Things are NEVER What They Seem

How Marxists become like chameleons to fool Conservatives.

Everyone knows what chameleons are. They are lizards that can change their coloring any time they change location so they blend in with the background. It keeps them safe from predators.

Marxists are also chameleons, but they are not hiding from predators, they are hiding from their prey.

And their prey is US.

A radio host I listen to, Andrew Wilkow, often says that “Socialism is for the Socialist, not the people. ” What he means is that Socialists, or in this case, Marxists, are the ones who benefit from Marxism. The people who live under Marxism don’t.

Another saying is, “Marxism, so awesome they have to use deadly force to make people live under it.”

Marxists know this. They know that people in this country don’t want their freedoms taken away. They don’t want their children being taught self loathing and/or hatred of others. They know if they come right out and tell the American people that these are the goals of Marxist programs, most of us will fight back.

They might have been emboldened with the recent pandemic farce where millions of Maryland were forced into lockdowns, wearing facemasks that are useless, and taking a vaccine that is not proven safe. But, there WAS pushback from many of our citizens who opened their eyes and saw the truth.

Marxists are used to this, though. They know how to hide what they are doing behind flowery language, pretty titles, and fraudulent goals.

For example, the recent HR 1 – named the “For the People Act.” This bill will effectively take the election of the President out of the hands of the states that run the elections and hand it over to compromised national officials who have clear conflicts of interest. It would allow any person, whether a citizen of this country and legal voter or not, to vote without proof of who they are. It will remove any validation process for legal votes and assure that all national elections from this point forward will be corrupt and fraudulent. Does that sound like something that is “for the people?” Anything but.

It should be called the “Permanent Dictatorship Act.”

Then there is possibility of a “1/6 Commission” to study the “insurgency” and so called attempt to overthrow the government on January 6th. Except, we know there was neither insurgency of an attempt to overthrow our government. Not with 400 unarmed citizens who were freely allowed in the Capitol by Capitol police. But, the Marxists named this investigation in this way to mimic the “9/11 Commission” of the past. You know, the REAL attack on our country that killed thousands of innocent people.

(By the way, I saw a tweet by an idiotic Marxist this morning who said that 3000 people losing their lives was far less traumatic than living under “authoritarian Republican Dictators” who attempted to overthrow the results of an election. Yes, these idiots do exist. I said a few things to him. Use your imaginations.)

Why name this commission after the 9/11 Commission? Simple. People will remember that Commission and even the Warren Commission as groups that investigated horrible national tragedies. They will then associate the breach of the Capitol by 400 people with a “Horrible National Tragedy.”

More important, what came out of the 9/11 Commission?

Remember the famous “Patriot Act?” It was an act passed under the illusion that it was for the protection of the people of this country from terrorist attacks. So, it included some major intrusions into our legal and civil rights to do so. All the government needed to do was accuse a citizen of terrorism and the citizen could be monitored and bugged. In that case, both the Dems and Republicans fooled us.

With a second 9/11 style commission, the government can now go after “Patriot Act 2″ which will erode our rights even more. All for our protection, of course. Again, disguising a goal with an illusion of our safety. In reality, it is just a power grab. We have already seen the rights of many of the protesters violated as they are in solitary confinement and are beaten for charges of ” trespassing on federal property,” and ” disorderly conduct.” There is talk of labeling anyone who talks about Trump, election fraud or anything against the opinions of the left as “domestic terrorists.” They should rename the Commission the “Kill the Rights of the People Commission.”

(While we are at it, let me remind you of which Republicans in the Senate have said they will vote for it. Can you guess? One is old and has a shaky voice when she speaks. Another is old and has a terrible haircut. Collins and Murkowski. The usual suspects.)

And the Marxists aren’t afraid to change the vocabulary if the American people catch on to the real motives behind their plans.

Recently, parents and governments are figuring out that both Critical Race Theory and the 1619 Project are racist programs not to promote racial harmony and equality, but to punish white people for being white. So, the Marxists, having seen the reactions at school board meetings and in various states, are changing the name of these initiatives. Like the chameleon, they are hiding them under terms like ” equity ” instead of “equality,” “social justice” instead of “social engineering.” They talk of “anti-racism” instead of “racism,” because to not be a racist is not good enough anymore. They will bury these terms in lesson plans and goals.

For example, while on a search for the Social Studies Curriculum of the school system I used to work for, I found that they are on the verge of adopting a platform called ” InquirED” to evaluate which Social Studies materials and lessons they should adopt.

As I read through the description of this platform, I found that it mostly talked about allowing students to learn through “inquiry,” or asking questions and finding the answers to those questions. Doesn’t sound too bad, although I am not sure how second graders will do inquiry based research on the Revolution. But, in the current atmosphere, age appropriateness is not a concern.

I looked over the staff of this company, I found it was mostly white and almost all had graduated from elite Eastern colleges and universities. Not a deal breaker, but a red flag.

But, my research of the mission uncovered this paragraph:

How can we promote Equity?

All students, regardless of geography or circumstance, should have the opportunity to engage in high-quality, inquiry-based learning. Our commitment to equity is reflected in our curriculum design, instructional practices, and organizational goals.

Remember that equity is NOT equality. It is far from it. It means you give more to those you think need more and less to those you think need less. The “more” comes from the former. So, Marxism. The creators of this program even put a picture of an uneven scale next to this mission, showing you what they intend.

Another phrase that weaves its way in and out of this platform, and that is “culturally responsive education.” Again, on the surface, that seems mild until you realize that this will mean once again dividing lessons and students by ethnicity. If you are a Black child, the education must be geared toward you as a Black child, not you as a human child that lives in the United States and who needs to learn history.

While digging deeper, it seems that these folks can’t hide their intents and biases. In one training video regarding how to teach about the 2020 election, the moderator of the video asks the “expert” how a teacher would avoid their own bias if a student mentions ( horror of horrors) Qanon theories. All the participants giggle and then someone says, “especially when the representative running for their seat in their district also believes in that. ( Qanon theories). “They talk about what the teacher’s reaction should be (which was deflection) and then the “expert” goes on to basically call the people who may follow these theories nuts. This interaction is at this link at around minute 23.

Whether the speaker thinks Qanon is crazy or not, it’s the arrogant, superior attitude that is displayed in this video that will be passed on and remembered by the teacher. Not to be outdone, another speaker on the video brings up another “crazy idea” a student may reference that Barack Obama was not born in the United States. Notice a trend here? Has either of the people in this video mentioned the “crazy” ideas that the left impeached Trump for two years on totally bogus charges? Or the unsubstantiated belief by Black Lives Matter that police kill more Black men than any other race? Of course not.

This is the hidden “Easter Egg” problem of this curriculum training. The biases of the creators are clear and will influence how they do their job.

So, what does this say to me as I monitor and evaluate this platform for our school system? It says I had better not stop watching. It says that curriculum presented to this company may not be evaluated or created in an unbiased manner. It also says that the diverse viewpoints that they claim to be interested in are not acceptable if they don’t agree with them.

Maybe you think I am being too critical, that I am cherry picking, etc. You can think that if you want and dismiss this post. However, this is what Conservatives have done for years, succumbed to our own versions of what is right, feasible, and what is not while Marxists run us over by doing what needs to be done. Am I saying to abandon our values? No. I am saying to use the same tactics against them that they use against us. Use them to point out what they are about.

They love to give Conservatives what I call the “colonic” so they can find any shit available to hold against us. I say that turn about is fair play.

What is critical is that we examine and parse every phrase, every word they use in their explanations. Look beyond the pretty names and identify the true purpose of what they do.

If we look carefully, we can spot the chameleons and show them for what they are.

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