Chaos and Discord: When D.C. Becomes the Lord of the Flies

Is it accidental or by design?

Most of us growing up in the 70’s and 80’s have read William Golding’s Lord of the Flies. If you haven’t your English teacher failed you! ( Honestly, I hated the book when I read it and didn’t enjoy teaching it either. ) It’s a hard book to read but the story and message are worthwhile.

In a nutshell, a plane evacuating a group of boys from England is shot down over a deserted island. The boys are left to fend for themselves. At first they enjoy themselves without adults around to tell them what to do, but then chaos and anarchy ensue, several of the boys die, there are huge fights and even murder. The point of the novel is that without discipline or order, humans will descend into violence and self destruction.

It seems that maybe the Biden regime is undergoing the same descent. But, is it just a case of a poor leader and staff, or is it by design?

Like the boys in Lord of the Flies, the Biden regime and their supporters immediately seemed thrilled after the election with their new found power. Leftist liberals throughout the country were gleeful, taunting Trump and his supporters. The adults were gone and now the “kids” could do what they wanted.

Things deteriorated quickly. Joe is clearly out of it as he signs a huge stack of Executive Orders while saying, “I don’t know what I am signing.” Harris is there to tell him, “Just sign it.” There is no explanation of the why’s of the orders, even when they negatively affect Biden’s most committed supporters.

The Biden “tribe” of lost children tried to figure it out. The Press Secretary, having no idea what is going and what the President’s postitions are, puts reporters off with the phrase, “I’ll circle back to that” over and over. Members of the cabinet go off to different corners of the world to “wing it” without a clear idea of what the big plan is. The President disappears while the inexperienced and internationally unknown VP makes phone calls to world leaders in his stead.

This is clearly noticed by other countries, who, like a pack of wild pigs, smell the incompetence, mental incapacitation and weakness of the Biden administration. And, as wild animals do, they began to circle the sick animal, the U.S. , so they can destroy it. There were no adults on the island and they knew it.

Russian President Vladimir Putin was among the first to bare his teeth after Biden calls him a “killer.” In a slap so loud it could be heard around the world, Putin slyly wished Biden “good health” and challenged him to televised, live debate. Biden declined, something Putin knew would happen. North Korea wouldn’t even take Biden’s calls. China told the United States to “butt out” of their affairs since we don’t have the strength to do anything to them.

And our country is innundated at the Southern Border as VP Harris laughs and the Secretary of Homeland Security denies there is a problem. Pictures of thousands of unaccompanied minors sleeping in cages tell the truth.

But, was this by accident or by design?

If the current regime is trying to hide Biden’s declining mental and physical condition, they are doing the worst job ever as he makes gaffe after gaffe, forgets where he is, is green screened to fake that he is okay, and falls down on the steps to his plane in full sight of the world. We know that Hollywood, the News Media, and Big Tech fully support the Biden regime. Surely, through all three of those, they could disguise or hide what is going on. After all, that’s what they do for a living.

Maybe they don’t want to hide it, they want to highlight it.

Maybe they are preparing us for what has been in the design the entire time, the removal of old Joe and the installation of Harris. Biden has referred to her at least two times as “President Harris.” A leaked memo from the White House discusses the new policy of calling this the ” Biden/Harris” administration on the website and official documents. This is unheard of.

If that is their plan, it’s no secret to most of us. Create the chaos, show that Joe is inept, get him to resign or otherwise leave office, and put Harris in. She has plausible deniability of any bad policy decisions he made in his demented state, and she comes out smelling like a rose. Like in “Lord of the Flies,” remove the weak kid.

But even this seems too simple to me. I keep thinking back to how and why Biden’s running mate was chosen. Certainly they played the race and gender card hard BUT there were other similar candidates who polled higher than Harris in election polls. Are they planning something bigger? Are they going to use the chaos to create another weird series of events?

What if Biden leaves and all of a sudden, Harris is next to be installed. But, all of a sudden, evidence is presented that shows she is not eligible because of the status of her parents as foreign diplomats who were in the U.S. temporarily when she was born? Would a party that allowed Obama to be elected do that to Harris? Who knows.

If we look at the line of succession, once Biden is out and if Harris is President, the VP would be Nancy Pelosi. If Harris was ineligible, that would make Pelosi President and Patrick Leahy, President Pro-tempore of the Senate, would be VP. Remember, Leahy was the Senator who conducted the second impeachment trial of President Trump when Chief Judge Roberts backed out. Both Pelosi and Leahy are over 80 years old.

It seems that there is no political advantage for the Democrats to let that happen unless you factor in Pelosi’s blind ambition to run the country. She has already laid the ground work for removing Biden by mentioning the 25th amendment in connection with Trump. That suggestion was to plant the idea moving forward since she knew it wouldn’t fly against Trump. And we know this is how Pelosi operates, placing verbal political landmines whenever she seeks power. Like Hillary Clinton, Pelosi is very adept at the politics of suggestion.

Maybe Harris’s possible ineligibility wouldn’t be used to remove her but to bind her to the bigger agenda of her political puppet masters? Never, ever forget the looming presence of the World Players who would do whatever needed to steer this country into Socialism and a New World Order.

I know it’s a lot of mental gymnastics to present these different scenarios. I also know none except the removal of Biden are likely.

But, did we ever think there would be a mentally incapacitated President in office? Did we ever think a political party would elect him on purpose? Did we ever think a political party would steal an election through cheating and foreign interference and then get off scott free? Could any of us see the dishonest, vile and brutal actions of the Democrats AND the Deep State?

No, we didn’t. But, then again, we couldn’t imagine a group of children being left to govern themselves on a deserted island until we read Golding’s book.

But now we can imagine these schemes because it is D.C.

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I am a 67 year old runner and conservative. I taught for 31 years and retired a few years back. In my life, I have coached and judged gymnastics, coached softball, and raised two amazing kids.

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