What are They Afraid Of?

I was always taught that a free society is built on the availability of information to the population so the citizens KNOW what is happening and are able to judge for themselves if what is going on is right. Even Barack Hussein Obama said, “The only people who don’t want to expose the truth are those who have something to hide.”

We are no longer a free society. How do I know? Because our government, our corporate elite, our mainstream media are hiding information from us.

I know this is not news to many of you.

But, do you really know HOW they hide information? It is done in some obvious ways and some not so obvious.

Deletion/Removal : The Government is very skilled at deleting and removing information. It’s called “redacting” and they use it all the time. For example, Fox News Channel 45 was doing an investigation of the Baltimore Public Schools and allegations of grade changing in order to pass failing students. They got a court order for the system to send them information. They got a copy of the report. But, here is what it looked like: https://images.app.goo.gl/VWmVJVtdD5HAHfNB6 . Not much there, is there.

Deleting information is slightly different. A great example of this is when 30,000 emails from Hillary Clinton when she was Secretary of State. She had sent and received Government classified emails on an unsecured server. When it came time to prosecute Ms. Clinton, the emails had mysteriously been deleted and lost.

Hiding It Behind Security Classifications: This is a favorite of the government. Remember that Obama classified many documents in reference to Clinton’s malfeasance, the crimes committed by his DOJ, etc. Some documents, such as Project Blue Book findings and information surrounding the assassination of JFK were “classified” for years to keep them away from the public.

Countering it With Misinformation: The CIA, FBI, NSA, love this tactic. So does the Democrat Party and some Republicans. Let’s look at the 2020 election fraud case. While Trump and his lawyers were out filing cases and trying to get the information out to the American public, the mainstream media were countering his claims with the story that “there was no evidence of fraud.” This was backed up by lies from the FBI and the corrupt decision making of Justice Roberts and the Supreme Court. With the mainstream media hammering on the misinformation daily, many Americans never saw the real facts.

Flooding the Zone: This is a strategy where one group creates so many stories that either contradict the truth or just overwhelm the opposition that they cannot be dealt with. For example, the Democrats in Congress will unveil crazy initiative after crazy initiative; defund the police, abolish the police, reparations to black people, gun control, pack the court, false flag violence, and on and on. The public soon tires of all the nonsense and will never hear the truth OR they will withdraw from hearing any news at all.

Feigning Ignorance/Plausible Deniability: This is one of the Obama Administration’s favorite strategies. In this strategy, the head of the organization, agency, administration, etc. will order those under his direction to carry out an unethical or even illegal action but to purposely keep him out of the loop. Obama used it for scandals such as Benghazi, the IRS targeting, and illegal activities of Eric Holder such as “Fast and Furious.” He used it so often he was called ” President Passerby” since he never seemed to know about major scandals of his Administration. In that way, he steered clear of any possible guilt or blame and the American public never really got accurate information about what went on in D.C.

Limiting Access: We all know this one. Many of us have spent time banned from Twitter, Facebook, etc. The more important problems with limiting access to certain groups or people is that the social media platforms thus keep information from getting to the public. In that way, they shape knowledge and opinion, which is propaganda. They are sometimes paid millions of dollars to do this. In 2020, an Attorney General from a key battleground state actually called Twitter head Jack Dorsey and TOLD HIM not to allow certain info to be posted. Twitter complied.

Another way they do this is by “deplatforming” other social media and information sites. Remember Parler? Parler was shut down by the contractors that maintained their servers and the bandwidth their site had. This was not because Parler did anything wrong, they just presented information the government didn’t like.

If social media doesn’t ban you or deplatform you, they can still restrict your information by “fact checking” it with biased fact checkers OR by labeling your content as ” offensive.”

During the plandemic, county, state and national government bodies have been able to limit access to meetings to some because they have used Covid restrictions to do meetings online over “Zoom” or other interactive platforms. This is fine for the technologically proficient who have computers, but many in the population either lack the equipment or knowledge to participate. Thus, information is limited.

Refusing to Examine and Adjudicate: In the judicial system, judges, attorney’s general, etc. decide which cases to take and adjudicate. A great example is, again, the 2020 election fraud case. Although the Trump Administration filed multiple lawsuits as did eighteen states about election procedures and inconsistencies, the Supreme Court, under the direction of John Roberts, refused to examine the evidence and therefore judge the case. This kept information about possible fraud from being exposed to the public.

If judges and lawyers were honest and made decisions based on the Constitution, this would not be as big a deal. But, clearly in this case and many others, the judges and some of the lawyers were compromised.

Altering Information: Whenever you see a police body cam video of a shooting, be sure to look for the edits. As we have seen in several recent incidents, media outlets are not above editing video to present a certain viewpoint. Congress is not above this either, as they edited President Trump’s speech to make it sound as though he told protestors to commit violence at the Capitol. Of course, they got caught.

Mainstream media will ALSO use video that is not of a specific location or incident and then claim it IS that location or incident. During the Covid 19 pandemic, scenes of over run hospitals supposedly from New York City were then discovered to have been in another country completely.

Another tactic is to create video that is actually scripted, directed and designed to portray an event. Actors are used, people are told to complete certain actions, etc. Recent video of thousands of illegals marching to the U.S. was proven to be a “staged” march with participants being paid to carry out certain roles. The object is to make the situation look much worse than it actually is. The American public is deceived and doesn not get correct info. Below is a recent example:


Demeaning or Demonizing the Person Presenting the Information: Of all the tactics, this is the worst because it involves ruining the reputation and even life of someone trying to disclose the truth. Certainly, the media portrayed Trump as a ridiculous candidate when he started. As he gained traction, they villified him. After he was elected, they portrayed him as crazy, thus making some people think that anything he did or said was nuts.

What they did to Mike Lindell, owner of My Pillow, was even worse. Not only did they try to ruin his business by encouraging people to boycott it, but then they kept reminding people about his former crack addiction without highlighting his recovery and success after he kicked the addiction. As he presented his information about the election fraud, they said he was making it up. Clearly character assassination.

The biggest character destruction was the depiction of Trump Supporters as crazed conspiracy lunatics and domestic terrorists. This tactic is technically called “scapegoating” and it was utilized by the Nazis against the Jews prior and during World War II. It is currently being used by China against the Uighur Muslims so the CCP can justify ethnic cleansing.

By using any format of this tactic, the government hides information from citizens.

Making Information Too Complicated or Lengthy For the Citizens to Understand: This is what Congress is very good at. Laws that they pass are so complicated that they can be interpreted in hundreds of different ways. They use legal jargon that the average citizen can or may not be able to understand. Ever seen the IRS code? It’s a great example of this.

And how about those budget bills which are thousands of pages long? It takes committees of people to read them and find the information that is often hidden in them. Add the intentional mislabeling of categories so that important information may appear where no one would expect, and not even the people charged with passing or defeating these bills are able to be informed as they should be.

So, how is a person who wants to know the truth supposed to find it if all this is going on?

First, know your sources. If a story is published by CNN, we already know by their own admission that it is probably propaganda. The rest of the mainstream media is not much better. CBS has been found guilty of altering and editing video to portray events a certain way. The others have their own forms of misinformation.

Know who owns and runs your news sources and what their political biases are.For example, if Jeff Bezos owns THE WASHINGTON POST, it is important to know that he is a big donor to the Democrat party. He also is the CEO of Amazon. When stories come out in the Post, they will most likely favor Democrats.

The website “allsides.com” has charts that list political leanings of each news outlet with a rating system from left, leans left, center, right, leans right and also mixed. They base these ratings on input from thousands of people across the political spectrum, schools and universities, other groups and the public in general. All use blind bias surveys and are transparent about the process. They also use different ratings for the straight news of the outlet and the opinion side of that same franchise. They also explain their ratings to the reader. It’s an interesting gauge of each outlet.

You can also test your own bias on the site. I lean right. Suprise, surprise!

As a consumer of information, you also need to be able to identify the conflicts of interest that exist with certain sources. Often times government agencies and big corporations will tailor their information to fit the agenda they are promoting. Recently, the CDC has been found guilty of this with their inflation of Covid 19 cases and deaths by labeling all deaths as caused by Covid, whether they were or not. This not only allowed the CDC to peddle their Draconian measures for “protecting us,” but it also allowed hospitals to gain government funds given to them for every Covid patient. The CDC disclosed this deceptive practice in the Fall of 2020. ( Interesting that if you search this topic, you will get the fact checkers in droves debunking this story.) Money is highly motivating as an incentive. And, so is acclaim and fame, as shown by Dr. Anthony Fauci’s annoying drive to appear on Television and other media almost daily. ( Does he know how many people think he’s an idiot?)

If you use multiple sources for information, you may also be able to gain more insight into what the truth is. Identify sources you trust and then consult many of them. If you have associates who are experts in a field and they don’t mind helping you, ask them. Sifting through everything may be time consuming, but if you apply these steps: Know the intended audience, know the possible bias, evaluate evidence provided, cross check the info, check the timeliness of the source, and examine the list of references, you stand a good chance of getting the information you need. (Purdue University Online Writing Lab)

One of the most important things you can do is to be steadfast and relentless in your hunt for information. I know this is hard for working people, but in this day and time, you must know what is correct so that you can make decisions that are well founded. Focus on your objective and don’t get sidetracked on information that is disconnected or obviously flawed.

You have to use your common sense. Does the information seem rational and plausible? Many times I read a story and think to myself that it is too far fetched to be true.

Finally, my question. What ARE they afraid of? Why don’t some want us to know the truth? Governments and corporations operate under the same needs and motivations. They want control, power and money. If the truth will cause the people to deny them those things, then they will lie and hide the truth. The cigarette companies are a great example. They knew there was a link between smoking and health problems, yet they produced study after study that falsely said this wasn’t true.

In government, the name of the game is to protect one’s job and to stay out of jail. We also can’t discount the political leanings of many government bureaucrats and officials. If the truth will hurt the party or the particular administration, then they will hide it. In some cases they lie out of fear and maybe even after having been threatened with violent or legal reprisals. There are very few middle management people who are willing to risk their jobs and lives for the truth.

Does anyone think that the Department of Justice or any of its employees will tell us the truth about Hunter Biden? Doubtful.

The bottom line is that many in government and industry have much to hide, now even more than ever. We need to be more determined than ever to find the truth. Our decisions are based on it, our life and the lives of our children may depend on it.

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I am a 67 year old runner and conservative. I taught for 31 years and retired a few years back. In my life, I have coached and judged gymnastics, coached softball, and raised two amazing kids.

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