Time to Scramble Because We are Under Attack

My Dad was a career Air Force officer and was a member of the Strategic Air Command. If you don’t know what SAC was(is), it was the arm of the Air Force that maintained long range bombers to defend against aggression from enemies of the United States, mainly Russia. Part of what they did was to maintain the “Looking Glass” program which ensured that an EC-135 outfitted with the capability to command operations from the air if these operations were crippled on the ground. They also had many wings of fighters and bombers on call to be deployed at any moment if needed.

As a member of SAC, my Dad was on a crew that would be deployed in case of a possible attack. When an attack was deemed probable, he and the other crew members of many different wings were “scrambled.” This meant he had to drop what he was doing and head to the base to man a plane. I remember many times when he had to leave in the middle of dinner, early in the morning, or even during social events. As a young child, I didn’t understand why. But, he and the other crew members were put into action to protect us, protect our country. He did it without question. Luckily, we never had a war in our land.

But, i’m afraid we are currently in a place where we are in the middle of a war and we aren’t protecting ourselves, and, worse, many of our population are not even aware. Think about these current actions by the Communist Democrat Left:

  • BLM destroying many of our largest cities by looting, burning and violence using the excuse of alleged police brutality against blacks. Antifa also participates.
  • UN Ambassador Linda Thomas-Greenfield tells the entire world “slavery weaved white supremacy into our(United States)founding documents” as she appears in front of the U.N. ( a socialist/communist organization)
  • Democrats in Congress attempts to “pack” the Supreme Court in order to make sure their unconstitutional actions would be upheld. In light of this they want to eliminate the filibuster.
  • Democrats steal the Presidential election and several congressional elections using Dominion Software and other dishonest means. They install an incompetent, dementia stricken head of state, Biden, who takes orders from Socialist leaders such at Barack Obama.
  • The southern border is opened and allows in over 100,000 illegal aliens, many unattended children, to break the welfare system, drive down wages, allow terrorists free entry, and become voters to support the Communist Democrats.
  • Unconstitutional mandates are instituted across the U.S. such as lockdowns, closing of businesses, and denial of freedoms of speech, religion, and redress greivances. Arrests in some areas have denied people their legal rights.
  • Supporters of Trump and those who are Conservative are targeted by the FBI, NSA, etc. and arrested for speaking out against the Biden regime.
  • Supreme Court refuses to address election violations which would invalidated Biden’s installation.
  • Social media silences those who are speaking out about the Covid scam, election fraud, etc.
  • 2nd Amendment rights are being removed via Executive Orders.
  • Jobs are destroyed by Executive Orders.
  • Government schools indoctrinating our children with Communist beliefs and belief that all white people are racist.
  • Unequal treatment under the law for certain races (white) who are victims of crimes.
  • Destruction of election safeguards to make sure Communist Democrats win.
  • Children and adults are being taught to avoid human contact. because of unfounded Covid fears.
  • Teacher’s Unions are actively working against children being in school to learn rather than on ineffective Zoom calls.
  • Social media platforms encouraging free speech are being destroyed.
  • Large corporations are refusing service to some populations because of political beliefs and are boycotting certain areas because of extortion by racial crime organizations (BLM, Antifa).
  • FBI, CIA, NSA and Homeland Security designate American cititzens who back a certain candidate as ” Domestic Terrorists.” As such, some are arrested, put on “no fly” lists, or removed from military and law enforcement.
  • The idea of Vaccine Passports is being implemented by some states, denying entry to certain events to people who are unvaccinated.
  • Coercion to get a particular medical treatment ( vaccines) that have not been approved or tested, and are not necessarity proven safe.
  • Doctors are being prevented from prescribing safe treatment to their patients.
  • Medical opinions that are different from those of the government are silenced.
  • CNN admits to what many news outlets are doing, creating and disemination of propaganda.
  • Social credit systems, cancel culture strategies are being use against those who support certain viewpoints or who have dissenting opinions. People are losing goods and services they need to live.
  • Colleges are indoctrinating young people through professors who openly admit they are Communist and racist.
  • Companies are forcing employees to attend training teaching them that their race is bad and that they need to not be the race they are.
  • Destruction of our economy through huge debt and closing of small businesses. Tax rates will soar and make life unlivable ad will destroy the middle class.

Getting the picture yet? Remember these words: Division, Dehumanization, Demolition, Demonization, Demoralizing, Disarming, Disenfranchisement, and Disinformation. Every one of those steps listed above can be characterized by one of these “D” words. These are the tactics that totalitarian, tyrannical governments use against their population. This is one of the biggest psyops ever conducted against the U.S.

They are attacking us. We need to scramble. No matter where you are in your life, you need to scramble to your job of protecting this country.

But, you can’t just scramble without a plan. When those planes took off, those crews followed a PLAN.

First, you need to know your TARGET. A bomb crew didn’t just take off and “wing it.” The target was clearly identified, a map to the target was created, weather reports studied, and possible response from the enemy was projected. What is your target?

Notes for our warriors. Pick your number one target. Is it local government? Schools? Do you have a particular issue that you want to address?

Then, the plane needs to be checked. Are the engines running? Is there enough fuel to get to the target and back? Are there problems with any part of the plane that need to be fixed?

How are you equipped to approach your target? Do you have an online presence? Do you have the computer equipment and internet structure to do what you want do? Do you have the knowledge or can you get the knowledge you need ?Who are your support people? Do you have the energy and dedication to do what you need to do? Are there obstacles you need to overcome such as time, possible job or social ramifications?

Bombs and bullets need to be loaded. Is it the correct ammunition for the plane/guns? Is it the right ordnance for the mission? Is the crew able to use this ammunition and hit the target? Each bomb must be “armed” so it will be ready to explode when needed.

Every crew needs to be properly dressed and the chaplain needs to allow them time to pray together. Then, more briefings are held so everyone knows their job and that they know what to do if things go wrong.

What ammunition do you have? Data? Research? Personal or professional experience? Do you have your arguments or positions clearly organized to use them when needed? Are they clearly defended? How will you fight? Words? Speeches? Writing? Social media? Protests?Running for office?

Review what you need to do. If you are working with a group, go over everyone’s part in the plan. What will you do if you can’t talk to certain officials, if you are blocked off social media? What if someone becomes too afraid to do their part? Do you have alternatives? What is your timeline to achieve your goal and when will you decide to go to alternatives? And of course, pray.

Before they board the plane, the pilots do a full check of everything. They walk around the plane looking for potential problems. Inside the plane the crew inspects parachutes, guns, etc.

Review and revise your plan.

The plane takes off and during the flight finds it’s place in correct ” assembly” of planes. Often assemblies were identified by the color schemes of the other planes or by different color combinations of flares. The assembly heads to the target. Once the target is determined, bombs are released. If a plane faces resistance from the enemy, the ball turret and other gunners fire at them.

Who are your allies? How can you work with them to get the job done? There is power in numbers. Use your arguments against the opposition. If you get blow back, be ready to fire back.Know your rights in case you are threatened with legal action or illegal attack. What if your employer threatens your job because you speak up?What are other possible consequences and how will you resist or overturn them?

Once the mission is over, the planes return to the airfield. They get ready for the next time they have to scramble and attack because even though a battle may be finished, there will be another fight that must be fought.

Get ready for the long haul. One good fight against one official, one proposed bill, one educational program will not be the end. Remember, the “enemy ” is relentless and will not quit until they are defeated.

We are at war. We didn’t start it. We didn’t even realize we were in it. But, it is a war that could be one of the worst spiritual battles for the heart and soul of the United States that has ever occurred.

They were the Strategic Air Command. They were always ready to protect us. We are the new warriors. We need to protect ourselves.

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I am a 67 year old runner and conservative. I taught for 31 years and retired a few years back. In my life, I have coached and judged gymnastics, coached softball, and raised two amazing kids.

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