The Last Vaccine Holdout

DISCLAIMER: This is FICTION. It does not reflect other than my imagination of what might happen in the future. To be honest, I almost feel like I didn’t actually write it but it just flowed from me. It is meant to be semi-serious but mostly satirical. Could any of this happen? I sure hope not but…

Imagine if you will….( Sounds like Twilight Zone, right?)

The year is 2023. The Covid 19 pandemic has left its lasting effects. People are still in masks, social distancing, and avoiding large crowds. A sort of gray palor has overtaken the country as businesses remain closed and nothing seems fun anymore. Sports have no live audiences. The United States population is mostly vaccinated, but not completely. President Harris, in the second year of her Presidency, has declared that once we are at 100% vaccination, we can stop wearing masks and we will be able to go out socially without restrictions.

Problem is, not everyone is vaccinated. A few holdouts, derisively called ” anti-vaxxers” and “science deniers” by others, refuse the vaccine on the basis that they think it is dangerous and ineffective. They are mostly white, Conservative, Trump supporters who call themselves Patriots.

At first, they told them that they wouldn’t be allowed to refuse the vaccine. But, somehow the Supreme Court had said this would be a violation of their Constitutional rights. The anti-vaxxers saw this as a victory. They didn’t realize the determination of the tyrannical Harris regime to have full control of everyone.

The denial of services and life events started slowly with the airlines refusing to allow them to travel on their flights without proof of a vaccine. Then, realizing that many of them would travel by auto, each state employed entry checkpoints. Hotels were forbidden from allowing them to stay overnight with them. Still, many of them refused the shot.

Next, driver’s licenses were not renewed without showing proof of the vaccine. Social Security and Medicare was denied them as the government could set the guidelines for people to participate in those programs. Many of those who needed to drive to work each day relented, and those over 65 who needed the income and medical care gave in as well. But not everyone took the vaccine.

President Harris, furious at the selfishness of these people, had their children taken from them and separated them from any of their loved ones and friends who had complied with the vaccine, for their safety, of course. “Take the damn shot,” she said. But still, there were many who said ” no.”

During this entire time, those who were anti-vaccine were victims of not only shunning from the rest of the public, but open derision and even violence. They demanded that President Harris, remove these people from their cities, towns, and homes. Public opinion against the “Patriots” grew so strong that the Constitution was suspended.

Using the CDC’s plan for a “shielding ” program, the resisters were rounded up. National Guard officers came to their homes and offered them one last chance to take the vaccine. If they did, they were welcomed back to society after a 14 day quarantine at home. If not, they were taken immediately into transport busses and moved to facilities euphamistically called, ” Last Resorts” where they would live out their days until they took the vaccine or died of natural causes.

It’s extremely hard for them. They see family through glass walls and are fed three basic meals a day. There are not separate sleeping quarters but barrack like facilities with community bathrooms. Since laws were passed to allow transgenders to live as the sex they claim for themselves, biological men live with biological women and vice versa.

“Residents” get limited time outside each day and only approved government television shows and vaccine propaganda. Internet usage is limited to thirty minutes twice a day, and no information regarding the virus, vaccine, or any other controversial topics are permitted. Residents must not talk about these or any other controversial topics while in the compound. To do so is to lable yourself as a “thought criminal.” One offense gets a warning, after that you are removed and taken to an unknown location for punitive measures.

Because the residents don’t go anywhere, they all wear the same gray sweatsuit outfits. All other clothing is confiscated and burned as biological waste. Of course, masks are worn at all times. The only physical exercise allowed is walking in the “yard.”

Occasionally, those with anxiety or mental disorders such as PTSD are given counseling, but mainly they are given drugs to eliminate their syndromes.

Because this costs so much money, the residents’ families are billed monthly for the services. Fees are removed directly out of their bank accounts. Since residents don’t work, many families have to take additional jobs to support them OR put the fees on “government credit” at a high interest rate.

Because of the hardship to themselves and their families, the suicide rate among residents is high. The preferred method is hanging themselves, since no weapons or sharp objects are permitted in the “resort.”

President Harris is praised for her work to cure the country of this disease, and Dr. Anthony Fauci has been promoted to New World Order Medical Czar, which gives him unlimited power. Congress has been eliminated because too many of them protested these harsh measures. The CIA, FBI, NSA and other deep state agencies have monitored them and indicted them on appropriate charges.

Elections are held but they only involve one party, the One World Party which was created in 2021 after the untimely death of Joe Biden who fell while defending his wife, Jill, when one of their dogs attacked her. His autopsy is classified and he was cremated and buried at sea at the request of his son, Hunter, the current AG of the United States. It was determined that the dog had been radicalized by former President Donald Trump, who is currently eluding capture.

The Vice President, Ilhan Omar, who was appointed after Nancy Pelosi suddenly died of alcohol poisoning while drinking to mourn Mr. Biden, is busy with the retraining program for Christians. Christians have been determined to be enemies of the state because they refuse to close their churches for Covid 19.

Meanwhile, the CDC reports that varients of the Covid 19 virus are multiplying. Without knowing it, those taking the vaccine turned their bodies and immune systems into breeding grounds for these varients. These viruses adapted to the vaccines which were only effective against one strain. As these varients spread, the drug companies are unable to develop vaccines that work against them fast enough. The death rate is many times worse than the original.

This time, hospitals are over run. People are dying in the street. The country is on track for 2 million deaths.

Ironically, the virus kills both the President and VP and many in the government. After a year, some of the only people left are those who were in the “resorts.” They aren’t susceptible to the virus or its varients because they allowed their natural immune systems to work. They developed herd immunity.

Anthony Fauci is investigated by what is left of the FBI and it is discovered that he worked with drug companies to commit fraud on the American people and the rest of the world. He is tried in international court found guilty of over 2 million counts of murder. It was so bad they stopped counting. He is executed by lethal injection. Bill Gates is also executed for the same crimes and more.

Hunter Biden is also executed after the files on his laptop computer are restored and he is convicted of treason and rape. Jill Biden finishes her life in a nursing home.

The CCP leaders, who manufactured the virus and made sure it was released, are also executed while their oppressed citizens looked on. China is now adopting Democracy and a Constitution with a focus on the rights of the citizens.

Those surviving in the United States form a new government that reverts back to the original Constitution with its rights and keeping the amendments and political structure. After a short campaign season, a new President is elected, the first black female President, Candace Owens. Her VP is Ron DeSantis. The press secretatry is Tucker Carlson.

It’s a new world order, but not the one that nearly killed the U.S. before. This new world order allows countries to be sovereign. Large Corporations and Tech companies are kept in check through worldwide laws against monopolies. Many countries are throwing aside their Socialist laws and moving toward Democracy.

While there are many problems to be solved, the rebuilding of the world economy, institution of new immigration laws, implementation of secure voting processes with I.D. and the improvement of the education system with a return to academics, the population of the U.S. is optimistic.

Now, when diseases and viruses break out, government and doctors work together to establish reasonable procedures to limit deaths, build immunity, and avoid shutdowns. All measures have to follow the Constitution. Vaccines, when provided, are carefully studied and tested over time and are voluntary.

Religion is accepted as part of our country and is not hidden from view nor restricted. Sports are back as well. People have to compete against the same biological sex.

It’s not a perfect world, but it is a world that has had a spiritual awakening. The lost are mourned, and the survivors never forget how their loss was unnecessary.

And they celebrate those who held out against the Covid 19 vaccine. They are once again called “Patriots.” But this time, it’s sincere.

Oh, and President Trump? He is welcomed back home as a valued adviser of the Owen’s Administration. He is honored with many monuments and statues. His son Barron aspires to be President some day and is working in his Dad’s business starting at the bottom and working his way up. Don Jr. is the Owen Administration’s Secretary of the Treasury. Ivanka is Secretary of State. Melania is happy working various children’s charities.

Oh and God? God wins.

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