Get Ready For the CRT War

*** This is a LONG post Today. Sorry, but so much to say.

Now that parents have seen what is going on in their child’s classroom day to day and the indoctrination that is occurring, they are mobilizing and fighting against it. But, I wonder if they all understand that this is a war for the minds and hearts of our children and our people. And, the other side is well prepared for war with drastic tactics.

All you have to do is look at the battle going on right now in Northern Virginia. When parents made their opinions known and public, they were attacked. Their names, addresses and the names and schools of thier childdren were published to various left wing groups who would be able to attack them. The Board itself started limiting the ability of the people to speak in open meetings, even resorting to ending meetings early and having people arrested. Parents were called racists, white supremacists, etc. even if they were not white.

Don’t think it can happen in your district? Think again. If you go back twenty or even just ten years, Virginia, even Northern Virginia, was Conservative. But, even more important, it was a state where people lived and worked side by side and got along. Somehow it has now turned into a blue hotbed of radical leftist, Marxist activists. Marxism is a weed that spreads and grows everywhere, choking out anything in its way.

Let’s get back to where you live. If you are in a group that is fighting this menace in your school, you need to be prepared for the guerilla tactics of the left. They will involve camoflauge and lies, economic bullying, and scathing personal attacks and character assassination. It will be more bloody than the battle between Bobby Axelrod and Chuck Rhoades. ( Look it up, they are characters in the show “Billions.”)

Camoflauge, Denial and Lies : This is the first attack the left will use and is currently using against those who are fighting CRT or “Critical Race Theory.” School systems are very adept at this. They work hard to find palatable names for controversial programs in an effort to fool the public. For example, schools used to have ” sex education” classes for students. But, when some parents objected to this and pulled their kids out of the classes, educators changed the name of those classes to “Health.” You see, including the word “sex” in the name of the class caused problems, but who can object to a class called ” Health?” Don’t we like health, want to be healthy and want our children to be healthy? Who wouldn’t want our kids to learn that? And, since parents didn’t realize that part of the class could be about how to have oral or anal sex, few complained. Those who did were given permission to exclude their children from certain lessons. But, most students remained.

They are already hiding racist CRT and 1619 initiatives under much friendlier sounding names. Staff will tell you that they are teaching inclusion, acceptance, different perspectives, diverse viewpoints, etc. often paired with the word “equity” to make it seem like it’s equality. So, you may see “History from Diverse Viewpoints,” or “Multicultural Literature.” To be sure, neither of these will include all viewpoints or cultures, and often will actively exclude White or European groups.

Administrators will actively lie to you. Here’s an answer from a Board of Education member when he was asked about CTR/1619 in his school district. Notice how he reacts and deflects: “We do not teach CRT. It’s actually a grad class in college read the college text. Teachers for each subject in our county are all given a curriculum to follow Emotions are politically very high. Try not to let the media cherry pick ideas to create fear and anger Our curriculum is reviewed by committee and piloted and reviewed again for the most part .”

Once you get past the fact that the ideas are presented in a jumbled mess of unclear phrases, the phrases in bold stand out. Let’s deconstruct his comments. First, he says they don’t teach CRT. The fact that he uses that name shows me that he was primed to say that, but he doesn’t really know what he is talking about. He just knows people are angry about it.

He follows that up with something a lawyer told him to say because it is the one thing he can defend. He tells us that teachers have been given a curriculum to follow. He never says they all follow it. He doesn’t know if they do or not.

The next statement is where the Board member says what amounts to a ” pat on the head” as he dismisses this whole thing as just emotional political stuff that the media has created by ” cherry picking” incidents. In other words, “Don’t worry your pretty little head about it. It’s not anything. “

He ends with the absolution of his accountability for anything that is taught because it is all reviewed by a committee and piloted. I love the ” for the most part” at the end. Like Pilate with Jesus, he washes his hands of the whole thing.

Another way administrators will get you out of their face is to deflect with a comment like, “We are concerned that all of our students feel accepted by others. We don’t want to hurt any child. ” With that statement, they hope you will see their wonderful intentions and walk away. Don’t be fooled.

Promoters of CRT will go on CNN, MSNBC, etc. and when the interviewer asks about the outrage being expressed about it, will chuckle that lovely superior liberal chuckle and say the whole thing is about “white fragility,” “white rage,” and misunderstanding of the purpose of it. It’s just about teaching history, you nutty white supremacists.

Economic and Social Bullying: This is the fun part where the Teachers’ Unions and various other CRT shill groups get involved. Many people think of the Teachers’ Unions as these benign, quasi-PTA like groups of old gray haired ladies who just want to make sure kids are educated and teachers are treated fairly. Just because the upper echelons of the teachers’ unions don’t climb around on steel or build cars doesn’t mean they don’t use coercion and intimidation to get what they want. Gray haired ladies can be thugs too.

Many people tell me that they can’t imagine the unions would support CRT. What you must remember is that the Teachers’ Unions are as militant supporters of the Democrats/Marxists that you will find in this country. They like money and power just as much as the UAW or any other union. And the Democrats take care of them with grants, laws that favor them, etc. In turn, the teachers’ unions deliver votes.

Please don’t confuse the unions with the teachers. In reality, most teachers have little or nothing to do with the unions other than having their dues taken out of their pay. In fact, if teachers weren’t convinced that the unions will protect their jobs if things go bad, I would say 75% of them would not join.

The teachers’ unions are bullies and they are fully behind this travesty being taught in our schools. They will threaten members to keep quiet and will threaten parents and school board members that go against it with both economic and social harm. Maybe even physical. In Northern Virginia, the teachers’ union “doxed” parents who spoke out against CRT. They harassed them and their children. One child was bullied at school over it and was eventually physically attacked, all because her identity and the identity of her mom was released to the public. Unions are stalking dissenters in person and online. Some people had their cars and homes defaced with foul names.

Oh, but we are a small county, it can’t happen here. Yes. It can. Remember that Union operatives can be called to action in a second. They can be organized, paid, and transported to your county. The unions have money. Tons of money.

And I haven’t even spoken about groups like Black Lives Matter or Antifa or the losers who will pretend to be them. Remember, the Marxists want it all and they want us out of the way, by any means necessary.

Personal Attacks and Character Assassination: The hardest thing to deal with as we fight for our kids will be this last one. If you have ever stated a personal opinion on Facebook that disagreed with that little Marxist down the street, you have experienced the vitriol of the left. I have been called various names, including racist, psychopath, and many others that I dare not put in print because they are so filthy. Marxists are great at name calling, particularly when they know their arguments are weak.

You will get called names. Some are already calling you names, you just don’t know they are talking about you. CNN, MSNBC, and the other mainstream media outlets are saying that ANYONE opposing CRT is a White Supremacist Conspiracy Theorist fueled by White fragility and rage. At least, that’s as of yesterday. Give it a few more days and we will be Nazis and puppy killers. It will be hard to take. And, you will have to take it, because to do anything in retribution will hurt our efforts. And, as I told someone today, to say that you are not a racist, in the minds of the CRT crowd, proves you are a racist.

This will be mild compared to the next tactic. If you have anyone who doesn’t like you, if you have ever had a speeding ticket, if you ever posted anything on Facebook that got you banned, picked your nose in public, or if you have done ANYTHING wrong in your lifetime, it will be found out. They will find that person who hates you and ask them about you. They will take what they say, magnify it, and use it in public. The speeding ticket will become a criminal act. That post on Facebook will be shared as a sample of your instability. Picking your nose in public, well you know what will happen with that. It will almost be like you are running for President and your name is Trump.

They will prey on your weakness. So, shields up!

We have facts on our side. And the facts are that this is a racist agenda that segregates different races and makes them hate each other. Most people won’t tolerate that. Most Americans believe that we are a good, fair, country that has made mistakes but worked to fix them.

But, you have to have more than that. So, here are some tips:

  1. If you can’t fix it, feature it. Whichever flaws you have, the Marxists will try to use them against you. Pre-empt them by making those flaws a strength and something you are not afraid of. Remember this famous line from Reagan when asked about his advanced age in the Presidential debate against Mondale:”I will not make age an issue of this campaign. I am not going to exploit, for political purposes, my opponent’s youth and inexperience.” It was a winner, for sure.
  2. Act now but prepare for down the line. Remember that wars are not won in one battle. And, like in war, you need to prepare for more than just what is happening now. Think about what your opponent will do five steps ahead. It’s like playing chess. Anticipate what THEY will do and what YOU will do.
  3. Identify where you are vulnerable. Most people don’t mind if people attack them, but someone who wants to hurt you will focus on your most precious family, your children, etc. Be prepared to protect them. President Trump knew that his son Barron would be a target. He took great pains to get him out of the limelight. It didn’t always work, but for the most part Barron was kept out of the dirty political fray.
  4. Electronically monitor your home, your car, etc. Install cameras and alarm units on your property. Have a dash cam in your car. Place NO TRESPASSING signs on your property.
  5. Get a VPN on your computer so you can access the internet without being tracked. It doesn’t always work, but it will help you.
  6. Make sure you know who you are talking to and never say anything to anyone that you don’t want shared to everyone.
  7. Keep all written communication with any public officials. If you meet with administrators, ask if you can record the conversation. If you can, great. Sometimes they won’t agree to it, but that shows you they might be afraid of something.
  8. Have a lawyer you can call in a pinch.
  9. Be prepared to defend any licenses you have. HQL’s, CC permits, business licenses, etc. could be something people will try to go after. Remember that red flag laws can be used against ANYONE.
  10. Get to know your neighbors. The more you know someone, the more likely they will be to defend you if need be.
  11. Know your true friends but be prepared to lose some friends. I can’t tell you how many former “friends” are no longer friends with me because I supported Trump. You need people by your side that you can trust.
  12. Know your local law enforcement and established a positive relationship with them. You may need them if you are attacked.
  13. Keep your emotions in check. I know it’s hard. I get so angry with people sometimes. But, they will poke you until you act. Let them be the aggressor, the asshole.
  14. Talk to people on the other side IF YOU CAN and they are reasonable and will share their thoughts rationally. ( Don’t expect much of this because many Marxists are driven by slogans and talking points.)
  15. Take race out of the CRT equation. For example, ask people if ANY child should be told they are anoppressor or oppressed. I know it sound counter intuitive, but this truthfully is about all children, not just certain races.
  16. Always ask for proof when they make allegations. Ask more questions than you answer.
  17. Read all the materials advocating the approach you are fighting and learn to not only debunk them but to break the code words they are using. Research the origins of certain phrases to see their true meaning.
  18. Learn how to defend yourself physically. I’ll just leave that there.
  19. Never trust the government to tell you the full truth. You may get partial truths or outright lies. Use the Freedom of Information laws in your state to get information.
  20. The media is not your friend. If you can avoid them, do so. If you can’t make sure everything you say is short, to the point, and something you don’t mind having in print.
  21. Anticipate. The safest drivers are those who can anticipate problems. If I am anticipating that deer will run across the road, I will be prepared to avoid them if I can.
  22. There’s a saying, “Liars gonna Lie.” Its meaning is fairly obvious, but it reminds us that we shouldn’t expect a person who has displayed certain character traits will suddenly change their actions for you.

I’m not trying to scare or discourage you, but I want people to know what we are up against. This is a rabid, well oiled machine poised to squelch any dissent. That doesn’t mean we run away and hide. It just means we have be smart in our fight.

Remember this:

Yes, It is a privilege.

It’s a privilege to fight for our freedom.

It’s a privilege to fight for our children.

It’s a privilege to fight against the evil of totalitarian Marxism.

It’s a privilege to fight for our way of life against overwhelming odds.

You may think it’s crazy to say that. Think of it this way. Who do we honor? While we respect all Americans for the role they have played in the greatness of our country, we honor those who had the biggest sacrifices, the toughest battles, took the biggest risk knowing they could lose it all.

While we may not have to battle in the arena of bullets and bombs, we still have a battle that can steal our lives and freedoms. And we are facing an enemy so vicious, so destructive that they are willing to tear a country apart. We could lose it all. But I don’t think so. Because they don’t have what we have; love, faith, and a belief in liberty so strong that we consider it a privilege to fight for it. And all they believe in is control, fear, and death. And you can’t defeat the human spirit with those.


The privilege of an American fighting for our country and every freedom loving citizen that lives here.

Jan Greenhawk

*This list in not all inclusive and I am not condoning or promoting violence or extremism. You MUST think for yourself about your situation.

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