Is This Just Round One? Do They Want Pandemics Forever?

I once heard someone say, “Past informs the present.” I believe it. How many times do we see the events of the past provide context for what is occurring currently? That’s why knowing history is so important.

I also believe that you look at past actions to predict future actions.

So, when I ask that question about the Covid Pandemic, I feel there are events of the past that provide a context of understanding for what is happening. Some provide parallels, some contrast.

I also think there is something coming on the horizon and my belief in that is founded on past actions and current hints.

Let’s start with the contrasts. If you lived through the 80’s, you remember the AIDS crisis. I do. I remember initially no one knew how easily AIDS could be spread. At one point, scientists told us that one could contract AIDS merely by being in contact with AIDS victims. It wasn’t sexual contact, it was incidental contact. If you hugged them. If you touched a surface they had been in contact with. If you were contacted by their blood.

I was a teacher at the time and we were told to wear gloves whenever dressing a child’s bleeding cuts, etc. We were told not to let any cuts or open sores on our body come into contact with a child that had AIDS of any surface they had contacted. We had children in our classes who had HIV and many teachers wanted to know who they were so they could avoid them.

They weren’t allowed to know that. We were told the child’s medical privacy was more important than our safety. No passports showing that people didn’t have HIV/AIDS. No vaccines. And AIDS, as we know, was almost always terminal.

At no point was the entire country shut down. No one had to get a vaccine. No masks.

We found out later that incidental contact with an HIV positive person was not the way AIDS was transmitted. It was almost exclusively via sexual contact or contact with an contaminated needle. For blood to infect you, it had to go into a cut. You were warned to avoid bodily fluids from other people.

So, people used gloves during medical procedures. Needles were discarded as soon as they were used. People were encouraged to use condoms during sex.

One sick fact is that Anthony Fauci, the same gargoyle popping up all over the place now, pushed harsh, expensive drugs on HIV positive people. These drugs didn’t necessarily help, but they were sent to Africa and other countries by the millions by some of the very same drug companies involved now. He perpetrated a huge scam on HIV positive people.

In 2009, the Swine Flu, H1N1, hit. I remember having to drive to my daughter’s college to pick her up and bring her home since she had it. Random schools did close down for a few days when numbers of infected children and staff increased. They cleaned the school and the children went back.

I remember being told that teachers should get the “flu shot.” It was voluntary and no one cared if you got it or not. No one wore masks. No businesses or events were closed or cancelled. Again, no one had to show they had the vaccine. But, every year after that, people were encouraged to get the “flu shot” every year. More doses for drug companies. More money.

Oh, and H1N1 had about the same death threat as Covid.

If you are seeing a contrast here, you are on track. Two serious diseases. No shutdowns or mandatory shots.

But, there is one similarity. Money. Money for the drug companies. With AIDS, the money came from sending the drugs to treat it to Africa and other badly infected continents. George W. Bush is often lauded for how he did more to solve the AIDS crisis in Africa than any other President. And maybe he did. He sent billions of dollars worth of drugs there. The drug companies did not do that for free. Someone paid for them.

But, how did the drug companies make money off of the Swine flu? Even though the vaccines didn’t create much income initially, remember that the Swine flu created the “flu shot every year” practice. And, each year, how many millions of people flock to their local drug store or doctor to get the vaccines? Each year, they claim the vaccine is a little different, but we all know it probably isn’t. They tell us that by saying that each strain of the flu is different and the vaccine may not or doesn’t cover them all. Think of how many people mindlessly line up for this shot, whether it does any good at all.

The drug companies are the constant link between these two events and Covid.

Drug companies don’t make the kind of money off of normal drug consumption that they can on something like the Covid 19 vaccine. For all the drugs they create to fight various ailments, they make a profit, but not the kind of profit they are making off of this. There are nine new billionaires in the world because of this vaccine and the drug companies are making more profit than ever before. And they get the government to do their ad campaign or worse to coerce people to use their money making product. They also got the waiver from the extensive testing needed for vaccines. Money saved, money earned.

Remember, they also are protected from lawsuits if their vaccines kill or cripple someone. The government did that.

It’s like Christmas for drug companies!

If you add in the initiative Trump implemented where many drugs were price controlled, like insulin was, the drug companies needed a big money maker. And it fell right in their laps with Covid.

Biden was the one who lifted price controls on drugs. More Christmas for big pharma.

You would think they have made enough money off the vaccine right now. But, as we know, corporations are greedy. So, they need the governments to keep pushing this vaccine and even forcing people to take it. It’s not working like they want, so they will have to move to plan B.

It’s not hard to figure out what plan B is.

It seems that we are currently in the middle of the intermission on the Plandemic. Fauci is under attack and whining about how nobody likes him anymore. Governors like our own sweet Larry Hogan are magnanimously giving citizens back the rights they had no right to restrict. People are back out in the public, enjoying mask free lives, spending time with family and friends. Businesses are open and looking for employees ( who, by the way have discovered the glory of staying home, not working, and collecting unemployment plus $300 a week). Inflation is through the roof, the supply lines aren’t what they used to be, and the economy is slowing to an agonizing belly crawl.

And let’s not forget Biden’s plan for a BIG expensive celebration on the National Mall on July 4th. He saved us all from certain death! Tone deaf anyone?

Two things need to happen. If Covid isn’t available as an excuse, how will Gampy Joe and his regime explain their complete and utter economic and foreign policy failures? How will they explain the success of Florida, Texas, South Dakota and other states when they ignored the CDC?

Covid needs to come back. It can’t come back as it was however. It has to come back as a “variant.” So, predictably, you hear bits and pieces about this variant and that variant. Here’s a great story from CNN about just that.

If you read this article, it will be just as you expect. There’s info about how only 54% have gotten the full dose of the vaccine and that we won’t hit Gampy Joe’s goal of 70% by Independence Day. (He will be so sad if he remembers he set that goal. And the drug companies will be so sad that they didn’t make that extra money.)

And then the article talks about how there are dangerous variants out there and that those of us who aren’t vaccinated are at greater risk of getting them thus “setting back national progress.” ( Oh yes, Comrade, you are failing the collective when you don’t comply.) And then there’s this awesome quote from FDA “adviser” Paul Offit:

“If we’re past the pandemic — if this is all behind us — then that’s not going to be an issue, but we’re not past the pandemic,” Offit added. “The variants are still out there and becoming more contagious. I think when the winter comes, you’re going to see this virus surge again, so we still need a vaccine.”

Somehow Paul knows what is coming. I guess that’s why he is on the FDA advisory board. He is giving us that hint that will keep us all on pins and needles ( no pun intended).

I think he’s right. But I don’t think his reasons are. I think that the government and the major corporations of this country WANT it to come back. Big Pharma wants it back so they can continue to make big bucks by pushing that vaccine and all of it’s upcoming versions some more. Corporations want it back so they can squeeze and then swallow up the small businesses who won’t last another go round thus eliminating competition for business and employees. Prices will say high and wages will drop. And the government, well, they can’t wait for more control. Total control and more money.

They have learned their lesson well. They have found the new honey pot. And the only way they can keep it going is to is to keep it going. History has taught them well.

Question is, will the people be fooled again? I’m afraid of the answer.

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