Best Participation Trophy Ever

It all makes sense now. This whole thing of Joe Biden being installed as President.

They gave Joe the ultimate participation trophy, an appointment by the Marxists, I mean Democrats, to the White House.

Think about it. After over 40 years in government, Joe has never really accomplished anything. He’s like that little league player who never got a hit or caught a ball, never stole a base or scored a run. Heck, he didn’t even cheer from the bench. He had playing time but was just, well, not very good.

And Joe is that guy. No matter which office he held, Joe was worse than mediocre. And he lied, about his life, about his wife’s death, about this class rank, just about everything. And he plagairized. He plagairized campaign speeches, even one from a Kennedy.

One thing he was fairly good at was being a racist. He was friends with Robert KKK Byrd from West Virginia, a one time Head Dragon of the Klu Klux Klan. He once said that intergating schools would turn them into ” jungles.” He even said that Barack Obama was a rare thing, a clean, well spoken Black man. Recently, he imitated a black accent when he promised to “release the chains” from black people in debt. And who can forget that weeks old gem where he claimed that black people couldn’t be successful in business because they didn’t have lawyers and accountants. Yes, Joe could be the MVP of racism.

But, in a move that eerily mimicked the GOP’s strategy for picking candidates before Trump, the Marxist Democrats gave the big participation trophy to Joe, sort of like the GOP did in the past to McCain and Romney. Hey, they had been around for so long, why not reward them even though they never accomplished anything. The GOP wasn’t successful in giving those two losers the big participation trophies though. No one like McCain and Romney impaled himself on the eve of election by kneeling before Obama and kissing his….feet.

But it worked this time for the Dems. Why? Because they wanted exactly what Joe is, a useless, brainless, feckless, bought off cardboard cutout. They wanted him to sit in the office, follow their commands, read their scripts, and sign off on any policy that ruins this country. They wanted him to be the ultimate of Participation Trophy winners. And he is. They made sure that by hook or crook, it was his.

And Joe is so excited. The moment he got that trophy, he shuffled off to show his caretaker, I mean wife, Jill and their creepy failed son, Hunter. He sat at the big old desk, forgot where he was, got reminded, and smiled. He went to Europe on that fancy plane, publicly embarrassed himself and our country, and smiled. He met with Putin, who probably has real trophies, and pretended that he beat him by striking him out. He forgot that four balls equal a walk. Putin didn’t even try, even hitting left handed, but he still crushed Joe.

But, Joe got to come home to the accolades of his protectors, the mainstream media, who pretended the Participation Trophy meant something and that Joe had actually achieved MVP status.

Unfortunately, in the end, participation trophies are meaningless and are thrown out with the trash when the recipients’ parents discover the ruse and no longer wish to pretend.

Just like what will eventually happen to Joe. He will end up on the dustbin of history, a worthless artifact of mediocrity.

Let’s just hope our country survives.

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I am a 67 year old runner and conservative. I taught for 31 years and retired a few years back. In my life, I have coached and judged gymnastics, coached softball, and raised two amazing kids.

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