Patrisse Cullors, A Study in Who Marxists Really Are

How the creator of Black Lives Matter and a self-proclaimed Marxist shows the real goals of leaders of Marxist’s movements.

These are the premises of Marxism as Marx wrote them:

  1. All of history is defined by class struggle.
  2. At some point the working class will seize all political power from the ruling elite, thus putting them in control. This is done by violent means.
  3. The abolition of private property, thus creating a classless and stateless communistic society. According to Marx’s theory of historical materialism, societies pass through six stages — primitive communism, slave society, feudalism, capitalism, socialism and finally global, stateless communism.
  4. “Workers of the world unite!” is the famous rallying cry that concludes the Manifesto and seeks to create a political structure that transcends national borders.
  5. Considering religion the “opium of the people,” Marx called for the abolition of all religions to create radical atheism.

This is the framework for all Marxist and Communist revolutions. These are the tenants that all Marxists should follow.

Funny how they never do. They follow some of them, but there are a couple that just require too much sacrifice. They are the “no private property” and no social classes. The first requires that no one has property or wealth. The second means that no one gets to place themselves above others.

So, let’s talk about Patrisse. She is a self proclaimed Marxist, but it appears that now she wants to back off that claim. It may be that she has finally figured out that she would have to give things up to be one.

For example, Patrisse is never in the middle of the Black Lives Matter marches and violence. She is off somewhere, away from the fire and destruction. Maybe she has one of those big old monitors that she can use to watch and direct that action. Sort of like Ed Harris’s character in the Truman Show.

One thing she does like to be in the middle of is the collection of donations. The millions of dollars that have come into Black Lives Matter have provided her with a wonderful income. So much so that she was able to buy mansions in Beverly Hills. So much for that no privately owned property.

She claims that the money she used for the mansions is from Netflix and her YouTube Channel. Quite frankly, her YouTube Channel has fewer viewers than my pet chihuahuas, who neither have a channel nor viewers. She can’t be making money off that! Regardless, if she is a true Marxist, all of it should belong to the “people,” “the non-working class” that support BLM.

It’s okay that she has no YouTube followers. She still gets invites to rub elbows with the rich, powerful, and political red carpet participants at ever award show, fundraiser, etc. But, oh, wait, doesn’t being rich, powerful and on the red carpet imply different classes? None of us get invites.

It’s not like Patrisse is unusual among Marxists. In fact, she is a very good case study in what Marxists do. They create their rules for everyone else. Stalin and Lenin did it. Castro did it. Maduro of Venezuala did it. Mao did it. Kim Jung Un of North Korea did it. It’s what Marxists do.

They live the good life while the rest of their population lives in poverty.

I’m not sure how they justify it to themselves. Maybe they think it’s okay because they believe they deserve it for all their ” hard work. ” Or maybe they just think that they pulled a fast one on their followers and by the time their followers realized it, it was too late.

Are there true believers in Marxism? I’m sure there are. Sadly, many of them either were killed by their leaders or came to their senses when it was too late to say so.

Oh, and by the way, Patrisse took the BLM money and left the organization. I guess she determined a different way to spread her Marxist ideas.

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