It’s Abuse and It’s Disgusting

As we watch Joe Biden stumble, shuffle, mumble and fall his way through the first part of this regime, it’s clear that the oldest person ever selected to be President is mentally and physically incapacitated. As he blankly stares ahead and looks lost, many people have said to me that they “feel sorry for Joe” and that the Democrats and his wife Jill are committing elder abuse.

I don’t feel sorry for him. Not one bit. His career was created on cheating, stealing and abusing others. Karma.

And, I think he and his family made a deal with the Democrat Power Cartel that he would assume the Presidency under the pretense that he was in charge in order to appease the more middle of the road Democrats who might have seen him as a moderate. Of course, he isn’t. He’s clearly being told what to do by someone behind the scenes.

I think his family sees this as a chance to protect themselves from the treason they have committed. Hunter Biden’s crimes rival any mob boss. But, when they can’t keep up the charade any longer, Kamala will slide into his seat faster than you can say “lap dance.” It’s the biggest bait and switch con ever committed in the United States.

But, if we want to talk about elder abuse, what is going on in D. C. doesn’t come close to the abuses that been perpetrated on the elderly throughout the country.

During the pandemic, cases of elder abuse have risen exponentially, with Canada reporting a ten fold increase. The U.S. follows close behind. Why? First of all, with the news media constantly reporting that Covid is more deadly to those in the 65 and older age group, many have started looking at older people as liabilities and sometimes the reason why drastic lockdowns and mask mandates were implemented. The hash tag on social media in posts about Covid that describe it as the ” #BoomerRemover” trended high, often accompanied with ageist disparaging and devaluing memes. (Ayalon, L. “Int. Psychogeriatric, 2020) (By the way, I think Facebook ought to classify calling someone a “boomer” as hate speech. Don’t hold your breath!)

However, a much more serious result of Covid is the abuse of the elderly in lockdowned homes and in nursing homes. In family homes, people under financial stress often take that stress out on their elderly relatives both mentally and physically. This increases as the medical care and everyday assistance needed by the elderly is more intense. Care from in home care professionals is limited by Covid due to infection fears and cost.

This dependency of elders on their relatives can also lead to the elderly being exploited by abusers in order to steal valuables or demand social security checks are signed over to them.

It doesn’t help that monitoring agencies can’t make the necessary home checks that are needed to protect seniors. Many cases of abuse are not reported.

In nursing homes themselves, most residents are unable to see their relatives, thus depriving them of the love, purpose, and human contact they crave and need. Their condition and health go downhill quickly and they often die alone. Although it may not be classified as abuse, denying these people of the joy of family in their last years can be seen that way.

As someone who has had an elderly parent in both an assisted living and nursing home, I know that residents who have family or friends as advocates on site protects them from abuse from staff and other residents. With families locked out, the path is clear for those staff who may perpetrate violence on the elderly. The National Center on Elder Abuse says that “social isolation is one of the greatest risk factors for elder abuse” and the pandemic is a breeding ground for social isolation.

Probably the most egregious example of elderly abuse occurred in New York State by the hand of the government. Citing overcrowding in hospitals, Governor Andrew Cuomo forced people with Covid and recovering from Covid into nursing homes, causing approximately 11,000 residents to become infected and die. New York wasn’t alone, as New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and California also admitted recovering Covid patients into nursing homes, an action that health experts said was dangerous and inexcusable. Nursing home patients comprised 40% of California’s Covid deaths and 65% of Pennsylvania’s in the early Spring of 2020. Clearly, state officials in those states did not see the lives of the elderly to be as important as protecting the lives of younger people.

It seems that in this world of people hashtagging against every kind of discrimination and disrespect, the elderly don’t rate the same consideration or social advocacy. I don’t see commercials for the acceptance of the elderly or protests that “Grey Lives Matter.” The mainstream media doesn’t report on it.

In that regard, I guess that elder abuse and the mental and physical decline of Joe Biden are the same. You never see a report about either story on the nightly news or on CNN, FOX or MSNBC.

As for me, don’t ask me to feel sorry for Joe if he is being exploited. He deserves it. He has been a racist, sexist harrasser of women who worked for him, a liar who ruined a man’s life over a lie, and an overall evil person.

The country, however, doesn’t deserve the exploitation of his incapacity as it defrauds and destroys our country. It doesn’t deserve the bait and switch con.

No one does.

**Addition: I have looked up several organizations who advocate for senior citizens and deal with the issue of elder abuse. Instead of listing all of them, I have found a site called, “” It is run by a man named Vincent Valvo. I don’t know anything more about him other than he calls himself the “Chief Old Guy.” This site lists all kinds of senior citizen organizations. I will forgive them for listing the Left leaning AARP because they also list Conservative organizations such as AMAC.

There is also an organization called the “National Adult Protective Services Association,” a non-profit formed in 1989 to investigate, report and prevent abuse of the elderly. I get the impression that they are more focused on seniors with disabilities. I don’t know any more than that, and I am a bit shy of any group that has such a wide network of volunteers and deals with reporting abuse. Plus, I can find no financial report or accountability document on their website and that bothers me. But they have many resources and statistics about elder abuse. You can find them at

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