Creating Racism Equals Creating Full Control

A couple of weeks ago, a member of BLM promised that they would take their fight out of the cities and into the small towns and suburbs. The picture you see above is part of that plan.

I’ve lived in my county for over forty years. In that time, I won’t say there hasn’t been ANY racism, but for the most part the people in our county have lived together peacefully. But that’s not good enough. What you see above is a demonstration to remove a memorial that lists the names of county residents who fought for the Confederacy from the courthouse lawn. It’s too offensive, too hurtful they say. Funny, because it has been there forever and I will bet most residents of this county had never even heard of it until recently.

You see, there are people in our country who want and NEED to use events like this to cause chaos and division. They are mostly Marxists masquerading as Democrats. They want certain people to be victims permanently so they can use their victimhood as a platform to make demands, coerce government officials, elicit donations ( and I mean MILLIONS), and exert their desire for a country controlled by one party, one group. By the way, they want to be that group. (Although, on a side note, I wonder how that will turn out when there are so many different ethnic and political groups who want to be in control. Will it be like the Mafia dons of New York with constant turf wars and assassinations?)

So, these race baiters create a cult. The cult is Racism and they indoctrinate others by using stories about how it is the White man who is holding the Black race down, who has been the problem in the world since time began, and who are the oppressors of all. They exploit every event, every word, every statue to do so.

And while they raise money and gain power, the plight of the people they pretend to care about just gets worse. The ghettos are still ghettos, the murders in big cities continue, and the viscious cycle of poverty never ends. Well, except the people in charge of the race cult get richer and escape to wealthy neighborhoods. And, the people who govern those cities live in comfort and privilege.

But now the race cult is upset because they have overstayed their welcome in the big cities. They don’t think enough of us in other parts of the country have suffered enough. Now they want to make their move to small towns and rural areas.

One of the things you have to understand about Marxists is that they want you, the individual, not to see yourself or others as individuals. They want you to believe that the “collective” is the important thing and all must adhere to the wants and needs of the collective. Government must be the parents and the deities that we love and worship. In order to do that, NO ONE must be immune to the victimhood ideology. NO ONE. Not the people in cities, in towns, in rural areas. Yes, they even want the millionaires in my little town who hide behind their waterfront properties to come to heel. ( Funny thing is, they allow any small group to influence the “collective” when it is convenient.

So, they set out to find racism and oppression everywhere they can. By doing so, they tell minorities that they are helpless against the horrible White people, even those who are not racist, have not held anyone down, etc. They can’t let any White person escape their “guilt by skin color.” They use a great phrase for it, “white privilege.” It’s so clean, so clear, and doesn’t sound racist because how can calling someone “privileged” be racist?

And the White people, like the ones in this picture above, lap that accusation up like a cat at a milk bowl. They are more than happy to beg forgiveness for something they have not done. In the MIddle Ages, religious zealots would self flagellate with whips of rope and sharp thorns. It was their way to punish themselves for whatever sins or flaws they percieved in themselves, true or not. They wallowed in the pain and guilt.

And today’s White Liberals are happy to do the same with the charges of “racism.” Why? Because it keeps them from really doing anything to help others. They virtue signal all over the place and then retreat to their safe little homes without ever lifting a finger to solve a problem. When have you EVER seen one of these limo Liberals in the ghetto actually helping anyone? Once a photo op or some holiday event or protest is over, they are gone. Some of them don’t want the problem solved because they make money and gain power from it. Others are just masochists.

What they and many of the race victims don’t realize is that their actions not only perpetuate racism and helplessness, they promote it.

After World War II no population would have more cause than any other to erase the horrible leftover landmarks of the Nazis and the Holocaust than the Jewish people. Yet, they left parts of the concentration camps standing. Why?

They knew something today’s population can’t figure out. In order to stand strong and move on from tragedy, they knew that generations to come had to be able to see the “monuments” that remained to preserve the memory. It was a way to tell their descendants, ” Yes, millions of us were systematically murdered by evil people, but we are still here. We overcame this horror. We will never forget it, but we will not let us be held back by it. And you should not be held back by it either. We will never let it happen again.” It is a statement that the individual CAN overcome his/her circumstances and the crimes against his/her people.

But, the Marxists can’t let that happen with our citizens. In order for their vision of the government as the only ones you can rely on to remove all obstacles in your life, they must remove all history they consider “offensive.” It is the only way to discount the people’s progress from slavery, from violence, from hatred. To use an adapted form of Obama’s statement about how business people didn’t build their businesses ( “You didn’t build that”), Marxists want to say, ” You didn’t overcome that.”

By doing this, they weaken everyone. Black people, especially younger generations, are weakened because they see themselves as oppressed and helpless, not able to accomplish anything without government. They can sit around and blame everyone if they don’t succeed. White people, especially younger generations, are weakened because they see themselves as oppressors, guilty, not worthy of self pride in whatever accomplishment they might have. They can’t take credit for anything they have done. They are paralyzed by their practice of constant self flagellation.

This leaves the Marxists, the Communists, the One World Order participants an opening to come in, take over, and squeeze the freedoms out of our national fabric.

Once those freedoms are gone for some, they are gone for everyone. Once the individual is no longer valued for who he/she is, everyone is expendable. Government can run over anyone and everyone like a giant monolithic tank as the Chinese military did in Tianamen Square. No one will be spared. Not even the rich and currently powerful.

How do we fight this? One thing we do is leave monuments that offend us where they are. Instead of gnashing our teeth about how offensive they are and that we can’t go on while they stand, we need to show them to our children and say, “See, this used to be the way it was. But we fought and worked to make it different. You can do the same. You can overcome any obstacles in your way. “

And we need to teach this now.

( A couple of side notes. One, many of the people in the picture were bussed into our county to protest. The money to do that came from powerful groups who are probably “anonymous.” They also have innundated our county council with emails promoting the removal of the statue. They are not county taxpayers and have no standing, but yet they strive to force their will on us.

Second, many of the white people above are shameless hypocrites. I know them. They live in big waterfront mansions and would rather die than have a minority live next to or even near them. They don’t take any real action to help minorities, they merely virtue signal. )

NOTE: I have added this link to show you how schools are implementing “Courageous Conversations” while telling parents they are not teaching Critical Race Theory.

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