no one would let him/her use writing apps or utensils again to write anything.

He is not authentic. He’s not even a good facsimile of who he wants us to think he is. Not even his supporters buy it. But, being the mindless drones they are, they switch the topic when his name comes up. He is a pathetic shell who spouts words like a parrot . The only thing missing is the squawk and request for a cracker.

The only thing that is real is that he is too mentally incompetent to be anywhere near an office of any kind in D. C., much less the Presidency.

How long can this charade continue before someone in the Democrat party says ” enough is enough” and pulls the plug to remove life support from this lie?

It had better be soon because from my experience as a teacher, once the students know you are not who you portray, they employ harsh tactics to let you know. They question you, ridicule you, disregard and dismiss you and finally, turn your classroom into an anarchist hell on earth. I’ve seen it happen in the classrooms of too many new teachers.

And, we are not dealing with teenagers in a classroom. We are dealing with the people of the United States and the leaders of the world. Already, we have heard from several countries how weak Biden is. And several of them are not our friends.

The people of this country don’t take kindly to being told what to do and who to do it with. This is not China.

When it got so bad with a teacher that the students were out of control, the teacher had to be removed from the classroom. There was no way around it.

Unfortunately, getting an installed “President” out of office is not that easy. But, it can be legally and peacefully done. Hopefully the sham will end before things get way out of control.

Judging from what is going on in the streets of our cities, we’re already there in some places. It won’t take long for it to happen others areas.

The sham is obvious and we all know it, even the people responsible for it.

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I am a 67 year old runner and conservative. I taught for 31 years and retired a few years back. In my life, I have coached and judged gymnastics, coached softball, and raised two amazing kids.

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