What’s Really Going on While We Watch the Clown Show?

Let’s face it. The Biden regime is a Clown Show. And not just a few funny clowns running around a circus ring, but the stupid, scary, bumbling, not funny clowns you see in those cheezy circuses that travel around the country. The kind that scare little kids and smell like cigarette smoke.

But why? I mean, if the Democrats went to all the trouble to steal the election so they could implement more of that hopey changey thing Obama wanted, why didn’t they try harder to make Biden and his crew more organized, more professional, more in control? Why didn’t they find someone better?

Because a better person would want to make their own decisions. Joe just wants the perks and trappings, some free pudding and a chance to tell his boring lies and smell some women’s hair.

Something I have learned is that people may pretend to want one thing while they secretly want something else. They don’t want you to KNOW what they want and they would prefer to hide the truth about what is happening behind the scenes.

The people who are really in charge never wanted a competent Democrat President that would think and do for themselves. They wanted Joe, the aging old fool falling up steps and drooling on himself. They wanted Kamala to be the cackling idiot who seems to find every crisis hysterical and who never takes charge. They wanted the regime peppered with trannies, Mr. Bean, and traitors. And they wanted that little garden gnome Fauci out there changing his mind more than he changes his underwear.

I used to think it was so they could get rid of Joe and install Kamala. I used to think they were going to scape goat him when the country ran off the rails. I don’t think that any more. Joe and Kamala are just window dressing, actors pretending to do something but not really doing anything. They know it and are fulfilling those roles.

There is one reason for this ridiculous circus. Distraction.

Black Lives Matter riots? Distraction.

Crisis at the Border? Distraction.

Changing Covid mandates? Distraction.

Excessive Spending Programs? Distraction and tactic.

Behind the scenes of the most inept, corrupt, ridiculous White House regime in U.S. History, there are people committing crimes and instituting changes for this country that would terrify even the most crazed Biden supporter. They are the people in charge.

But only a few people are creating these changes. The cabinet members of the less important agencies, which would be anything less than Department of State, Justice, FBI, CIA, NSA, and the Pentagon, are only there because someone has to sit in that chair. They aren’t making one decision, doing one thing that really matters. So, when you see that nutty tranvestite announce something in public, remember: Distraction. And you could also think of that ugly pair of orange floral draperies your grandmother had in her windows. Really ugly window dressing.

Here are a few examples:

The Biden regime has a decidedly pro-terrorism outlook, appeasing and even encouraging terrorists in the Middle East and in our own country to commit violence. Terrorists are now free to cross the southern border with border guards overwhelmed by the planned crush of illegals. Which other President was pro-terrorist? Obama. Who helped him? Valerie Jarrett and to some extent Susan Rice and John Kerry.

While this is going on, they are purging our military and defense agencies of those who would fight and defeat terrorists. They are putting people in positions of power who support radical terrorist policies. For example, his nominee for Assistant Attorney General, Vanita Gupta, often called for police to be defunded in an opinion aligned with Antifa and BLM. She also described the Republican Political Convention as filled with “racism, xenophobia, and lies.” She really doesn’t like Conservatives or White people.

So, while we are being distracted by the changing Covid landscape, the DOJ, FBI, CIA, NSA focus on identifying so-called “white supremacists in the military and law enforcement .” In other words, anyone that states a Conservative viewpoint, white, black or otherwise. They are purging Conservatives from the military.

People keep telling me that the military and the police will never enforce any laws or actions that violate the Constitution. But, what if the people left in both no longer believe or even understand it? We might end up in a martial law situation. Just remember, all it needs to be martial law is the President saying so.

This is also a time when the Biden regime is cutting the defense budget, thus giving Russia, China, Iran and North Korea impetus to build up their military. Already Russia, Iran, and Turkey are working together to form an alliance against the U.S. We could end up being virtually defenseless against any of these countries. Who would come to our rescue? NATO? Mexico? Canada? The United Nations? Former Defense department officials are extremely concerned. But, our current Secretary of Defense, one of the worst hires I have ever seen for that job ( and I am a military brat and know something about that) is worried about maternity wear for airmen, trannies in the military, and how soldiers wear their hair. In my opinion, he is extremely unqualified to play with GI Joe’s much less run our armed services.

It is all by design. Joe feels like he is being cool by hiring diversely unqualified cabinet heads and the shadow government doesn’t have to worry about anyone knowing enough to get in their way.

And, while they are distracting us with all of that, they are also plotting how they are going to suppress the truth about the fraud of the 2020 election. They are coordinating bribery, extorting judges, and threatening witnesses. A recount is currently happening in Arizona, but the Democrats are doing everything they can to stop it.

Obama and the people working with him have never had a problem working with Deep State traitors such as John Brennan. Currently, the NSA is trying to get Congress to allow them to have access to EVERY SINGLE COMMUNICATION OF EVERY SINGLE AMERICAN, electronic, written, etc. This is a clear violation of the 4th Amendment, but they are justifying it by saying the country is in danger from “white extremist, domestic terrorists.” Even if Congress denies that right, do we honestly think the people who violated the Constitutional rights of a Presidential candidate and President would have a moment of doubt about doing the same to all of us? They don’t care about Congressional approval.

Add Bill Gates to the mix as well.

Imagine as you go through the rest of the week that everything you write, text, record, type, message, etc. will be the subject of NSA search. If you say the wrong thing, they might label you a terrorist. Bill will make sure his operating systems have the capability to trace anything.

And just in case you think they don’t have the personnel to do this, they are now using members of the U.S. Postal Service to comb American’s social media posts. Maybe that is why our mail takes so long to get delivered. They are busy doing their OTHER job.

We need to face facts. As a people, Americans are very distractable. What is headline news one week is out of sight, out of mind the next. The shadow government running things behind Biden is aware of that. They will keep throwing false flags out there to keep us busy worrying about those and not their actions.

If you think the Republicans in Congress will be any help, please note that only TWO, Rand Paul and Ted Cruz have consistently said anything about any of this. Sing along with Mitch “the Turtle” McConnell is too worried about his wife’s job and Lindsey Graham just wants to make sure his back is always safely facing away from the storm.

I wish it wasn’t a dangerous, frightening time, but it is. I think that many of us are going to see more repression, more harassment, and more denial of rights in the coming months and years than we have ever seen before.

Joe Biden and his merry little band of clowns in the clown car, and even Crazy Nancy and Chuck U Schumer are not the ones to be afraid of. I mean, if you have to send a man whose pants go up to his chin out to do your dirty work, you are not a force to be reckoned with.

What we need to watch are the people behind the scenes, as much as we can, whenever we can. They have proven they are allied with our enemies, and they will hand us over on a silver platter. Next time you listen to Obama speak, notice how he hisses when he needs to pronounce words with “s” in them. Which creature does that? I think you know.

Don’t worry about the clowns. Watch out for snakes.

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I am a 67 year old runner and conservative. I taught for 31 years and retired a few years back. In my life, I have coached and judged gymnastics, coached softball, and raised two amazing kids.

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