Stepping Up to Save Our Kids, NOW OR NEVER!

While most of us were busy raising children, working every day, and making sure we could pay our bills, a funny thing happened. Someone started stealing our country from us.

At first it was little things. Political correctness. Government growing and overtaking responsibilies that were not theirs. Changes in education due to mass testing and crazy educational theories. We saw these things, but every time we just sighed and knew things would get better or that this wasn’t that big of a deal. After all, even though we didn’t necessarily agree with our government officials, we thought they still valued freedom over power. That was a mistake.

Until, all of sudden, we found ourselves sitting with the loaded gun of Marxism staring us in the face while large, rabid crowds of Soros funded Communists run over our rights in the background. We’ve had our wake up call.

But it’s more than just a wake up call to complain, or retreat into our own homes to stay safe. It’s a wake up call to step up and take action, the kind of action most of us have never taken.

There’s a group in California called “Red, White and Blueprint” that is a great example of people seeing the danger and coming out of their sleep to confront their local government officials. For them, it was the Covid Lockdowns in their home, Shasta County, and the enforcement by officials. And of course, they discovered, like most of us, what a scam this whole thing was. (

When they addressed it with their county officials, they were immediately and completely shut down. The suddenly realized that their government officials no longer viewed them, the citizens, as their bosses. These officials were taking power and money hand over fist. The citizens got activated and started a recall. It’s a fascinating story that unfolds in videos periodically.

The person who really struck a chord with me was a mom who started looking into everything for the recall. Her quote, I’m paraphrasing, was, ” I never wanted to get involved in politics. But now I see I have to in order to save my county and my country. “

That’s how I feel. I have started on a new mission to save our children from an insidious, dangerous philosophy being taught in our schools, Critical Race Theory. I have a previous blog post entitled, “Fighting Critical Race Theory at the Local Level,” published on May 8, 2021.

I’m not alone. There are many of us who see this for what it is, a way to divide our children into racial groups, a way to indoctrinate children into the belief that some of them are scapegoats for racism, and some of them are perpetual victims. All because of their skin color. It is the Marxist way of creating a whole new generation of ignorant, helpless, hopeless people who will believe whatever government says. It makes them easier to control.

I’m sure you are asking why any American would ever want this. Well, in a meeting last night a wonderful, courageous warrior woman, Gordana Schifanelli, shared with a group of the Mid Shore Republican Women how these Marxists think. Again, I am paraphrasing. She said that these people are rabid. They really don’t want anyone to have freedom. They think the government IS smarter and better than us and needs to make decisions for all of us. They don’t want people to be independent. They hate individualism. They need to get rid of anyone who disagrees. And, yes, even if they have to kill us. She ought to know. She is from Yugoslavia, which has had more than its share of totalitarian government.

She also said the parallels here are frightening. ” You don’t think it can happen here?”she asked. ” It already is and they have a head start on us.”

That is staggering.

But, she is proof that we can overcome this cult of oppression and control. She and her husband were fed up with the Covid 19 closings of schools as well as the implementation of Black Lives Matter and CRT being undertaken by the county Superintendent. So, they got four candidates to run for the school board in her county. They missed the filing deadline so all had to be write in votes. They knocked on doors, they sent fliers, were a presence everywhere. And, believe me, Gordana is a presence!

The candidates were strong people, unafraid of fighting the teachers’ union and other forces. They fired the Superintendent, hired a new one, and turned their schools around. Their schools opened completely in January 2021 with no masks. They have taken CRT out of their curriculum and have even instituted a “Patriotism Week” in all their schools in September.

It hasn’t been without a cost. Gordana and her husband Marc have been called horrible names, been threatened, and Gordana had someone try to get her fired. But, she said to us last night in her wonderful Yugoslavian accent, ” I don’t care. I have to save the kids. “

Now she is bringing all Maryland counties together so we are all on the same page. Her points of emphasis?

  • No politics in schools
  • No medical experiments with kids
  • In person learning
  • No masks on kids
  • No BLM ( and CRT) Curriculum
  • More Trade Schools for non college bound kids.

She has a website because she has been banned from Facebook. I can totally relate to that! Her website is: You can get information and also express ideas there. Marc’s site is

Gordana is an immigrant. She is a lawyer. She and Marc have three boys. His 22 years as an U.S. Army Special Forces soldier and officer should help with that!!! He is also a lawyer.

So, back to me and to the members of our group that met last night. We aren’t going to sit around and stay in the background anymore. We are going to stand up, speak up, and make change. They are going to try to intimidate us, shut us down, and hurt us.

But this is the future of our children, our grandchildren, nieces and nephews, and all the children who deserve a free life in the United States of America. We are their last, best hope.

Look for updates every day as we take action. You will see us and hear us. Why not join us?

As an addendum, for those who don’t think this is really a problem, look at this post from a Black Lives Matter Group:

This is how they view our flag, our country and us. And, this is not just Whites they hate, they hate Blacks who fly our flag, Hispanics, anyone. And, trust me, there are teachers in our schools who feel the same way.

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I am a 67 year old runner and conservative. I taught for 31 years and retired a few years back. In my life, I have coached and judged gymnastics, coached softball, and raised two amazing kids.

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