The Sin of Being Straight, Conservative and Christian

A friend of mine told me a story yesterday that her children are being bullied and teased in their middle school because they are ” Total Straights.” That means that other kids are giving them a hard time because they aren’t gay, lesbian, or bi-sexual. They are not trans or whatever other sexual orientation there is. It is upsetting to them and to her.

I want you to stop and think about that. We are constantly chided and told that we must teach our children to accept others, regardless of their sexual orientation. We must respect their preferred pronouns, actions, etc. We must never make them feel like they are second class citizens.

And I agree with that. I am a ” live and let live” person. If you want to live your life any way you want, I will certainly not judge or abuse you for that as long as you don’t hurt others or me.

But, it isn’t reciprocal. Apparently, some of those who have different sexual preferences have a hard time letting others live their lives as they want. They are angry, so the normal children are their targets.

When my friend told me this, she was very upset. And who wouldn’t be. You teach your children certain values and how to treat others, and they are harassed in school. And, I’m not talking about a school in some faraway state or in one of the urban counties on the western side of the bridge. I’m talking about a school in my little county, a rural country with a small school system.

Imagine what that is like for these two children or any child who is heterosexual in this school. In order to be accepted, they have to alter their identity, their beliefs or be constantly teased and bullied. They must feel like they are flawed, second class citizens, uncool and unaccepted.

I don’t know about you, but when I was in middle school it was hard enough just being in middle school. I was a skinny kid with braces who got teased for being skinny and in braces. I remember thinking that I was some kind of freak. Imagine if the added pressure of not being accepted because I was not trans, lesbian, or bi. I don’t think I would have made it. And that’s without social media there to stir the pot.

Now, I know what the militant LGBTQ Plus groups will say. They will say that this is not a problem. They will say that this is just making up for all the times that kids were treated badly for being different.. They’ll say that if heterosexual kids are being teased and derided, it is well deserved because someone, somewhere did that to LGBTQ Plus kids. And that makes it okay.

How sad and pathetic that we have come to a place in our world, in our time, that acceptance is only for some and not others. It’s revenge, plain and simple. But remember who they claim the problem is. It’s us. Those of us who question something, anything about how sexuality and gender is being used in our society to manipulate and indoctrinate our children.

It’s so bad that some of these kids are now adopting gay and lesbian actions in an effort to fit in. Just the thing the gay community fought against for their group.

In addition, there is a story about a spa in California where a person in transition from man to woman was parading around the women’s side of the facility naked, junk and all. Needless to say, a woman complained because she was there with her young daughter, someone who should not be exposed to male genetalia. The spa’s response? The person was a transexual and they could not prevent him/her from being naked in the women’s facility.

You would think that transitioning person would have SOME sensitivity about the issue. After all, don’t they tell us all the time that it is damaging for transitioning people are scarred forever by using male bathrooms and being exposed to other males? But it’s okay for the heterosexual woman and her young daughter to deal with that, trauma or not. After all, their straight and don’t deserve consideration.

Oh, and by the way, the woman who complained was the one who was harrassed by other customers for her intolerance. Seriously.

Isn’t it funny that all these groups who claim to be abused so much are now abusing others? What happened to acceptance?

Oh….that’s right. It’s not about getting along, mutual understanding, and true freedom to live your life.

It’s about them making you and your children conform to their lifestyles and beliefs; it’s about division perpetrated to weaken our country.

It’s called Marxism.

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I am a 67 year old runner and conservative. I taught for 31 years and retired a few years back. In my life, I have coached and judged gymnastics, coached softball, and raised two amazing kids.

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